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Discussion in 'Senator Xenophon And Scientology' started by Zhent, May 10, 2011.

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  1. AnonyVix Member

    Curious how long does a man have to be hung before he's well hung....

    Sorry funny mood today. It's the meds (OSA bait).
  2. Anonymous Member

    Xenophon - setting a standard for Obama's government
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  3. Anonymous Member

    I never personally heard anything to persuade me that he was trying to stop the inquiry - only that one person thought he was.
  4. TinyDancer Member

    Ooops. That was moi.
  5. thefatman Member

    Ah, I was under the impression that he was trying to rage to the media that it was a bad thing to do.
  6. TinyDancer Member

    Carmel Underwood made some comments along that line, but I never got sufficient details to be able to make my own assessment.
  7. RightOn Member

    There was a whole thread
    but don't remember the contents

    Marty's words posted by anonlover on ESMB:

    "There has been a lot of hoopla of late from the far left of the Scientology spectrum. What with the news from the Inquiry of Oz and the rumored class action suit concerning IAS and Superpower refunds. As per usual these cats are acting like their soul mate Miscavige. Come out with hats and whips blazing, diverting attention and energy with efforts that in the end will have miniscule, if not negative, effects.

    Inquiry of Oz. If Senator Xenophon’s speech is the template for the proposed Inquiry, the hate and falsehood within it will sink it out of sight ultimately. The snide references to “so called religion” and attacks on the efficacy of the tech are built in mannas for Miscavige. He can position the entire matter as an over zealous attack upon a recognized religion. And he’ll use the nature of the attack to raise many tens of millions more in IAS donations. The ass clowns have already declared victory with as much conviction and certainty as DM proclaims Scientology has attained “explosive” expansion. The perfect GPM. It is a shame Xenophon didn’t go in with a cooler head as certainly there are abuses in DM’s kingdom that would be prosecutable if approached with rationality. Some might argue that Xenophon can reframe it and try again. He can try, but as the proverb goes, “the toothpaste is out of the tube”, and his opening speech will forever be used against him to characterize whatever Inquiry ensues. I have tried to warn people from the dark side that their penchant for hype and overkill dooms otherwise potentially fruitful avenues for reform. But they listen to rational counsel about as closely as DM does.

    Class Action suit. Solicitation is now in progress for a proposed Class Action lawsuit that will allegedly reap refunds for IAS and Superpower building donations. Bad strategy. A number of people have obtained refunds – and others are in progress – to obtain refunds of payments to church affiliated no-exchange operations. By word of mouth more and more people began to seek their own refunds. Then a couple of far left spectrum lawyers caught wind of the easy money and decided they’d cash in by monopolizing the action. Dumb move. Every class action suit brought against the Church in the past was similarly hatched by gold digging shysters, and they went the way of the dinosaur. It is just plain stupid strategy to put all one’s eggs in one basket – particularly against such a well-heeled, well-oiled litigation machine as the church. Prediction, either the lawyers will destroy everybody’s chances for refunds by having their heads handed to them by a judicial precedent prohibiting such refunds, or at best those who sign up with them will wind up getting a small fraction of their refunds in a settlement maybe five or ten years down the road.

    Now there is an outside chance one or both of the above hype du jours will take some of this into consideration and significantly change course.

    Excuse me. I gotta put my helmet on. Every time I express an opinion critical of the critical ones, they start throwing rotten vegetables and fruit with as much ferocity as Miscavige used to punch on Rinder for counseling a bit of reason. Like I keep saying, its a match made in heaven. "
  8. TinyDancer Member

    Oh, I remember that post, RightOn, because I was livid after reading it - for about 2 days! But saying that he disagreed with the strategy is not the same as actively trying to derail it in Australia, which is what was later alleged.
  9. RightOn Member

    I was just posting what was out there.
    I really have not looked into or formed an opinion on what transpired. I barely remember it.
    It was over a year ago!

    ok read the thread from last year
    And although Marty only said that he disageed with the stragedy, he did talk to the media and authorities. Whether it was an intentional derail or not, according to Carmel it caused a derail. She should know she was there. I was not.
    If Camel Underwood stated that it "set them back due to his spin" then I would have to go along with what Carmel said because she was there.

    Carmel's words:

    I'll elaborate.

