80 sexual assaults in Cairo protests in one day

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Anonymous, Jul 5, 2013.

  1. Anonymous Member

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  2. Howard Hunt Member

    First let me say rape bad very bad. Now if you consider that there were millions of protesters its not a bad ratio.
    Howard Hunt
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  3. What a fucking stupid thing to say, Idiot.
    Go fuck yourself.
  4. Howard Hunt Member

    Oh come on now think about it. Millions of people no law enforcement, you would think the number would be higher. There is always going to be sickos and when you have that many people in one place bad shit is gonna happen. And if my post offended you than so should the title of this thread.
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  5. I'm not sure I believe this story at all.
  6. Howard Hunt Member

    No its true, also a dutch reporter was gang raped in front of a crowd. Horrible:(
  7. Anonymous Member

    Dismissive attitude to mass rape, stay classy.
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  8. #1protester Member

  9. #1protester Member

    I thought implying ratios was classy ;-)
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  10. #1protester Member

    It did, to some. Others just know where your coming from. A simple observation.
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  11. Howard Hunt Member

    I'm not being dismissive, this simply doesn't come as surprise. The same shit happens last time. Really, you didn't see it coming?
  12. Anonymous Member

  13. Anonymous Member
    Sexual Harassment of Women is State Sponsored Say Egyptian Women

    Systematic attacks targeting female protesters in Tahrir square have forced an ugly epidemic into the national spotlight. - February 10, 13

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  14. Anonymous Member
    Egypt's Ongoing Problem With Sexual Harassment

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  15. Anonymous Member
    1. Sexual harassment on the street is a problem in Egypt that pre-dates the protests. It is worse than the sexual harassment on the streets in other Islamic countries.
    2. Women in Egypt have been pro active about this problem.
    3. The rape of women in demonstrations is a government tactic against the demonstrators and press.

    Mods I suggest the name of the thread be changed to reflect this, not calling the problem "frisky".
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  16. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    I'm open to suggestions.
  17. Anonymous Member

    Egypt easy if you like rape
  18. Anonymous Member

    Here is an opposing view about the sexual attacks being organized by the government.
  19. Anonymous Member

    Mass rape of demonstrators in Egypt
  20. Anonymous Member

    or Rape in Egypt or Women and Children are targets in Egypt
  21. Howard Hunt Member

    MB'S throws children from roof,YouTube. Hard to watch
  22. Anonymous Member

    Sickening. This is how they assert their right to rule.
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  23. Anonymous Member

    So, what is your party offering, if re-elected? "We will not rape you or throw you off the roof."
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  24. Kaile Member

    A side note : When the American author Joyce Carol Oates waded into the topic of the high incidence of rape in Egypt
    she was called "hateful," a "whack," "inappropriate," "Islamaphobic" and "racist" among other things.
    Still, she didn't back down and through successive tweets tried to make a point about the consequences of religion.
    This comment made me laugh: "@joycecaroloates is being racist and an Islamaphobe & presenting it as reason."
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  25. The Wrong Guy Member

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  26. Anonymous Member

    ^^ Bump for insight
    Egypt has always had a bad rep for sexual harassment in the street. IDK if it's because in other Islamic countries the women hide themselves or if there is something particularly Egyptian about it.
  27. Anonymous Member

    well they better put their ears on

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