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Discussion in 'Keeping Your Anonymity In Iran' started by lissnup, Aug 11, 2009.

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  1. lissnup Member

    I am posting this on behalf of a friend on Twitter whose username you may recognise - @ThinkIran.

    @ThinkIran dropped off the radar for a few days and some of us were starting to worry. Thankfully @ThinkIran returned to the Twittersphere tonight having had to deal with a very difficult experience, and with information he wants to share with everyone, which I will relate below:

    Iranian Dissidents:

    Some Things This Regime Is Doing You Need To Know:

    As We all Know There Are Secret Agents Everywhere In Persian Communities USA, Germany, France Etc.
    These Are Facts & Not Fiction: The Rallies That You Go to As You Know They Have People Taking Pictures, But What You May Not Know Is Dangerous Is The Information You Provide Signing Some Petitions & Most Importantly "Donating Money".

    They Have Database & Building The File To Match Your Phone Number You Provide For Some of These Donation Charity Groups To Phone Calls Placed Into Iran.

    They Are Matching Everything, Phone Numbers, Family Names IP Addresses & E-mail Addresses. It is Not Difficult To Start A Fictitious Charity Group & Start Colling The Information's. For A Fact They Have Stepped Up This Operation In A Very Big Way & Are Seriously Building Files On You & Your Friends/Family You Come In Contact With In Various Forms.

    I Can Not Say What Happened But It Was Related To This Very Information & It Was Not Pretty

    Thank you for reading. Please spread this message and take care.

  2. Shhh-IRAN Member

    Pay attention to the above!

    It's not as if this wasn't expected, but it demonstrates again that the Coup goons have very long arms!
  3. I wish you could tell us some helpfull details, you have got me worried.
  4. You need to out the organization in question.

    Let me be the one to ask : is it Iran115 ?
  5. lissnup Member

    @ThinkIran didn't share any more information with me than I have posted, and wishing to respect privacy, didn't feel the need to press for more.

    I am aware of and there has been much speculation about that site and the related posts. The same is true of other sites and links seen on Twitter and elsewhere. I consider this questioning to be very healthy. We mustn't allow ourselves to get lax and complacent in matters of security.

    'Outing' is not actually necessary if you exercise appropriate judgement and precautions. In other words, let 1% of doubt be enough to turn you away.
  6. Please ask @ThinkIran to read this thread and if they want to out the org in question.

    If @ThinkIran got scammed, chances are many others have/will. A tweet saying "#iranelection beware : so and so is a scam" would be picked up on immediately. I'm pretty sure many who follow #iranelection on twitter/FB are barely aware of this forum. You can't count on most people to "exercise appropriate judgment".

    (I'm the same unregistered who asked you to out them)
  7. lissnup Member

    I have done as you asked. :)
  8. roya4iran Member

    AGREE, Same thing happened to me.

    This is not a scare tactic, what @lissnup is saying is true..

    While I was @ protests in CA, I had a total 2 men come up to me throughout these past months telling me that there ARE agents, its REAL, and to be extra careful. They are taking pictures at the protest, and they use facebook to find out first and last names, and etc. If you have family back home you should be EXTRAAA careful!

    They advised me not to let people take my pictures, change my last name or full name on Facebook, twitter, etc. Do not post pictures of other ppl, or if you do, to blurr out their faces.

    Yes, you can either do the extreme or you can do some of these things, it is up to your discretion. BUT please do take this post seriously, it really is important for Iranians to understand - just because you are not in Iran, doesn't mean that you cannot be "touched" or aren't being "watched" - please do be careful and take precautions.

    Thanks to @lissnup & @thinkiran.

  9. Nichol Member

    confession: I took pictures

    Hmm. Does this mean nobody should take pictures at these events/protests anymore? (e.g. United4Iran Amsterdam - a set on Flickr) The point of these things is also that pictures are taken that can end up on internet, and in the press.

    I guess the lesson is that at such events people should take care that photos that will be unavoidably taken cannot easily be connected to their name, adress, phone number, email, etc.

    It probably also means that people with legitimate petitions etc should not set up a stand at such gatherings if they ask/need these types of information?
  10. Is anyone keeping tabs on those IR govt agents? They should be exposed as much as possible so that we all know who these people are.
  11. Nedjarsan Member

    The most important thing is to show them that we are not stupid, deaf or blind but most of all we are not afraid !

