February 10 & 11 Raids in Montreal

Discussion in 'Canada' started by GuyFox, Feb 11, 2012.

  1. Turboknight Member

    Ok ok ... So I missed this one (I'm a sad sad panda) ... When is the next one !?!?!
  2. GuyFox Member

    Visit us on , we'll have a poll started started the next couple of days to determine when exactly do we raid next month.

    We're also trying to pick up the habit of announcing the planned protests here on WWP once the date has been agreed on.
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  3. yoshiyoyo Member

    keep me posted if one is coming up in TR as well :) if they remain open long enough. . .
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  4. Intelligence Member

    Recent Satelite images indicate there is still life in the Scientology "compound of indoctrination".
    Enhanced images show male balding and gray-white femanon locks - - stress induced:)

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  5. amaX Member

    i would like to steal the message on the signage that says, "i'm a galactic emperor PAY ME."

    is it okay if i commit thievery with your awesome signage?
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  6. Intelligence Member

    Com just in with info that this "Ideal ORGY" is used for other activities beside a "left-overs"
    in a Cafe and Clothing store, which led me to Google this little Nugget:’s-arts-scene-gets-a-fresh-coat-of-paint/

    Thank you Sir Anon for this research/digging for me:)

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  7. Anonymous Member

    i think you should word clear "Femanon". It's short for "female Anon".

    Basically one of these:

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  8. One more little thing about the photos. There is that pic of Anons trying to plant the Anon flag in the snow. My first impression was that I was reminded of that very famous photo of American troops planting the flag at Iwo Jima. Why not eh? Take a bow. You guys are the Marines of the critical movement.
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  9. Turboknight Member

    Lol I thought it was awesome too !
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  10. Anonymous Member

    Awesome raid is awesome
  11. Anonymous Member


    (request permission to steal sign idea...)
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  12. Anonymous Member

    ^whoops... guess I stole AnonMomAnon2's ideal to steal:

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  13. Anonymous Member

    I don't think there's dibs or anything.
  14. That little stunt that they pulled by calling the cops and accusing the critics of attempted arson makes me think of a couple of things. Orgs in general have been doing this for years. They are using the police as pawns. You all know that. The out and out lying bothers me but it is about time that I accepted the fact that they do lie and get over it. I don't know if I ever will. I want to at least think that they are better than that but if they were -- they would have left the cult by now. It is all part of abusing the legal system along with all the law suits and such as you very well know.

    The other thing is a slight derail but just something you might find interesting. When I was still on staff, I did a lot of recruiting on the street with flyers and all that stuff. An exScientologist critic who was now running a squirrel group (Why can't they just get real jobs?) came up to me and started hassling me and calling me brainwashed and a few other things. It pissed me off so much that I made some snide remark and it must have struck a nerve. This person then called over to a beat cop who just happened to be walking our way and told the cop that I was harrassing them ( total lie, it was the other way around ). This person walked away while I had to listen to the cop lecture me on the law. This person held a lot of posts in the org including some GO functions. Figures. You can take the critic out of the cult of Scientology but sometimes you can't take Scientology/GO/OSA out of some critics. You listening Marty?
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  15. Anonymous Member

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  16. jensting Member

    Paris1108_5 by jensting, on Flickr
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  17. skeptic2girl Member

    Was talking with adhocrat the other day about Scientology non-funerals.
    He was saying that in Scientology, it isn't considered that big of a deal if someone dies, because it's just their meat body after all and they will be reincarnated as a Scientologist so... hey.

    Could be this is the Scientology view of Lisa McPherson... maybe we ignorant wogs just don't understand!
  18. SPRTT Member


    It's pretty surreal to attend one of those things, as well as a wedding or a naming ceremony. I think I must have attended one or two as a child, because I remember the vibe and some of the words. There's a really stiff veneer of the party line at funerals, but with everyone wound tight. It's like an ironic "Happy Happy Joy Joy." I get the idea of celebrating life, but it's more like a celebration of dropping the body, which is just counter to human nature. There is no acknowledgement that you actually may miss someone in the interim between meat bodies. My parent who is "in" misses friends on the down-low. I think there is a tone scale judgment for missing people or something, because It Is Not Done.

    Of the "ceremonial" things I've attended, the naming ceremony is the most puerile. Look it up. The particular beliefs of COS really don't matter to me, but I will never attend a naming ceremony again because I like to be well mannered.
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