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    translated from Italian...
    Barb Schnieder OT8 was in chare of the regging....!/notes/barbara-schneider/abbiamo-trovato-altri-60-orfani/302785808906
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    not just Grodysh...Claude jean is also milking the Future of Haiti Orphanage (FOHO) title on facebook

    Clams overload a small plane bound for haiti..and FOHO/GRODYSH

    crash into clearwater house....Daisy Schneider then 16 was one of the passengers...
    offical cause of the crash was because it was overloaded with cargo and passengers

    one of Claude Reginald Jeans twin daughters falls to her death from Mike Cambells roof
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  4. Triumph Member

    there aren't millions of they look to snare some WOG cash...
    $0 raised for Aquaponic and Permaculture project at GRODYSH....
    sounds great ...unless you are aware its part of the Loftus plan

    used Solar Pannels... Old Batteries....wrong cables
    $460 raised..woohoo!

    $7500K here... alot less than the 15K.
    Claude and Leslie Hobbs were regging on facebook!
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  5. andonanon Member

    This is an awesome thread, Triumph. Great work.
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  6. Ogsonofgroo Member


    Anything new about this cult-fueled farce? Wondering how their asinine kenaf farming project is doing.
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  7. A message from Reggie -

    Claude Reginald Jean

    The fact that I took some courses with scn doesn't mean that I'm one of them. If you have access to "my" ethic file you could see why I retracted myself from their insane activities. I'm and always have been a humanitarian trying to better the conditions of living in my country, Haiti. I have been contacted while living in Haiti. They sent me books that I read and they asked me to get people together and tell them about diabetic as a way to improve their lives. I did that and they asked me to let them know about it. They used it as statistics of accomplishments so to have more books donated to me. They visited me three times and we did seminars to some schools together. Then I came to take some courses in the U.S. Then the earthquake happened in 2010, the VM came, I started my orphanage with them in my property next to the intl airport. Then they offered me to come to USA with my children to be safe. They will support me and my family so I can travel back and continue VM activities. While living here I was happy to receive financial support from Patricia Duggan so I could travel and supervise my orphanage. I was happy to have my children attending private school on a scholarship. I didn't know anything about the politics, mind control and the operation of that group as a cult. They tried to take over my organization. The schnyder sisters acting like whores and supremacists with my people and the children. The VM holding the food, clothes and material sent to the orphanage to support the sisters I asked to leave starving the children. My daughter who died by negligence of Mike Campbell. CLearwater Academy kicking my children out. Trish Duggan stopping the $2000 a month she was giving to support my family. Cary Goulston abandoning us in a house moving not even letting us know his address. All attempts to obtain justice from scn where the sisters started their revenge against me failed. I finally understood that was a dangerous cult then I stopped everything's. Leslie p, Hobbs came to me to introduce melaleuca, a home base business. I told her what was happening and she started helping me through the cycle to finally agree that cult was failing what it was supposed to create. Now I'm converting her gradually to becoming more universal. I'm a zen Buddhist master, if you know what that means. I don't attack I just stay away from... It is unfortunate that people publish these things against me, not knowing the real story and all I had to endure. Because of those publications and accusations I can hardly receive people's support to create hope for our children At the orphanage. I would love so much that he who publish those things to investigate better and even talk to me or look at my activities so they would erase them. It is true that jelly P. has helped and hopefully will continue. Ed Asner, Cool and the gang, David P. have helped also. What we are looking is for people who would support just because children need help. We never did and will never promote religious beliefs to our children nor engage them in cult activities. I hope this summary can help you understand my position. Also I would like to let you know that I started a school construction. I need half a million to complete it. It will be free for our children but in a second vacation working class families will have to pay. That will make us self sustainable and we will not depend on anyone else anymore. Thanks for taking the time to read all this.

    My children are well aware and can never be enslaved. Only stupid people are in denial of what is happening with these people.

    Would you be willing to help me find more support for my organization?
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  9. DeathHamster Member

    I was wondering if Claude Reginald Jean would show up again.

