Dallas, TX - March

Discussion in 'USA - Central/Mountain' started by shawnonymous, Feb 23, 2009.

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  1. shawnonymous Member

    Re: Dallas, TX - March

  2. Re: Dallas, TX - March

    Hm. I got a PM from Anonymouscookie, asking what the finalized date/time is. So at the moment is it both days? What's the final decision?
  3. shawnonymous Member

    Re: Dallas, TX - March

    No idea... waiting to hear back from Scope and tex...
    Also, where the hell has that Sammy guy been? :p
  4. Re: Dallas, TX - March

    No idea, she dropped off the face of the earth somewhere back in late January, if I remember correctly. When we were trying to decide the date for February. She said she couldn't do the 14th, but the 7th and 21st were okay... then no more.

    Now, where are NoScope and tex? Gotta get this settled, people want to know when to be where!
  5. shawnonymous Member

    Re: Dallas, TX - March

    Well, Saturday or Sunday... it's gonna be on Buckner.
    As I said, I'm pretty sure the only people to enturbulate at the Las Colias location this weekend would be construction workers.
  6. Re: Dallas, TX - March

    Yeah, Buckner definitely, but I've got questions both in PM here and on YT, asking where to be, and I'd hate to lose protesters because I didn't get the information to them on time.

    Hehe, I'm also writing a new speech right now. I will be posting it as Happy Birthday L Ron Hubbard or something like that. Turns out his followers are fail at following. I mean, when they finally decided to take us seriously, only two were found. Geeze.
  7. Re: Dallas, TX - March

    Okay, I'm just gonna tell these guys we're protesting both days. It seems like we're on a split decision anyway. And what's this about a party there tomorrow? If it's actually at the org, we should probably try to have some kind of presence there. And preferably more than one person...

    Now that I think about it, NoScope and tex, please try to be there tomorrow. I can't make it either day, but I wish I could be there for that party. It seems like insane enturbulation tiem to me.
  8. shawnonymous Member

    Re: Dallas, TX - March

    Awesome. Since YOU're online... do you still need a megaphone/flagpole?
    Cuz I gotta run by da store sometime before tomorrow's festivities for signs anyway.
  9. Re: Dallas, TX - March

    Yeah, I still need a flagpole. A megaphone is always nice, too, but I don't want to commit to buying one until I know how much money I'm committing though, haha.
  10. shawnonymous Member

    Re: Dallas, TX - March

    Oh yeah, you said you can't make Saturday, but what about Sunday?
  11. Re: Dallas, TX - March

    I looked at it, but I won't be back in Dallas till Sunday afternoon. Probably not until 3 or 4. Methinks we should start flash raiding, since they think enough of us to be prepared when we're announced. What say you?
  12. shawnonymous Member

    Re: Dallas, TX - March

    Sounds good, LA.
    It's best to catch them offguard so that they have to scramble to try and monitor and dox us.
    I still plan on going this weekend... hopefully I can get a reply from the others before Saturday or Sunday to see their plans... I suppose I could accomidate.
  13. Re: Dallas, TX - March

    I still think you should go on Saturday and crash their nice happy little party. I just wish I could be there, haha. Don't forget the camera! I'll be happy to edit it down for you afterward.
  14. shawnonymous Member

    Re: Dallas, TX - March

    I'll see what I can do :p
  15. NoScope Member

    Re: Dallas, TX - March

    Ok i'm back and this is Tl,DR so fill me in on the decision.
  16. Re: Dallas, TX - March

    Decision is as follows: shawnonymous will be protesting tomorrow (the 14th). You are free to protest Saturday or Sunday, although I encourage Saturday due to the going-away party occurring at the org.
  17. NoScope Member

    Re: Dallas, TX - March

    Ill be protesting both days. I can't let shawnonymous have all the fun. I'll be bringing some party hats and blowers for the big bday bash. Im also looking into caek for sunday when there will be more people. I think my roomy will be there both days too so that makes three on saturday. Might stop and buy parka and gloves on the way though so I can keep the camara still. lol
  18. Re: Dallas, TX - March

    I was contacted a few days ago by someone who claims to live in Valley Ranch (Irving). I have not confirmed that, but he will likely be joining you tomorrow. Another supporter contacted me on Facebook. My reply there came after I read the discussion here, so my answer was that it would likely be both days.
  19. NoScope Member

    Re: Dallas, TX - March

    Ok, whats the count for tommorrow. It will be me and maybe one other.
  20. Re: Dallas, TX - March

    It looks like 3-4, until tex stops in for the count.
  21. NoScope Member

    Re: Dallas, TX - March

    My roommate will only come if theirs at least 3 but preferably more people there so he can shoot it, he says he won't come if its just me and shawn so step up dal aons and show some support.
  22. Nereruo Member

    Re: Dallas, TX - March

    Sorry guys, my boss just told me that i have to work tomorrow because one of my co-workers is sick... Dammit!
  23. Re: Dallas, TX - March

    That's okay, Nereruo. Are you free Sunday?

