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Discussion in 'Planning' started by Overlordevil Hell Necro, Jan 3, 2014.

  1. I know its totally different thing to protest for free education while we are mostly protesting for the freedom of information which seem to be completely different, but I can ensure you about this protest. We all protest for ideal government, where there is equality that everyone should have right to information, everyone should have the fare chance for survival. We see for poor there are few chances to fund education, and they go generation illiterate, while there are potential among them too. We could never know that there would have been living another genius among them with potential idea. Some of the middle class tend to have lone for study purposes and if they end up without job(It don't judge there capability) they would have so many loans and taxes that for them tomorrow would be there survival line. People who do part time studies are likely to be unable to have there time in study. So study should not be a service to pay for. It should be taken as the job given to student. There must be whole different architecture for education policy. Every student should not only be given the education but also fund to support there lives. Who to invest on there studies? But our schools and college are greedy they want to make profit out of it. In my view if you want to invest on business that could never go in loss invest in EDUCATION BUSINESS, many governments had done it too, while other don't want there extra diet to go away for hungry ones.

    From my point of view there could be set up a university area (By collaboration of many universities with different faculties) as system apart economy for free education. There could be different economy with digital money such as bit coins, and there would be only first investment require to create this factory of ideas. The University would have diversity of educational and training program, with short service time for those who do it for free. Service time is when you either teach the next generation or provide the help to run the certain criteria. For example hotel management students could serve the restaurant for those who are part of community, animators and game designers could create different products which could be sold as good and so-on. AND MAIN ASPECT is the economy of this University area, which is managed by a program of digital points. Here the people would be given digital points for better marks. Coin for there service and at least few points for daily survival. Doing service won't only give coins but also experience. This would be a system that works on self with every faculty and would provide skillful manpower to our society, for initial investment.
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  2. Anonylemmi Member

    There is no such thing as a free education. Someone has to pay for it.
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  3. I am saying that government invest on military and has so much black money.. Can't it invest a bit on education?? To make it atleast cheap enough... By the way there are online education systems which are free but not well managed. If we could manage such things and think beyond profit of money, thinking profits in indirect form then we do can achieve the Education system without the mud of money...
  4. Woo Hah Member

    @ OP, so I'm guessing you are a college student.

    You really thing the corporations who fund wars would rather fund idealistic college students? bwahahahahahahaha

    Why exactly do you think wars start in the first place?

    [ hint, 1 - Money and 2 - Power (keeping religion out of it, see the first 2 reasons) ]
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  5. I am the one who had to quit study because of money problem.........
    I am passionate to several thing but have no chance to study them now.....
    I am saying this not for me but for the one like me who would loose there chance to be somebody because they were never given the equal chance to stand.......

    War in my view starts in the first place with the man with pride to there groups, man who start classification which might be good, but for humans the classification start to create pride, pride creates discrimination and domination. The sense of discrimination and domination is what create the fights and these fights results in war. War are mostly due to classification, religious war, inter-nation war, war among ethical group, gang wars and so-on. But there are other wars too. Those are specifically war due to diversity of thinking and is among good and bad mostly for example civil war.

    AMONG YOUR HINTS power is everything to a perspective that money is too a fraction of power. For a powerful man, money is nothing, I won't go deep in this. But it also depends on what power you are talking about. If there are many powers, let say there are two muscular fellow. Its certain that they would like to determine who is more powerful, same thing happen everywhere. For two powerful nation they would like to determine too. You must understand that for muscular fellow there is a society and law that bounds them not to fight but for nations, there are armies, sense of nationality that our nation is greater then any. There is this sprite among the people that would fuel the war. And hence it reach the war. But its not the clear option you game me since the power is a lot more complex in its diversity.
  6. The public library is still wonderful after all these years, and is free, and you can read and learn about whatever you want.

    I can personally understand how difficult it is to have to work two jobs and go to school, and taking on freelance jobs to try to make ends meet. It is really hard. I just don't see someone who is expressing a genuine love of learning and turning those real-life frustrations into something which does not strike me as being any form of a constructive idea, or cohesive thought process.

