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  1. Firestorm2408 Member

    Re: BLOWNFORGOOD the Book

    Okay thanks for the advice, I checked every UK selling site I knew of including ebay and I couldn't find it anywhere =/

    Question is now to anybody in the UK who bought it is was it worth £25?
  2. Anonymous Member

    Re: BLOWNFORGOOD the Book

    I really want this book, but I think reading it would tear me apart. I'd rather hear about stories from people that were actually involved, their stories are the most real of all...

    But if something so simple as a quote and a good blessing like that can make my cry like this, I don't know what I'll do.

    Because my loved one never will leave. He's so smart, but he's so determined. He always stands up for what he believes in. Why is it Scientology that he has to believe in? He's so determined. He wants to change the world. I just don't see any hope of him leaving. I know that I'll never speak to him again, and if I do, it will be behind a mask.

    I'm not family, his family is all in Scientology, so there isn't even that to rest on his conscience... One day I'll be just any other girl to him. Just any other girl he almost married. He means the world to me.. And yes, saving others is important to me... but the fact that I'm quite positive I'll never save him... it kills me.
  3. Anonymous Member

    Re: BLOWNFORGOOD the Book

    £25 = $81.50 I think BFG would need to read it to you for that.
  4. Anonymous Member

    Re: BLOWNFORGOOD the Book

    Sorry it is $40.75 so he at least needs to sign it.
  5. blownforgood Member

    Re: BLOWNFORGOOD the Book

    Damn thats crazy!

    The kindle version is damn cheap and you can get the kindle reader for pc's for free now.

    That would save me a trip over there to read it to you.

  6. Firestorm2408 Member

    Re: BLOWNFORGOOD the Book

    Nice job on the conversion there lol
  7. Anonymous Member

    Re: BLOWNFORGOOD the Book

    I first read that as "EFG", lulz
  8. Anonymous Member

    Re: BLOWNFORGOOD the Book

    Don't be silly I was talking about over skype :)
  9. Spangly Member

    Re: BLOWNFORGOOD the Book

    I decided it was worth it to me, because I have a slowly-growing collection of these books now.

    I want to read them, but I also buy them to support the authors, and so I've got them as long-term keepsakes. Plus, they're also handy ways to top up on raeg if I ever feel a bit "meh, why bother?" about the whole thing.

    edit to add: on the subject of ebooks, there's more to life than Kindle. If there were an Epub version available, I'd consider buying that as well so I can have it on my Sony Reader. (Epub is an open format which a lot of e-reader devices support, and the Adobe DRM additions to it are fairly well-supported too, if you really have to DRM it.)
  10. Re: BLOWNFORGOOD the Book

    Thanks for putting this into words:

    Just like so many others, I've got loved ones still trapped in Hubbard's mindfuck.

    They've literally given all of their life, not allowed to have children, ffs to support the abusive hard-sell of Scientology related enterprises.

    There's a lot of great kids who knew nothing else, have been sadly misled, poorly educated except in cult-related skills chasing a false dream devised by a science-fiction writing liar, convicted fraud and child-abuser L. Ron Hubbard.

    L. Ron Hubbard's CMO (Commodore's Messenger Organisation), the cadet corps and sea-org. in and of themselves constitute Child Abuse, pure and simple, imho.

    My fight is for all who have been deceived by Scientology and that someday they will realize the real freedom they are entitled to enjoy one day, develop their true talents, have children, terminate the Billion year contracts and help ESW (End Scientology Working) in place of KSW (keep scientology working) (bah)

    Google: Scientology / Abuses (Over 13 MILLION entries)

    Google: L. Ron Hubbard / Lies / Fraud / Child Abuse
  11. jensting Member

    Re: BLOWNFORGOOD the Book


    Best regards

  12. Anonymous Member

    Re: BLOWNFORGOOD the Book

    cant buy the book on amazon germany
  13. Anonymous Member

    Re: BLOWNFORGOOD the Book

    This made me cry. I never dated a Scn because I was afraid of exactly this, but it doesn't mean I wasn't in love with one. It's what kept me in: can't leave because I'd never see him, couldn't stay because of disagreements. Eventually I made it impossible to stay and lost his respect.
  14. CrystalDallas Member

    Re: BLOWNFORGOOD the Book

    I'm sorry...
  15. Anonymous Member

    Re: BLOWNFORGOOD the Book

    Yeah.. it made me cry even as I typed it... and at the same point that you quoted it, too.
    I was never in, but I was "involved" I guess.

    I never really saw what was going on until it was too late. When I was disconnected... well, when I found out about the disconnection policy, that is.. everything fell into place. Every argument we'd ever had. The more research I did, the more I understood that all of the problems that had ever come up between us were caused solely by Scientology.
  16. Firestorm2408 Member

    Re: BLOWNFORGOOD the Book

    After reading a ton of reveiws from both ex - scientologists and just regular people interested in hearing another side of the sttory i've decided to purchase a copy, I just hope its worth £25...

