CCHR at Ottawa University

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    People keep getting tricked by the cult...

    End of article at:
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  2. Robert Dobson-Smith has been in Scientology forever. He was in the Guardian's Office since the early 1970s and he has been self-brainwashing for even longer. His anti-psychiatry crusade goes back just as long. Silly boy.
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    At Concordia University in Montreal a couples years ago:

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    He's a "6X humanitarian" donor to the Toronto ideal org.

    49462386602_2264af153e_h.jpg TorontoTwomey
  5. Students protest exhibition that calls psychiatry 'an industry of death’

    RAW: Confrontation between uOttawa student and a woman who identified herself as a Scientologist

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  6. uOttawa students protest exhibition that calls psychiatry 'an industry of death'

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    A controversial anti-psychiatry exhibition sponsored by a group affiliated with the Church of Scientology has University of Ottawa students demanding that the show be removed from campus.

    Among other claims, the free exhibition maintains that the pharmaceutical industry invents mental health conditions in order to sell more drugs and that the justification for the Holocaust was based on eugenics theory advanced in psychiatry and psychology.

    Titled Psychiatry: An Industry of Death, it is sponsored by a group called the Citizens Commission on Human Rights. The exhibition’s five-day tenure in rented space in the Jock Turcot University Centre ends on Friday.

    Students say that exhibition’s presence on campus has been jarring, considering that it was launched just after Wellness Week and ran Thursday during Bell Let’s Talk day, which urges people to have conversations about mental health.

    “They are actively espousing that psychiatry is a farce,” said Jayde Lavoie, a conflict studies and human rights student.

    Tim Gulliver, a political science student, said he found the exhibition to be “extremely troubling,” especially the inclusion of an image of Adolf Hitler.
    Gulliver fears the exhibition might discourage students from seeking psychiatric help if they need it. There are valid debates in almost every field of medicine. However, if students have a mental illness and they’re taking medication, they should have no reason to feel questioned, he said.

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  7. I am so impressed with these young people. If I was there I would congratulate them on their common sense and activism.

    As for CCHR, they are assholes. They just don't know it.
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