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Discussion in 'Victims' started by Lynx, Jun 16, 2009.

  1. Lynx Member

    In this thread you can post confirmed / unconfirmed casualties.
  2. Lynx Member

    Mobaeina Ehterani
    Fateme Barati
    Kasra Sharafi
    Kambiz Shojaii
    Mohsen Imani
  3. Jaymax Moderator

    Any more information on the above appreciated.
  4. Lynx Member

  5. Jaymax Moderator

    That was me.

    Tweet from Change_for_Iran

    "Kasra is dead"
  6. zzz Member

    Mohammad Asgari, the official who leaked the real results, is reportedly dead.
  7. I Ran Hubbard Member

    I'm gonna post the other phonetical spellings as tweetd by Change_for_Iran
    (for google ?)

    Mobina Ehtrami
    Fateme Borati
    Kasra Sharafi
    Kambiz Shoaee
    Mohsen Imani
    ; all killed by ansar
    about 2 hours ago from web
  8. Unconfirmed rumors: over 120 dead
  9. why aren't cnn and others talking about the casualties
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  10. Worldwide media is in cahoots with the "world leaders"? It's up to the people to tell the truth.
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  11. Mahyar Member

    all the journalists from usa and europe is kicked out or has got at housearrest, so they cant get any thing out of the country.
    only the iranian people can with their mobile and cam.
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  12. yes but how will people know that there are people being killed. honestly i had no idea until i came upon this forum. people need to know that innocent protesters are being murdered.
  13. that is why this site exists. tell your freinds, tell them to tell there friends, use facebook, myspace, twitter, anything to get this message out.
  14. Hope

    Just want you to know that news is getting out, that even CNN is turning to youtube and facebook and twitter, well I already know those like the back of my hand.
    The internet is allowing for the first grassroots spread of information in a major crisis...

    Keep the information flowing guys. Freedom of information ftw.
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  15. FOX News and CNN have both let twitter names of Iranian bloggers be shown on TV. These bloggers are now probably dead.

    They are either "in cahoots" with the world leaders or they are just incredibly stupid. I actually suspect the latter.
  16. Agreed, news media needs to stop putting the names of bloggers on TV.
  17. I Ran Hubbard Member

    From NAI:


    5:46 pm: From an anonymous university professor:

    Last night (Monday), 94 wounded persons were brought to the [Hazrat-e Rasul (the Prophet)] Hospital [in Sattar Khan]. Of these, 50 were shot and 9 of them died. The doctors stopped work for a few hours this morning and gathered in the yard with slogans in support of Musavi.
  18. I think there is only a few safe methods for this to be filitered to the world. I agree that this is a complete absurdity but I think that this needs to be bombed to free media. As scary as this might be, this should be brought to the attention of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. They may be comedians, but I feel they are the only two true sources of news anymore. TRUTH instead of what is being spewed out on CNN and the like.
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  19. Jaymax Moderator

    We need names, stories, faces of individuals as well as just statistics.

    Partly so we can help them be remembered, but also because stories about individuals, about people, will get peoples attention - help them relate to the reality...

    Please - if you're in Iran and you know of someone who has died - then our thoughts go out to you, but you can help them yet to push for justice by telling the world their story.
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  20. State TV confirmed that 7 people killed on Monday.
    and i see rumors about 8 people killed yesterday.
  21. Anononaut Member

    "Similar intimidation tactics have been on display over the past few days with little result, as Iranian state news reports of seven people killed in various cities did not deter another major antigovernment rally on Tuesday. This time, analysts say, the government will have trouble bringing about a swift, sharp end to the demonstrations over the contested presidential election results in the same way it had shut down previous eruptions." - NY Times This seems to confirm earlier unconfirmed reports of 7-8 deaths, and it's stateside.
  22. deaths

    any other reports on number of dead? perhaps reports on specificly what happened in some of the widespread videos that show students either dead or injured? updates would be great on their status.
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  23. My thoughts and prayers are with you all. Continue to fight for what you believe. This seems to be the best time for Iran as a community to take their country back. Also the effect this would have on that whole area of the world would be like a ripple in a pool of water. Many have done this in other countries and have succeeded. Do not lose hope or faith.
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  24. Email Fox and CNN, if you can with your censoring. I urge international readers to do so too.
  25. In hopes for better days...

    I am an Iranian currently living in Tehran, we truly appreciate your concerns and would gladly appreciate your help, as for any foreigner trying to help us out, the best way would be participating in the demonstration in your countries against Ahmadinejad, this doesnt necessarily have to be done by your actual presence, the importance is for your voices to be heard and for your governments to oppose to this dictator as he claims to be the Iranians elected president.
    [Peace, independence, freedom, prosperity and justice for all humanity.]
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  26. I'm a bit sceptic thinking about Italy move without USA. Anyway i'm not the president but i'm with you, people. I'd like to run with you in the streets, and shout and ask for freedom.
    Be brave!!!
  27. I Ran Hubbard Member

    From NiteOwl thread:

    5. So far, it has been confirmed that 15 people in Tehran and 32 people around the country have been killed. Hundreds more have been injured and in excess of 800 people have been detained. Among these there are dozens of reformists. Most of these arrests have been made by the notorious plainclothesmen mentioned above.
  28. Dead that should be added

    Mobina Ehtrami
    Fateme Borati
    Kasra Sharafi
    Kambiz Shoaee
    Mohsen Imani
    Mohammad Asgari
  29. ABC talked about casualties. Most big news agencies have to have confirmations to say much about it...........and it's difficult to get confirmations right now.

  30. It's hard to get confirmations outta Iran

    Since the foreign reporters are locked up in their hotel rooms and also Iranian reporters are seriously requested to avoid covering such news, it IS really hard to get a professional confirmation outta Iran...

    But, almost everybody in Iran is a news agency now and strongly insisted reports like "nearly 30 victims in total in Iran", appears to be right...

    BTW, I loved the way "The Pirate Bay" responded to Iran issues. Thanks Pirate Bay :*
  31. I Ran Hubbard Member

    From NiteOwl Friday thread:

    10. The last dispatch claimed that 8 people had died in Azadi Square in Tehran on Monday. New reports from hospitals through sources show that 12 people had been killed and 29 injured. Today, a student also died in Kermanshah of her wounds that shed received after being beaten a few days ago. Adding the numbers, now the Brief can confirm that 37 people have at least been killed in the protests so far.
  32. one more killed

    Mashhad: مراسم ترحیم مهندس مصطفی غنیان که در درگیری های اخیر تهران به شهادت رسید ؛ روز جمعه 29/3/88 و شنبه 30/3/88 صبح ساعت 9:30 الی 11:30 و بعد از ظهر 5 الی 7 در مسجد قبا واقع در بلوار خیّام
  33. danyal_e Member

    ien ahmagha antar adamaro koshtand ieshala bemirand
  34. One Q...the pics and videos we can see shows more than the 7-8 deads there must be more!!Please don't give up the world is watching you!You are all over the news!!
  35. Jaymax Moderator

    I haven't started threads for these, because I don't want to do a disservice by mixing up names etc.

    If anyone can provide more details, and format the names that would be good - I think we should have first and last names at least before starting a thread.
  36. a brother and sister taken but unknown about their where abouts!

    It's been since Saturday last week that my cousins have been reported missing from their mom in Iran!!! I need to know all the names on casualty and victims who have past!
    (my sympothy goes out to the family members)

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