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Discussion in 'Translations' started by Dave, Jun 16, 2009.

  1. iraniam Member

    "Do you understand what I am telling you...
    Can you see how tierd I am...
    Can I leave a few days of my life with you? "
  2. Salam
    Could you tell me what this says please
  3. Hamishe khoshhal bash
  4. iraniam Member

    "Be always happy"
  5. Free Iran, Can you please translate these for me? THanks in advance!

    miyay ye ampool bezani?

    khely bad joor mikham bokonamet...khahesh mikonam in dafe ro ye kari bokon ke beshe aziz...wa ella I think im gng to explode :(

    mikham bokhoramesh
  6. iraniam Member

    Before I translate , next time send me a personal message if you don't want everyone read your translation. the above words are all about sexual favor.

    " Can you come here and give me a shot ? ( Meaning I need you to have sex with me )

    I really want to sex with you real bad....please do something this time I really wnted to happen...otherwise I think I will explode

    I want to eat you "

    Good luck.
  7. Anonymous Member

    ummmm, well then.
  8. Thank you soo, soo much Free Iran for your very prompt response! Believe me, IF I would have known that this was sexual in nature, I would have sent a personal message to you. (I had absolutely NO IDEA.) This is from a 24 year old girl who is sending this to my 51 year old husband of 31 years. She thinks she is in love with him and wants to marry him but she knows that he already has me. He never replies to her with love words I think - it is always happy, happy, happy or some stupid thing. She has been to our house and stayed several times. What gets me is that she is coming to stay at our house for the next 5 days and I will make sure to keep an eye on this situation. it will be very interesting but I will not say anything for right now. By the way, he replied: Please DON'T. Khoda will be with those who are patient. Manam Khely, but man saber hassam. :) :) :)
    And then she relied: Uhuuum..towfiq nadari, wase ine;)
    COuld you translate these please.

    IF you could also translate the following, I would apprecaite it. Also, I do not know what is sexual in nature and what is not so please forgive me.Also, the beginning ones are the most recent.
    1. salaam jigaram,good morning:*..omidvaram ke emruz ruze behtari dashte bashi iA :)
    2. nazanin
    3. Fekr konam ke khabi khabalood (I know khabalood is sleepyhead but I also know he was with me.)
    4. shoharam
    5. soooo, azizzzzzzz....eidi mikham...midi? (you know what i want)
    6.wase inke ruzeto ba labkhand shoru koni
    7. khely khely khely dooset daram agha...mibusamet ye aalame (To this he replied:shabet bekheyr too aziz.)
    8. sobhet bekheyr jigaram. khely duset daram. dastato mibusam.
    9. miyay ye ampool bezani?
    10. nafasam (exactly what does this mean when this is said to you- I googled it and it meant breath)
    12. salam jigaram,khely duset daram:) (I think this means she loves him alot?)
    13.khubi? delam wasat ye zare shode.zood biya..khob?hamrahe ba eshq,
    14. Kam peyda budi emruz;)
    رسول خدا صلی الله علیه و آله فرمود :

    هر چه ایمان انسان کامل تر باشد به همسرش بیشتر اظهار محبت می نماید.

    بحارالانوار جلد ۱۰۳ ص
    Before I translate , next time send me a personal message if you don't want everyone read your translation. the above words are all about sexual favor.

    " Can you come here and give me a shot ? ( Meaning I need you to have sex with me )

    I really want to sex with you real bad....please do something this time I really wnted to happen...otherwise I think I will explode

    I want to eat you "

    Good luck.[/quote]
  9. Could you please also translate this FRee Iran?THanks in advance!
    Kam peyda budi emruz
  10. It seems to me you are an expert! Would you mind translating this for me? I really would appreciate it. Thank you in advance!!!

    salamati man ke miram sarbazi 5 sob miram badezohr miam
    maryamam khube salam miresune

    4 mah digeh doost doghtaram va man bacheh dar mishim
    merci inja ham hamintor maman inja salam miroosooneh baghiyeh kaban

    ee b salamatii congurajulationn

    Merci, pas fardah mefamim ageh pesar ya doghtar

    salaamm makhsus b khale beresuun

    b salamati enshala k salem bashe kheili khoshal shodam az khabaret

    karet kheili bahalled...
    manam, az tarafeh man va maman beh hameh salam beresoon

    chashm hatman bayad ykam page honarimo popromote konam ykam vaght nmikonam vali tu fekresh hastaam

    kheili khoshhall shodam

    merccc hatman in karo mikonam mec nima jaan kheili khoshal shodaasm b hame salam makhsus beresun

    doaa barat mekonam

    b omide didar b zudiee zuud

    beh omideh didar aziz
    ya zuddi

    manam hamintor omidvaram salamat o shad bashhiin
  11. iraniam Member


    "1- Good morning honey, I hope you have a better day today.

    2- Nazanin

    3- I think you are sleep ...

    4- I am Shohreh

    5- So ...Dear....I want a gift, are you goning to give it to me? You know what I want.

    6- Because I want you to start your day with a smile.

    7- I love you very very very much, I am sending you lots of kisses.....he said good night to to you too dear.

    8- Good morning dear, I like you alot, I kiss your hands.

    9- Are coming here to give me a shot ?

    10- Means you are the air I breath.

    11- Are you a guest?

    12- Hi dear, I love you alot.

    13- Are you ok? I miss you alot. come soon. ok ? come with love.

    14- I could not find you today.

    15- The proffit Mohammad said: if you beliefes are srong, you will be kind to your wife or husband.
  12. iraniam Member

    I could not find you today?
  13. iraniam Member

    " Hi I go to work (in the Army) 5 in the morning till afternoon.

