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  1. blownforgood Member

    re: BLOWNFORGOOD the Book

    Good news! Hope you enjoy it!

    In terms of shipping - I am still working on reducing the international shipping costs, but very close to the cheapest it can be right now.

    Looks like books shipped within US are arriving anywhere from 2-5 days from when you order them. Most people that have ordered books so far will have them before week is over.

    I would totally be willing to ship a boxes over to the UK, EU, AUS, or NZ (or wherever else for that matter) with 32 books in it. (That is how they are packed from printing press) Pool your resources and I will ship to that guy and he can give them out when they get there.

    Other than that, BFG Books is right next to the Main Post Office in Burbank, CA. So when we drop off books, they get sorted there and fly out from there.

    For those that do end up getting the book, I REALLY want to get your feedback. Please visit the BFG site and let us know your thoughts. Blown for Good – Behind the Iron Curtain of Scientology Official Blown for Good site.

    We have a few media things lined up and I will announce those when they are about to happen.

    Other than that, depending on how well the book does will determine if book signings and other events will happen.

    Until next time...
  2. determu Member

    re: BLOWNFORGOOD the Book

    please tell me you were joking in the map section

  3. blownforgood Member

    re: BLOWNFORGOOD the Book

    No joke there. But the only person allowed to use it is David Miscavige. No one else on the base gets to use that. Pretty much the only person that has access to most of the nicer recreational facilities on the property is David Miscavige.

    Until next time...
  4. Anonymous Member

    re: BLOWNFORGOOD the Book

    Why is there no cum all over it, or is that the "before" pic?
  5. determu Member

    re: BLOWNFORGOOD the Book

    oh yes i forgot to thank you for the signed book
  6. avbb Member

    re: BLOWNFORGOOD the Book

    Don't know if this has been mentioned yet, but you can write a review at [ame=""]Amazon[/ame] when you've finished reading Marc's book.

    Thank you Marc! You are a brave man.
  7. Anonymous Member

  8. Anonymous Member

  9. anonymous1312 Member

    re: BLOWNFORGOOD the Book

    Still waiting for my copy, pre-ordered and paid for as soon as I received the notification of availability email. UK post office has been on strike though which may have affected delivery.
  10. EyeOnSci Member

    re: BLOWNFORGOOD the Book

    Tee hee. This makes my day.
  11. TrevAnon Member

  12. Herro Member

    re: BLOWNFORGOOD the Book

    Reading the book, and it is really good. So far I have to say it is the best one ever printed.
  13. fitch2000 Member

    re: BLOWNFORGOOD the Book

    I <3 these translations, it's just so damn blunt lol.

    "a "Tom Cruise arrival preparation drill" in a prison-like part of the establishment where the three "disobedient" were "trapped.

    "...It is suspected that Rathbun wrote the letter in the hope Cruise inform them of human rights abuses within Scientology."

    "All performances and TV shows where Cruise is acting or just about where it is spoken recorded and edited. But never the whole action shown. ' "

    "Normally, members forbidden to watch TV or read newspapers, but on these occasions, all followers gathered in a hall to watch the movie:" It is quite like 1984. It's pure propaganda, "said Headley.
  14. JohnnyRUClear Member

    re: BLOWNFORGOOD the Book

    Good article; hits on some of the points we want made, like the improbability of the cult's claims of 10 million members.

    I think what you meant is that Tom Cruise is becoming the figurehead for the cult, or something close to that. "Outlet" is confusing.
  15. Herro Member

    re: BLOWNFORGOOD the Book

    I'm half way through the book...

    Got a kick out of the chapter on the Gold Base guard stationed at Eagle that took a dump, then tried to hide the evidence by burning the wad of toilet paper, which set the mountain above Gold Base on fire.

    The culprit, Kevin Posten, was sec checked & his interrogators would also learn that Kevin would follow DM around the base with his loaded high-powered rifle with scope. Kevin disappeared and was not heard from again.

    Update: Kevin owns a painting company in Portland, Oregon, which is a member of WISE. Kevin, the arsonist, was off-loaded from Gold and is now a public Scilon.