    The organization actually has assets now:
    Category:Future of Haiti

    See also:

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  10. DeathHamster Member

    Scientology seems to have found another Haitian orphanage to .. sponsor.

    Haitian Mission Par La Foi and Marlene Berthelot.
    Incorporated in Florida in 2008: N080000086400&aggregateId=domnp-n08000008640-b22be223-397e-442a-a59d-57aaa6273072&searchTerm=Haitian Mission Par La Foi&listNameOrder=HAITIANMISSIONPARLAFOI N080000086400

    Required to file Form 990Ns, but hasn't:

    I'm not saying that it isn't legit, but Scientology's involvement always creates a bad odor.
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  12. Triumph Member

    Kenaf School for fools,
    Claude Jean still up to his old tricks

    Lax Building codes in Haiti,

    At the bottom of this attached page you will see the exact amount we need for materials to complete the cycle for the necessary repair at IHT - FOHO, our humanitarian school. I had to be there to make it happened in spite of my health condition. Just one month after my surgery for bladder cancerous mass removal.
    Only US $2,470.00 labor included.
    Who will understand enough to donate this amount so I can do this necessary work? I am returning to Clearwater, Florida on Sunday. Only you can make this miracle in the lives of our under-served children)

    Hubtards Bladder fixer upper

    managed to hustle 1K for schoolz
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  13. Triumph Member

    Leslie Hobbs and Reggie pimpin in Clamwater
    video is 36 minutes,..

    Reggie Scrubbed /Scraped his old Foho web page...gone are all the goofy Clam references and links ,and Leslie Hobbs is out of the picture,as of 2016

    if you checkout the new improved Web page,,under about us, will see some of the wacky stuff hidden in the trees

    FRELIMAU distributed Kenaf seeds to peasant farmers in Blockhauss, Cazale, Les Cayes, Jérémie, Port-au-Prince to counteract hunger and starvation in regions that were devastated by natural disasters. Kenaf is a fibrous plant with edible leaves and stems that can be used to produce insulation, cloth fibers, rope, and animal bedding; its use dates back to ancient Egypt over 3000 years ago.)
    this was Cary Goulson baby.

    GROup DYnamic for the Survival of Haiti – Future of Haiti Organization (GRODYSH – FOHO_ was created to consolidate the efforts of FRELIMAU, APPLAKAB, ASMARPENIP and CODEB under the umbrella of a single organization. The initial intention was to serve as a creative hub for other like-minded humanitarians to unite and lead grassroots efforts for change in Haiti, by brainstorming ways to address the country’s most pressing needs, engage local experts, and secure funding for program implementation. This quickly expanded into program planning and implementation. The organization formed with 9 original board members.)
    2001 – 2002:
    The GRODYSH – FOHO Haiti staff, began an educational program at Claude property in Santo 19, focusing on life improvement techniques, such as self-discipline, self-awareness and healthy communication practices. These centering activities were important for boosting team moral and providing members with the necessary tools for working with at risk communities. Often times, people lose hope when faced with challenging living conditions. Altogether, 80+ ambassadors were certified and provided with guidelines to implement the share these practices with their community.)

    started a failed Dianetics Center in Claudes house,

    More Kenaf
    GRODYSH – FOHO continues their reforestation efforts, by distributing approximately 5,000 pounds of seeds and over 350,000 seedlings in Cazale, Fonds Parisien, Ganthier, Lêogane, Blockhauss, Baînet, Grand Goâve.)

    Clam watcher know Holly Hagerty

    Following the devastating earthquake in 2010, that claimed the lives of nearly 300,000 Haitian citizens, Claude and his biological children relocated to Clearwater, Florida. His home in Haiti was transformed into a refuge center for children left homeless and orphaned by the earthquake. This includes several of the students that benefited from the “We Are Concerned” program, whose orphanages were destroyed when the earthquake hit. .

    As the need for aid in Haiti quickly intensified, Claude partnered with Leslie P. Hobbs and Holly Hagerthy to register and incorporate Grodysh Int’l Inc.; this serves as the United States based parent organization to GRODYSH – FOHO in Haiti. We officially launched our website later that year.)

