Corey Feldman Online Harassment Campaign

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Triumph, Jul 13, 2020.

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    Corey Feldman Online Harassment Campaign

    unfortunately Corey Is involved in the continued harassment.
    by targeting several women who have spoken out. (there are 9)
    these activities have taken the form of victim shaming, verbal abuse, slander,
    These were musicians and were forced to endure unsafe,unhealthy and predatory environments
    work conditions were abhorrent, and most failed to received contractility obligated income.
    as an employer he failed to provide a safe work environment free from sexual harassment.

    the abuse such as false name calling.derogatory sexual attacks innuendo,and targeting family. have continued online..

    the recent activity has been
    multiple copyright strike abuses.on you tube
    and his followers have been recently blocked for abusing Wikipedia pages.

    He Is also targeting critics.
    and has been admittedly directing his (Louanne Lee Clone) followers of his to abuse the courts with restraining orders.

    there Is a sexual harassment case open in LA. on these activities.
    irregardless of Corey's past abuse... He is also an abuser of women...and their stories have never changed.

    the voices are getting louder.
    snippet Mindy Robinson

    the women who were abused are welcome to contribute here to get their story heard.
    as well as the brave women who are under attack expressing their first amendment rights.
    or anyone else. who would like to contribute.

    Corey Feldman Is suffering from some serious form of mental illness.
    and may be loosing his battle with drug addiction.

    OBTW Corey Scott Feldman knocked Randy the crazy train.
    and is in need a an intervention.

    Noted: Mr Feldman reckless activities got himself booted from the SAGG (Actors Union) sexual harassment panel.

    and damaged his own reputation as an advocate.

    angels in chains Facebook
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    Corey Feldman was banned from editing Wikipedia
    Corey did several recent interviews claiming he was banned for editing his own Wikipedia page..
    he spoke about it with SteveO from Jackass on his podcast
    and two other recent interviews..
    along with several posting on Wikipedia
    Wikipedia logged all the revisions and has labeled it vandalism and one edit that added defamatory content

    I will link all the pages ...there were multiple IP addresses, for the same service provider
    in Irvine California
    the majority of edits were remove all references of his sexual assault
    and the sagg aftra stories
    and one edit to Ron Jermey's Wikipedia page who is in jail awaiting trial on 30 rape charges.

    more links to come
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