    NoScope, I expect that the guy from Irving will be there, too. That would make three, plus your roommate, and maybe tex.
  24. shawnonymous Member

    Re: Dallas, TX - March

    Good to hear from ya Scope
    Glad you'll be joining Kevin and I tomorrow.
    10 sharp as always
    And watch for them tails when you decide to depart!!
  25. Re: Dallas, TX - March

    Ah, that's right. Sorry, I forgot about Kevin. Kevin, shawnonymous, and you already make your required three, buddy, so I guess your roommate's in. Also, possibly the guy from Irving. I hope. Be sure to hit me with any footage you want edited.

    Although, NoScope, now that I think about it, it might be more impressive on film if he could wait until next month, when we could potentially have more people at the protest. Since my crew and I are all on spring break, none of us will be there, but I'll be there next month with as many as I can bring.

    Whatever, not my call. I'm out for the night. Good luck tomorrow guys!
  26. tex Member

    Re: Dallas, TX - March

    Still planning on showing up sometime tommorow. Might not be right at 10 but I am going to swing by.
  27. NoScope Member

    Re: Dallas, TX - March

    Thats about five or six, that sounds good.

    I would but his project is due the week after spring break so this is his only chance. It will still be a good video and It will spread the word around campus.
  28. shawnonymous Member

    Re: Dallas, TX - March

    Count Kevin and I out for today... may attend tomorrow.
    Sorry, guys.
  29. NoScope Member

    Re: Dallas, TX - March

    Ok, so it was me and my roomate from 9:45 to about 11.30 until Tex came and saved what was left of a protest. I took some video and NP (u will understand when you see his shirt) took an interview of me and tex. Will post vid later tonight.
  30. tex Member

    Re: Dallas, TX - March

    Was a very interesting hour. Had fun meeting NoScope and his friend. I sware I was followed home though, which sucks. And the person whose house I parked near was outside waiting for me when I came back to my car and he was on his phone, and as soon as I walked up, he went back inside. Very weird stuff.
  31. NoScope Member

    Re: Dallas, TX - March

    Sucks, youll only be sure though when you get a C&D letter in the mail.
  32. shawnonymous Member

    Re: Dallas, TX - March

    Damn, I should really have been there.
    Still on for tomorrow, gang?
  33. tex Member

    Re: Dallas, TX - March

    Tommorow is my day off so I am planning on being there on time, around 10. NoScope said he was going to bring cake and we are celebrating LRH's birthday. I guess we are going for a birthday theme, which should be fun as hell.
  34. Re: Dallas, TX - March

    I'm sad I couldn't have been there to give a little pirate flavor to the video, haha. I'm also sad I can't be there tomorrow. And as always, arm yourselves with cameras. I'm more than happy to edit whatever you get.
  35. NoScope Member

    Re: Dallas, TX - March

    Ok, everyone better be there tommorrow or I'm going to write a very long post that is sure to annoy. lol

    Join the Bday bash !!!
  36. shawnonymous Member

    Re: Dallas, TX - March

    Wilco, Scope.
    Also, we haz Kevin's LuLzy C&D Shenanigans for show and tell!
  37. Re: Dallas, TX - March

    Oh, so she did get a C&D then?
  38. pooks Member

    Re: Dallas, TX - March

    From: <>
    Subject: the future of this civilization is in our hands
    Date: Saturday, March 14, 2009

    Hi ,
    The future of this civilization is in our hands.

  39. NoScope Member

    Re: Dallas, TX - March

    I've never felt more sorry for the earth than just now.

    Is this a sign of them on hard times or are they building another org here. I hope both. :)
  40. Optimisticate Member

    Re: Dallas, TX - March

    A few people in Irving have this in their hands today. Thanks Pooks! And great job guys! Sorry I couldn't make it, and I'm missing my mom a bit more because of it. In May, however, I will be able to eat some decent texmex, bbq and gorge on bluebell, and I will be there to enturbulate at least a little :)
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