    Marty spoke with media and authorities in Oz. After they spoke with him, some took what he had to say on board, and/or decided it would be political suicide to run with Xenophon's story, cuz maybe it was only a change of leadership for the "Church" that was in order.

    Marty's intervention hampered our efforts here in Oz. His works cost me for example, WEEKS of work to counter act. We have had lots of media here in Oz, but we lost some because of Marty's spin on the scene with Scn.

    Marty pretty well shut things down in Oz, after Xenophon's address to Parliament in November. It took a shitload of time and effort to counter the crap he spun to those who we *did* have on side here.

    In his blog, Marty slagged all of us for what we were doing here. In addition to that, he deceived aussie media and powers that be about the real scene. That set us back....Fuck Marty and the horse he rode in on for that.

    Speaking of derailing........
    do not want this good news thread to derail into a Marty discussion.
    I was just answering questions asked.
  10. thefatman Member

    I stan er... sit corrected.
  11. thefatman Member

    Looks like this lot would also be getting taxed (I hope), given they're charging to teach people how to heal cancer:

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  12. TinyDancer Member

    I remember Carmel saying that to me at the time. But no specifics. I was working with some media outlets at the time and I didn't see the negative input that Carmel was talking about. Four Corners were on board and had begun researching in earnest before Christmas 2009. So, Carmel may be right that people were put off after speaking with marty. But, being the difficult person I am, I like to ask questions - like, who initiated the call? Because Marty answering a phone call and giving his opinion isn't what I would call an "intervention". So, without more information, I'm not prepared to forward the line that Marty intervened or attempted to derail what we were doing.

    That's all. :)

    PS. Don't mess with Aussies. We grow 'em big.

  13. RightOn Member

    not messin' wit yah..
    like I said in my post, his intention may have not been to derail

    and that frog is frightening yikes!
  14. Sponge Member

    Maybe that might work to hide one-off exchanges with existing long time members, and if the rules were lax enough, but their Bridge to Total Feedom is the core practice and is too structured and formal.
  15. Sponge Member

    Also, in hindsight, if one took the line that a single pudknocker in Texas could seriously derail this then it would not stand a chance against the full force of a whole cult.
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  16. DeathHamster Member

    OMG has Doctor House become addicted to licking toads?
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  17. Clamosaurus Member

    I'd go as far as to say that Martyr got the likes of NineMSN on side.
    Big fucking deal!
    We can thank NineMSN et al for the likes of The Secret Millionaire featuring Carly Crutchfield, Kate Ceberano now featuring on Getaway, Cosmopolitan magazine featuring Carly Crutchface and ACA running many reports of every other cult that aint scientology

    I know, I know, Jamie has supposedly distanced himself from scientology.
    I'll put my tinfoil helmet away nao

    Oh, and TinyDancer....should you ever want to impregnate someone, you can bang me like a dunny door in a cyclone.

    You kicked arse in all this and deserve a.... a... I dunno, you deserve more than can be provided with words.

    Thanks again for all you've done. You could possibly be the difference between the cult coasting along here in Oz, as opposed to them now having a red-hot-poker jammed up their arses.
    If I was gay, I'd offer Bryan some sexual favours.
    He also deserves some monster kudos.
    He didn't bat an eyelid back in Feb of 2008 when he came down to Castlereagh St to se what the hubub was about.
    The rest is now all but will CSA Inc at some point of time in the not-so-far-distant-future(as a tax-free entity that is).
    When I say I lub choo, I really it.
    Thank you!
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  18. Random guy Member

    You Aussies are doing good! Who'd imagined this kind of thing back before 2008?
  19. TinyDancer Member

    Um... thanks? My womb will take your offer under consideration.
  20. Clamosaurus Member

    It's at these times(when you respond to my silliness like above) when them eyes on your sheep make me lol.
    Shifty questioning eyes are shifty!

    Just wanted to say thanks darl. BUT, thanks just don't seem enough of a reward for the unparalleled work you've done behind the scenes.
    I know you don't want(or even need) props for your killer work...but Iz got to sayz what I sayz.

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  21. From me too! TD, you is awesome.
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  22. Okay, you win. Just keep spamming to your heart's content. I'm going to my local org to throw rocks at their windows.

    I notice you assholes are now viewing the "Media" section these days. Is that because it is not locked up like the other sections? I don't expect an answer from bots but just the same....
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