    Kevin Posten - Portland, OR | Facebook
  16. N. Ron Rubber Member

    re: BLOWNFORGOOD the Book

    Hi BFG,

    I just got the book today.

    One thing strikes me as soon as I look at the table of content. I look at the chapters name: Personnal Jesus, The Policy Of Truth, It's No Good, Just' Can't Get Enough, Enjoy The Silence, Route 66, ... for a moment I thought "Wow, BFG is such a Depeche Mode fan he named all his chapters in tribute to theirs songs."

    Then I though "Wait a second..."

    Depeche Mode. Depeche Mode. David Miscavige.

    This is why, sir, you are epic.
  17. jadedanon Member

    re: BLOWNFORGOOD the Book

    Any other Canadians got their book yet, I am still in need of my reading material...
  18. jensting Member

    re: BLOWNFORGOOD the Book

    I picked up my book last week, got a lovely signed copy ouyt of my pre-order, thanks Marc!

    Not-quite-a-review, posted to a.r.s., title 'I finished "Blown for Good" the book - did you start yet?'

    Hi There!

    I really quite liked it :)

    It was fascinating to learn of David Miscavige's increasing control and
    micro-management of the criminal cult.

    About David Miscavige taking direct personal control of the auditing and
    general progress up the bridge of a public $ientologist - Lisa McPherson.
    Yes, the same one. This is David Miscavige giving a talk about how he plans
    to turn Flag around, and how Lisa is going to be treated with special
    attention (page 177)

    "He read through her auditing folder and pointed out things that had been
    done wrong on her case and told the staff that he was going to review her
    folders and make sure that she was handled correctly and not being led to
    chase butterflies while she could be gotten up the Bridge."

    (The interesting thing is that this is a talk given to EVERYONE - all of
    Flag technical staff; witnesses to the talk should be plentiful.)

    The rest, as they say, is history. The book doesn't actually go into much
    more detail about Lisa McPherson at all, but ends that chapter with
    expressing the hope that one of the "at least five people" who do know
    what happened but have kept quiet will eventually stop being quiet.

    Other than that, the escape sequence (which cleverly starts the book - maybe
    that's standard now...) is fascinating, but not as much as the escape of
    his wife Claire in which a bus time table gives much added excitement :)

    The Riverside County Sheriff's Department did not screw up and in fact did a
    good thing, entirely unprompted. They knew about escapees from Gold.
    (There's a lovely book / documentary in there - someone go to it?)

    So, I want you all to go out there, buy the book and read it.

    Best regards

    Key ID 0x09723C12,
    Analogue filtering / 5GHz RLAN / Mandriva Linux / odds and ends
    Jens Tingleff Home Page +44 1223 829 985
    "You can see he's talking about money, his lips go all wet"
    Lucy, 'Dreamchild'
  19. whoever Member

    re: BLOWNFORGOOD the Book

    I've been meaning to post a report since I finished the book a few days ago. Basically, though, I suck at book reviews. So I'll just grab on to yours. :) I want to second what you've said here--both escapes were enthralling. I had already read about Marc's, but I knew nothing about Claire's, so her story had me even more riveted than his. I was sorry it ended there, though. I would have loved to have read more about their life since then.

    Overall, it's a compelling read. I sometimes got a little bogged down/confused by the intricate detail about the different parts of the orgs and the jobs within them. Maybe if I'd taken time to go back and look up misunderstood words, I could have cleared things up. :p I wanted to keep moving, though, so I could find out what happened next.

    I'll try to come up with a little more to say when I review it on Amazon.
  20. citizen x Member

    re: BLOWNFORGOOD the Book

    Got my book last week and can finally start it tonight! i'm very much looking forward to it.

    Thank you for signing it - I wasn't expecting that surprise. But also thank you for being brave enough to write about your experiences. I hope your story encourages others to follow suit!
  21. none given Member

    re: BLOWNFORGOOD the Book

    4 critic's books in the top 10.