    Just out of curiousity though how is reading the book from a newb annons perspective or somebody who hasn't been a scientologist?
  17. Sponge Member

    Re: BLOWNFORGOOD the Book

    I think it probably one of the best books, if not the best, in that repsect. It is definitely worth it.

    You'll want more. Next you should try Nancy Many's book My Billion Year Contract and, from what I can tell by the reviews, it is also a very accessible read.
  18. Re: BLOWNFORGOOD the Book

    I need to find a really good anti scientology attorney that willlitigate my case. The stuff I have to say will blow everyones mind!!!.......Rabbit
  19. Re: BLOWNFORGOOD the Book

    If anyone knows one please send me the information.
  20. blownforgood Member

  21. Firestorm2408 Member

    Re: BLOWNFORGOOD the Book

    Just got my book today and I'm upto chapter nine: my secret garden

    So far its very well written and a very interesting read!

    P.S Love the book cover =]
  22. Firestorm2408 Member

    Re: BLOWNFORGOOD the Book

    Okay Finished! I must admit it was difficult at first understanding all the scientology accronyms and stuff but once you got into it the book was fantastic!


    P.S appologies on the double post
  23. Sponge Member

    Re: BLOWNFORGOOD the Book

    ^Glad you enjoyed it.
    Of course, to solve the acronyms problem there's always the internets to help you (if you can't find what you're looking for in the Glossary near the back of the book on page 343).

    The book will now serve another useful role as one of your props to take to a protest, although I'm sure you will read it again at some point.
    Also, let your family and friends read it too.
  24. Firestorm2408 Member

    Re: BLOWNFORGOOD the Book

    The internets already helped me lol. If I had read that book before discovering WWP then I wouldn't of had a CLUE what it was talking about lol. If I had to sum up how i felt about scientology after reading that book I beleive somebody's Sig on here basically sums it up for me - It goes a little something like this:

  25. ScnTO3 Member - Riverside County Sheriff's Department Police Reports regarding Marc Headley's "Escape"

    Headley stated to police: "...he was leaving the property to visit his sick father in the hospital...were trying to persuade him from leaving...he was not injured and did not want to make a report..." case closed.
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  26. Smurf Member

    Says the mindless tool. Being run off the road by a truck driven by a known psychotic (Danny Dunigan) while operating a motorcycle goes beyond the pale to persuading someone not to leave a compound... with the exception of mindfucked Scilons, that is. Case closed.
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  27. Xenu Is Lord Member

    So when a battered woman who is afraid and confused says they don't want to press charges I guess the world says fuck her she because she had a chance to tell and did not. As you pointed out it is not what someone says so much as what really happened. This cult is evil and must go.
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  28. Smurf Member

    For Mark Headley to press charges, would have required him to hang around, sign a complaint and return to Riverside County for the litigation. The only thing on his mind at the time is get far away from Gold Base as he could and to wash his hands of the perps. That is not an unusual reaction for victims of mental/physical abuse.
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  29. Anonymous Member

    The link to the report is good though as only one officer wrote what ScnTO3 refers to. The other officer has much more juicy, creepy details.
  30. I'm glad this thread got bumped, that book is GREAT. Headley is very credible and that credibility comes across on every page. I highly recommend it to anyone wanting a good read about the crazy abuses perpetrated by scientology.

    Is Danny Dunigan working the front guard shack these days? BTW, what "church" has a violent asshole as the welcoming committee at their front door. Silly cult.
  31. Anon PTS Member

    QFT. ScnTO3 left out a few details from the report he did cite, including the way the officer wrote "persuade" in quotes.
    And more at the link.
  32. Miranda Member

    Yeah, the book was good. In my opinion one of the ex stories that is most likely to someday become a movie. Kind of old news at this point but then again there are lots of new users who may not have read it, so the bump is fine.
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    Agree about good story line as well as visuals for a movie. The book, like so many written by ex's, can bog down so hard because of the foreign language of sci and on top of that the foreign concept of so much of it.
    I say that as an ex, but also someone who enjoys a good book. Screenwriters will take care of that problem.

    This is so much a good time for a bump. Saw Marc Headley in AnonSparrow's latest Protest video, and with a German TV crew no less! So good to him there (and I sure wish I was fly on the wall when Miscavige so That video update. hahahaha).
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  34. Anonymous Member

    $5 days ScnTO is Marc Headley's sister.
  35. SwordofTruth Member

    Thanks for reminding me to pick Marc's book up ScnTo, doing a cracking job lad :)
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  36. Anonymous Member

    Yes, Marc wrote a book and named names. For his family, for his friends, for all of us. Thank you, Marc.

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  37. Smurf Member

    He's still there.
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