    The Schneider sisters ran the orphanage,,Sarah Erhlich and dozens of other clams jumped on the band wagon...and suckers like the Travoltas tossed buckets of money into the rabbit hole.

    After 6 years of outstanding service and dedication to GRODYSH–FOHO, Leslie Person Hobbs resigned from her position as Vice-President of Grodysh Int’l Inc.; she is kindly remembered as “Mamy Leslie” by the children she graciously served.)
    as u can see Leslie left in 2016,.
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  15. Triumph Member

    I looked into his claims

    Claude hasn't distanced himself from Scientology or Scientologists...
    JT and Kelly are still his main benefactors thru their Jet Travolta foundation ..
    He still shares and office in downtown Clearwater with "Bless the Children" another Scientologist who runs a children's charity.
    still works at Washburn Academy..
    Still connected with many Scientologist on Facebook..(even though his friends list Is hidden, checking a few posts reveals it)
    and Leslie Hobb's is still an Active Scientologist..and Leslie still promotes FOHO..and Claude Jean as a theta happy fun club.

    he did updated his foho web page to scrub the connections....

    they last line in that message says a lot... tell them what you think they want to hear.. and hit em up for a donation..
    which Is something he and Leslie Hobbs have done from the start..
  16. Triumph Member

    I just saw this so II will post it..

    so he gets a Humanitarian Award...great right..
    It Is from a man named Preeth Nambiar
    (a quick google shows Preeth Nambiar as a writer)
    the link itself on Claude's facebook links directly to Writers Capitol foundation which Is linked to Preeth Nambiar
    Preeth Nambiar Facebook shows he Is an active Scientologist. in New Deli India

    it is a meaningless award.. they do like their phony Certz
  17. Triumph Member

    the second Orphanage the Cult set up in Haiti run by Pierre Brice Erasmin Is still hanging on by a thread..and Is a Pierre Christian Minister these days.
    it was set up by Susi Tschupp an active Scientologist (appears to have abandoned the project)

    Limbe Academy on Facebook hasn't updated its status since 2012..

    Jean Paul Sanfacon Is still in Haiti at the petionville cult compound for the VM
    Scientology Volunteer Ministers Assisting HAITI

    Scientology Petionville compound Is the place with the goatsee wall...wish that photo was still here on the site...
  18. Triumph Member

    Not the pix that was lost..But
    Got Goatse!

    smile bend over,grab hold,and open and say goatse! *click*

    Scientology Haiti Cult Compound Chicken & waffle and Goatse House with a side of Kenaf!
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  19. Efteling Member

    this will be over soon... this is not an int program
  20. Triumph Member

    Now fortified with kenaf
  21. Triumph Member

  22. Triumph Member

    still drunk on the Scientology Kool-aid

  23. Triumph Member

  24. Triumph Member

    ierre Brice Erasmin's facebook is long gone.
    he is now Piere Briso .. lists his education as Limbe Academy
    with many photos from 2010-2012 of Limbe Academy,d,P-R&eid=ARANNfX8e-KPCesVhX5g8-RpUPG_Kk_i0KwTfd8TRmM5Du_6po90K5rCHFuvgPerxHiMDsKKtsruXrQ0
    Limbe Academy also had a web page that no longer exists.

    in 2010 there was a story of a non-Scientologist donating $20K to help build the school

    that hasn't stopped Susi from trying to raise money for Limbe

    or Sarah Ehrlich and her shenanigans
    hey were asking for $7K..they got $3710
    Haitians got a couple Plastic Barrels, Fastest growing Religion couldn't fund a latrine and a shallow well
    $1,620 raised of $5,000 goal

    Organized by Susi Tschupp Tschupp&fbclid=IwAR177aErwfCp4wa4C_7KLSV_fDiwW6j7vZ2IvNUJ-P6h5H5948T3P4-9o_g

    it was Susi Tschupps airplane charter service that chartered the plane crashed into the home in Clearwater in 2010

    Susi was also the Dean of Clearwater Academy

    a video for Limbe Academy 2015
    Pierre is in the shot

    Lake Ridge Community Church

    Fastest growing Religion couldn't fund a latrine


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