Can someone please translate this to english. Thank you

Discussion in 'Translations' started by Tinkerbell, Jan 13, 2010.

  1. Tinkerbell Member

    Salam, Man molaaqhaat baa shoma ro daghighan yaademeh gerreftin va motasefem az inke hannooz kaaretoon dorost nashadeh.
    Man taa aanjaayii ke baram moyasar baashe behetoon komack mikonam.
    Lotfan az in ba'ed be adresse e-mail parsbaran tammas begirin.
    Sa'y mikonam emrooz yaa farda ba telephonike ferestaadin tammas begiram.
    Be omideh didaar
  2. iraniam Member

    Hello!...I remember you excatly when I met you and I am sorry about your business which is not done yet. I will help you as long as I can. Please from now on, try to contact me via email (parsbaran). I will try to call you with the phone number you provided me either today or tomorrow.
    Hope to see you soon.
  3. hmmm

    well this is odd google translator cant translate it properly... :(

    where did you get this and why is it in Latin Alphabet? :p
  4. iraniam Member

    I am Iranian, I did it myself. I dont need google and its my own translation.
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