    Let them play their small-time Jimmy-bondy game !

    That will not get us shut up !
  12. thorsdaughter Member

    thank you- i met an irani lady who asked me all kinds of questions about my kids & wrote it down - thats what made me wonder about her. she had just gotten back from iran. her name is "angel bailey". i told her stuff that could hurt me, maybe, when i think about it. but ,i am taking this as a warning to be careful,and trusting GOD to protect my as HE has said HE would. GOD bless you
  13. Seems as though the Iranian authorities are trying desperately to identify protesters online and outside the country. As long as they take precautions in limiting the amount of personal info they give out, they should be safe.

    Just encourage Iranians to exercise extreme caution when browsing Iranian sites, the authorities probably already set up phishing websites in an effort to identify those persons.

    Also they need to make sure that their PC firewall is turned on, up to date and working, I'm thinking the authorities may attempt to identify them by hacking into their machines through that method.
  14. I agree. I debated whether they were an obvious troll, thinking they were funny, or a really bad con the other day, but I haven't decided. Just read the things the guy says. It is pretty obvious it is not legit. What they are up to, who knows?

    If you wanna donate, donate to Austin Heap and the thumb drive thing. Or Amnesty International. Or Reporters without Borders. Or something else like that that is high profile, and you know is on the up and up.
  15. Nedjarsan Member

    Anyhow i stay to my point that we will not be afraid, it is our duty not to be.

    The main pillars a autocrate-regime is resting on are:



    Total control of the media (used as propaganda apparatus)

    Total control of the spiritual side of a society

    Total control of education up to the most intimat fields

    If we give away to any of the threats one of the pillars will be strengthend.

    And i tell you: I rather get killed standing straight up than living on my knees.

    (I would be a hell of a propaganda-minister :) )
  16. iran115

    iran115 is a twitter feed from Democratic nation of Iran. The first tim I have heard about this movement was when when I was in Mashad. It is not one guy. They seem to have a very long arm. I know some people in Washington who know one of the leaders. It is one of the most interesting stories I have ever heard. They are very muc for real.
    From what I heard, this Iranian guy who grew up in US after 79 revolution went to Iran and started recruiting police, vevak agents, and IRGC into this group called Democratic Nation of Iran. It seems he were able to infiltrate some of the most difficult organs of regime because of personal relations. They wrote a constitution by consulting with some scholars and claim to be developing a shadow government and are planning some sort of insurgency if Rafsanjani's faction doesn't make big reforms.
    Then, this guy escaped from Iran recently because he had somebody in VEVAK who warn him of his arrest and he escaped across the boarder to Turkey.
    The other thing I learn about this guy would blow your mind, but I am afraid it would compermize his identity. I told the person who told me this story that this guy should go public. The rumor is he escaped Iran with a laptop belonging to VEVAK with list of many agents and operations. I was told VEVAK is desperately trying to find him. I think his running battle on twitter would testify to this. The good news is this group has no connection to CIA or any group. They are strong Iranian nationalists.
    He is hiding from Vevak and taunting them on twitter. Read the messages from the beginning of the timeline.
    He could be a great inspiration for all of us.
    I am certain iran115 is for real. 100%
  17. CradleOfCiv Member

    As being a long time follower and a recent poster of this forum, I will declare my support to the ideas advanced by Nedjarsan.

    He who would give up a little liberty for a little security deserves neither and will loose both.

    At least for those of us who have no family inside Iran, we should not only not be afraid to show our faces but we should and must. And we must be proud of ourselves if we made into their lists.
  18. CradleOfCiv Member

    Hey do you guys know who is a legit group to donate some money to? Anon. Iran ;)
  19. lissnup Member

  20. Very fake site

  21. Oops forgot to tell the site

    I meant to say the site iran115
  22. You should support

    I support and everything I read on their website. Seems to be a good foundation.
  23. SanguineRose Member

    When the guy running the site posts here defending the site making it appear that they are supporters... i'd wounder... just a tad now....

    I can't confirm 100% that this site is legit and it gives me those awe inspiring funny feelings... So I would like to urge everyone to be cautious about this site for now until it is proven to be 100% genuine and legit.

    The slight ironic thing is that it seems to me this site might be doing the same thing. So... everyone as I said be cautious about this site until we know more about it and can confirm it is 100% valid.
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