    Also, average price of a critics book is over twice the average price of an lrh book. How's that for a stat?
  22. anonsoldier Member

    re: BLOWNFORGOOD the Book

    I've only just received my signed copy (my mail has a tendency to get diverted and redirected because of my profession), and I have been so excited to get it that I've only been able to stare at it for the past few days. Once I read it, I'll share my thoughts on BFG's website, but I just wanted to share my thanks to Marc for being brave enough to do this and for standing up to the cult.
  23. _You_ Member

    re: BLOWNFORGOOD the Book

    So, is there a pirated PDF copy available yet for us broke-folk? :p
  24. anonsoldier Member

    re: BLOWNFORGOOD the Book

    Marc, I just finished your book two minutes ago. I am a little teary eyed, to be honest, because your story moved me. Right at the end there, I was cheering inside for you and your wife to get together again. I mean, I know how it all turns out, but I was still going "Damn I hope he makes it."

    Everything I do, I do because of people like you. You got it right on the head during your phone call to your wife right after you blew, and that's why I will never quit until the job is done. God bless you and your family, and may all your loved ones still in quickly wake up to the reality that its all a con.

    "I have tasted real freedom and once you taste that, you can never go back to that place and be a prisoner again. No matter what."-Marc Headley
    Truer words were never spoken.
  25. _You_ Member

    re: BLOWNFORGOOD the Book

    Anonsoldier I take it that you are in the military? If so I would like to thank you for what you and your comrades do for our country and have a Merry Christmas.
  26. anonsoldier Member

    re: BLOWNFORGOOD the Book

    Well that was unexpected. Yes I am and I figured this would have come as a PM, if anything.

    You're welcome, and enjoy a Merry Xenu-mas yourself!
  27. nowout Member

    re: BLOWNFORGOOD the Book

    I think the paperback is being worked on...
  28. JohnnyRUClear Member

    re: BLOWNFORGOOD the Book


    Now, blow the military and get free of THAT cult.
  29. _You_ Member

    re: BLOWNFORGOOD the Book

    No. Borrow one, or ask for it for Christmas.
  30. 3rdMan Member

    re: BLOWNFORGOOD the Book

  31. anonsoldier Member

    re: BLOWNFORGOOD the Book

    Sorry, but my cult actually pays me a decent wage. You don't know what I do in the military, so don't even try to moralfag me about it.

    Back to topic of how awesome Marc's book is and people should pony up the money for it if they want to read it.
  32. _You_ Member

    re: BLOWNFORGOOD the Book

    Genocide and treason sure is big $ business.
  33. anonsoldier Member

    re: BLOWNFORGOOD the Book

    1/10 Lrn 2 Constitution.

    "Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying war against them, or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort. No person shall be convicted of treason unless on the testimony of two witnesses to the same overt act, or on confession in open court."

    I've seen better.
  34. _You_ Member

    re: BLOWNFORGOOD the Book

    Posse Comitatus Act - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  35. anonsoldier Member

    re: BLOWNFORGOOD the Book

    LOL. Nope, haven't broken that law either. C'mon OSA, keep on with "WHAT ARE YOUR CRIMES?" Perhaps you'd like to accuse me of waterboarding people, torturing prisoners of war, baby killing, fragging, mutiny, insubordination, and improper wear of the uniform while you're at it.

    Please, continue. You entertain me. :D
  36. JohnnyRUClear Member

    re: BLOWNFORGOOD the Book

    OSA vs. USMil? Would watch again (and again).
  37. Anonymous Member

  38. Anonymous Member

    re: BLOWNFORGOOD the Book

    Taken On Faith: New year, new thoughts on Scientology

  39. Firestorm2408 Member

    Re: BLOWNFORGOOD the Book

    Any particular reason why this book isn't available on amazon UK?
  40. Spangly Member

    Re: BLOWNFORGOOD the Book

    They're probably trying to avoid giving the cult easy ammo. If they do that, they're really unavoidably "publishing in the UK" which brings them into the realm of UK libel law. Same sort of reason as why John Duignan couldn't find a UK publisher for The Complex, iirc.

    Buy direct.

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