Australian CoS Protest

Discussion in 'Rest of the World' started by Incompleted., May 1, 2013.

  1. anon juvie Member

    Hay fellow anons well there be one goin on in adalaide
  2. Anonymous Member

    Too bad. i waz thinkin it shood be xpanded to inclood clo [continental liaison office] africa - a joint xercise - on behalf of colin gow - an australian - who died at their hands. he was twansferred from oz and posted as de programs bureau aide [that's de head of de maja "production" dept for all u ignorants]. he got cancer and they did NUTHING. hiz neck was exploding with pus and tumor and they did NUTHING. jus b4 he died (circa 1990) clo africa shipped him bak to oz. clo oz did NUTHING either. another death. no statute of limitations on death.

    de clo's hav a unit thats sposed to be in charge of staff health. any s.o. unit where a so member has died the line of command staff health i/c and up is targetable for negligence.
  3. Anonymous Member

    Kewl but dood, wotz that got to do wiv da OP?
  4. theBlackHat Member

  5. inspired Member

    Well, my friends are pussies and I have no ghetto cred here, so I am about as useful as tits on a bull right now. Back to lurking and learning. Respectz to all and good luck. I will do what I can from the shadows.
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  6. Anonymous Member

    Colin was a goddamn australian that's what. they let him die. if his name is not raised in protest the cult sure as hell isn't gonna bring it up. colin's blood is on africa and australia's dirty sea org hands. somebody has to remember him. he really was a nice guy.
  7. boxoflul Member

    Well its the 7th and I is well shameful. I got a better offer that involves alcohol and potential crunge.
    So count me out for this one faggots!

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