    Google MOOC.
    You can find ways to learn about whatever interests you. Granted, it is independent learning, without a degree, but all sorts of very interesting college level course lectures are available online. I have seen a lot of them on You Tube as well. It would be in the more rational, intellectual part of the webs, versus the moonbattery and convoluted ramblings of people who are not content with problems that they may need to individually work on in a honest way, versus projecting their angst onto some sort of directionless protest.
  7. I am not asking the corporation who fund wars to fund idealistic college student.
    I am asking to create a different set of economy, for the education field such that everyone get a chance to learn after all the next generation are the future.. why can't we try to do things for them and I did tried to explain the theory how this system could work in the second paragraph of the main post of thread and though I know my knowledge to this things are far less then any other in economy but I see them not even trying to do so that what makes me sick. I am not saying to just stop funding in war and start funding in education all I am saying is at least try invest a bit on education. You might think establishing a whole new economy for education is great deal of thing. You know a man could start an economy too look at bit coins.. Those are economy with out money. DO OUR GOVERNMENT NEED TO LEACH MONEY OUT OF STUDENTS TOO? Let them be a part of different economy that don't have money but scores. If you think this can't be then still I can write more about it. But it worth nothing if I write and you don't care...
  8. No Ruler Member

    Oddly enough, the reason education is such a mess is exactly because it is 'free', that is, paid by taxes, not by the consumer.
    Notice that those areas with the most government 'help' are the areas with the most problems. Health care and education come to mind

    The reason is simple enough, the government makes it impossible to know the real cost. If they throw money at the problem, prices go up. Then, the government says "oh look prices are rising, we'll throw more money at the problem" So the solution is to quit throwing government (tax) money and let the people decide how much education they want, based on market prices.

    It'll help us all in the end.
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  9. Its good to have your feed back....

    Yes all sorts of learning things are available online. But when we zoom out then we find people neglect this thing they could too be a lot more better then they are too. They too are limited. We need an idea that could be implemented from Africa to America. This thread I actually see as not a direct protest but for planning of Ideas and after there is planning of what should we demand and protest for to our government. Its in initiation I believe, still on debate whether such protest is justifiable or not...

    Speaking your last sentences, I find it rather though white hands that don't want to get dirty. You can spend years on those sites, learn different thing but you would never have the degree! as you too said. We are talking about more formal ways, actually those act mostly as helping part then the part to depend on and spending on those site is good, but you can't say other bad for that. Cause there are things beyond education too. The system is not always correct and they too sometimes need the changes that's why we protest and my analysis to you sentence say you are to say directionless to this type of protest. Well It is not even the beginning and always consider that every new thing first seem directionless. Then it would have it direction slowly....
  10. Considerable, but what you said varies with the governments itself and other problem would be that government looks education often less; until something happens like the 'American children lag behind to Chinese in study' 'Many Failed In XYZ' But I am not only talking about American government, My example is influenced by the eyes of media given to me by America. Also another problem comes to the point tax don't goes to education directly, what you pay as tax goes for budget and its fraction is what comes to education.... You can find the education budget of different countries as.

    Here is one of graph of Education Vs. Military Spending world wide...
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  11. JohnnyRUClear Member

    I found that the effort to understand your English exceeded my interest in what you had to say, after reading the first parts of your writings. So, forgive me if I have overlooked any important parts of what you have said. Based on what I did read, it seems that you want "everyone" to fund something you call "education", which you want to control. That is not an attractive cause. There are many free online educational entities now, and I expect those to grow and be joined by more, over time. The era of expensive education is ending, and it doesn't take protests to make it happen. It only takes people doing normal things online, and a few bright folks with clever (or even just very slightly clever) ideas about how to "market" free education, both to the potential student as well as the potential sponsor.

    I believe you are going to get a cornucopia of educational options even better than what you want, because instead of a beggar being inexplicably placed in control of them, those in control will be those who (in whatever role) built it all, and success will flow naturally to those endeavors which produce the most broadly and/or deeply useful entities. No coercion (AKA "taxes" or "regulation") will be necessary, and any which does happen to get interjected will produce only distortion, which will fail and be corrected over time by the inexorability of the truly free market.

    TL;DR: just sit back and watch anarcho-capitalism kick ass. Also, you're welcome.
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  12. I really like your thoughts but Its that there are those corners too which are being ignored. We are in the part of world where we know that there existence of such online courses what about those who don't even know the internet... There are those too... Perhaps I am thinking too much But I believe in equal chances to everyone... I believe in society where everyone get a chance to step ahead.. Not where rich get richer and poor are dominated forever..... Perhaps What I am talking is already happening. I see Khan academy, and many other free online courses.... But still the one learning from such facilities couldn't get a platform.... Its also because they don't have the degree.. Its not only about providing free education but also giving opportunities to those who learned on there place.... Am I missing something????
  13. sadiefranson Member

    This shows a systemic failure of our secondary education system to teach American values. We are so intent on "STEM" or "STEAM" courses that we have apparently relegated "civics" or "social studies" to a secondary status. Don't blame the students entirely. For the most part, they are just parroting what they've heard from their professors. A thorough house-cleaning is what these schools need.

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