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    Hey guys... am really sad about Amanda Todd's history, so i want to do some justice here, i hate bullying, it is growing up faster than ever, and i know there's many people outside suffering about bullying everyday, i can get it!!

    so i decided to do some justice about it, if u don't wanna help to me I DON'T CARE cause i have many reasons JUSTICE, HUMANITY & LUV and it doesn't matter what i have to do, i don't know everything, but something i really know its... that i can do it better, cause i really want to do it!

    AMANDA TODD'S PROJECT it's a sharing idea for all u guys, they'd fuck up her life, so they diserves this words, "WE ARE ANONYMOUS. WE ARE LEGION. WE DO NOT FORGIVE.
    WE DO NOT FORGET. EXPECT US!" there's many people expecting us, they're expecting us, expecting us! This is war my friends, we can do it best!

    If u guys wanna know about this plan, just let me know if you are interresting... Thanx

    contact to
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    i think they're right, that's also bullying... worse bullying!!! but he got right too... cause we should do something about this social problem
  4. Anonymous Member

    Why you post in spanish section?

    You know that there are many sites already got anti-bullying stratagies, community plans, etc.. not many would disagree that it all sucks, and RIP Amanda, she's but one of hundreds every year driven to desperation and its sad.

    Why 'we' are 'here' essentially~
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  5. i launch #opg in my city for sensybilyzed the young generation with the reel prolblem of cyberintimidation.
    face a l`injustice anonymous seras toujours du coter des oppprimer

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