    Maryam is good, she says Hi.

    In about 4 month me and my girlfriend are having a baby.

    Thank you, the same here , mother says hi, everyone else is good as well.


    Thank you, tomorrow we will find out if is a boy or a girl.

    send specail greeting to Aunti

    I am very happy for the baby, I hope the baby is all healthy

    you have a great job. From me and mom say hi to everyone else.

    ok for sure. I have to promote myself a little , I need a some times but I will do it.

    You made me very happy

    Thank you and for sure I will do it, and please tell everyone I said Hi.

    I will pray for you

    hopefully we will see you very soon

    same here, see you soon "
  14. Free Iran,
    Thank you so much for the translation. Seriously, having to look everything up was getting to be quite a pain. Can you also translate the following please?
    Manam Khely, but man saber hassam. :) :) :) Does this mean "Me too alot, but we have to have patience?
    And then she relied: Uhuuum..towfiq nadari, wase ine;)

    Also, does shoharam mean husband? When I googled it, it said it meant this.

    Wow. what can I say....except nothing went on this weekend....she is back in 20 days....
    Again thank you so much. You will never know how much this means to me.
  15. Free iran
    Or does "but man saber hassam" mean " but I have to have patience"

    Also what does Uhuuum..towfiq nadari, wase ine;) mean?
    Thanks for your help again. I do not have the words to thank you enough...
  16. iraniam Member

    "Yes....Me too alot ....and...I have patience.

    You don't have success, that's why

    Shoharam mean : My Husband "
  17. iraniam Member

    I translated this above.
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  18. White Tara Global Moderator

    Hi need help please,

    i am sorry for you difficulties. Please give some consideration to registering here, This will give you access to our personal messaging system, where iraniam may be able to assist you with such sensitive translations in private. I wish you well.
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  19. Hi all, quick question: What does "zood khob shodam" mean?


  20. Anonymous Member

    I agree. Aside from the fact that she is having someone help her snoop on her husband. We really don't need to be a part of this private drama.
  21. iraniam Member

    " I got better real fast "

  22. Thanks iraniam!

    I've got another here: khodet ham. kheili gashangi


  23. iraniam Member

    " You are also so beautiful "
  24. FreeIran,

    Would you help me please? I'm worried for my friend.

    Thank you in advance...

    nshab akhereh shab yeh hendi sizeh man khoss goft va bully bazi kard, Kabbondamesh 1 punch joloyeh doost doghtar va dostesh va farar kardammmmmmmm lollll......koskesheh hendi front entrance kos goft khabid vali, cheh hall dad, khooskesheh hendiyeh paki gardan koloft bazi dar avord, khodah koneh rat nabashan ba partyeh man naboodan manam vaghti in shod farar kardam raftam....khodah koneh hamechi ok hast.
  25. TO anonymous,
    re: I agree. Aside from the fact that she is having someone help her snoop on her husband. We really don't need to be a part of this private drama.

    I am NOT having someone help me snoop on my husband. I had no idea when I first posted here of what I was posting as it was in another language which I do not understand! Also, am I supposed to just sit back and say/think "Oh, it is OK if someone wants to fool around with my husband of 30+ years! Go ahead and don't let me interfere with what you two are doing." I am pretty sure no one in their right mind would just sit back and do nothing! Also, if they did not want me to find out, then they should not have posted in a place where I would find out!

    In any case, I have followed Tara's posting and I am only posting in private and not in the public forum so you do not have to worry about this any more. Also, I an am sorry if I offended your delicate ears from hearing such matters.
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  26. TO anonymous,
    Also, I need guidance on how to take things, i.e. what tone or whatever they are meant in!
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  27. Hello,
    I was wondering if someone can translate this for me? THanks!

    Khoshal shodi sedamo shanidi
  28. iraniam Member

    "Are to happy to hear my voice?"
  29. iraniam Member

    "last night this Indian (meaning from India) was teeling me B.S. and was bulling me, I punched him in front of his girlfriend and I run away lol. This basterd indian was telling me the truth and fell down. was not feeling good I hope you are not coming to my party because i would run away too. I hope everything is ok ."
  30. Can anyone translate this for me please? Thanks!

    rasty...yadam raft begam
  31. iraniam Member

    " By the way, I forgot to tell you"
  32. aj9000 Member

    Hi there! Can someone please translate this to me?

    sare gholet say kon bemuni, namuni man zood mifahmam

    namundi lebasa entekhab khodet o pack kon

    ghorbooney beram ke sad face behet nemiyad

    boro be doostet beres manam pack konam

    delam vasat tang mishe, ba un chesh o abroosh


    Thanks in advance!
  33. iraniam Member

    "Try to stick to your promise, if you don't i will find out soon
    If you don't know, pack clothes of your choice
    I like the way that sad face is not your thing
    go take cra of your friend, I have some packing to do
    I will miss you and you eyes
    R u up? "
  34. could you translate this please? merci!

    kash man mitoonestam kenaret basham alan
  35. kash man mitoonestam kenaret basham alan

    I wish I could be beside you now.

    I thought poor Iraniam needed a break! :)
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  36. White Tara Global Moderator

    Thank you interestedinCrazy, Iraniam is awesome, and now so are you. :)
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  37. Anytime. I hang out at the Bunker ... if you need me, just whistle!

    Iraniam, man am Iraniam, valee alan Iran zendegee nemikonam. Salaam.
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  38. iraniam Member

    Salam...Thank You for helping . We could use your help here.
  39. Any time, Iraniam. Just point me in the direction of where the help is needed! You've done brilliantly so far and I hope now you can have a nice rest!
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