Can someone translate this letter? (possible fake leaked election results)

Discussion in 'Translations' started by Journalist, Jun 16, 2009.

  1. LaFollette is

    This is a fake letter, don't bother. It is a letter from Interior Ministry to Khamenei, saying that the real result of the election is as following:
    Mousavi: 19,075,633
    Karroubi: 13,387,104
    M.A: 5,698,417
    Rezayi: 3,754,218

    It has been reported as fake.
  2. So you are saying the official results are correct?

    Or just saying this letter is fake?
  3. wasn't the turnout pretty high, so you would expect more then 40million votes
  4. The turnout was indeed high, but we asked some other people to verify integrity of the document and they mentioned that this is not genuine.
  5. Take all Unregistered (including this one) posts with a grain of salt, as the Iranian Intelligence Ministry is all over every site spreading misinformation.
  6. Reported by whom? Are you one of those Basiji turned-student in the west on the mullahs payroll?
  7. Whom did you ask? Did you ask those that changed the election results? let me guess what they answered.
  8. The results of these handwritten ballots were tabulated in 2-hrs -- meaning they never actually counted them.
  9. It is fake

    The translation provided is correct, but the letter is fake.

    The contents appear to be "top secret" but there is no stamp stating this, which normally appear on top secret letter in Iran and around the world.
  10. im not sure wether this is fake or not but..

    this is letter from interior which shows the real result ro suprem leader and say that mousavi won the election by those numbers
    Mousavi: 19,075,633
    Karroubi: 13,387,104
    M.A: 5,698,417
    Rezayi: 3,754,218

    its quiet obvious that they cheated this election but this letter is suspicious!
    how can someone get that information so easily and quick?!!in the other hand
    the thing is in this letter it has a stamp and the signture of the interior minister and it has the date on so imnot sure tho...if this is real then it is real shame...
  11. Fake

    This is obviously a forgery due to the following:

    1- The type face used for the body of the text is named "Titr" (translation: headline). Titr is a display typeface and not used for copy text. The interior ministry has strict formatting and style guidelines.

    2- the ascender on the letter "ک" the second line of the letterhead is cutting into the line above it. The letterhead would also normally state the individual's name which is absent here.

    3- The actual letter is missing basic punctuation which is commonly use in formal governmental correspondence.

    4- The letter outright says "... based on your judgment in choosing Mahmoud Ahamdinejad as the best individual in forwarding the goals of the Islamic revolution..." This would not be included in this type of letter.

    5- There is no watermark or confidential stamp.
  12. Yup. And they "computer counted" a load of handwritten ballots surprisingly quickly. And without computers.
  13. well, the authenticity of the letter is indeed in question but it's the fact that those figures and numbers are much closer to many expectation from many sources that makes me think of it as genuine...

    also, the letter mentions "all the necessary measures have been taken for post election events" and seeing how the riot police used VERY new bikes that haven't even painted in the standard issue black and yellow that makes me even more sure about that, the letter can't be verified unfortunately, but it's the fact in it that makes me think of it as real.
  14. The Unregistered GUY is working for the iranien goverment

    If you read in the Forum you will see that a blogger called Unregistered guy, is trying to suppress everyinfomation, I wounder where he gets his info from, and he has already been proven wrong i a coupel of his statments, like there where only 100 000 protesting when all the video and journalist are saying at least 1 000 000....
  15. ahhhh CIA ploy

    There must be so stupid to believe in this letter... CIA think that we re stupids, are we??
  16. Fake?

    I've seen many of these letters and this is the standard format. It doesn't seem to be a fake. Of course I would need to see it up close. But from what I can tell, it does appear to be real. It is the standard font that the GoI uses and standard format as well.
  17. iknowpersian Member

    It's a fake letter...
    when you send a letter to supreme leader, you will not write date and number by hand and you will not publish it to the public!
  18. CatsEyes00 Member

    Of all the stupid posts in this frustrating thread ,this is either the stupidest or the most dishonest.

    1. The letter clearly would have had to have been written in haste

    2. If you took any trouble to follow this case, you'd know that the person who is supposed to have leaked it is now dead. It was never meant to be leaked.

    My hunch is that ithe letter is the real deal, because there are people on the ground in Tehran who are convinced by it. But I'd like to hear from anyone here who has actual information.

    And no, NOT 'unregistered guests', for heaven's sake.
  19. All Fraud!

    We could examine that Karrubi's votes must be more than 2 million, because he had at least 500,000 advertisers! But the election results were all fake!

    As I see, the previous election was a fraud too. Because nobody really knew Ahmadinejad to vote him !!!!!!!
  20. pes123 Member

    OMG!!!:eek: what a conspiracy:mad::mad:
  21. dovankhanh Member

  22. dovankhanh Member

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