How to make your own Voice Filter

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    How to make your own Voice Filter


    A lot of you probably prefer Anonymous' use of the monotone Robot voice such as in this video:

    Because that's what is so commonly used. I'm going to teach you how to make a voice filter that will sound a little more "scary" or "demonic", such as in this video:

    I don't care who you are, that fucker is creepy.

    So, first step to doing this, download Audacity

    Now, open up Audacity. Audacity is a program that allows you to record your voice, but more importantly, allows you to mix and change it. Go ahead and click the red circle (recording button), and record yourself saying something. Don't care what it is, just make it about 10 seconds long and use words, not random screachs and mumbles. Play it back to yourself, make sure you're satisfied.

    Now, click the stop button and select the large box that should now contain squiggly blue lines indicating sound. CTRL+D twice. This will duplicate the wave (twice). If it did not duplicate, in order to select the wave you need to click the rectangular box left of the actual wave.

    Select the second wave Now go to the top toolbar, click "Effect" and click change pitch. If you ever took band in school or know anything about music, the pitch is how high or low the sound it. Click the button that says "down" and change it to 1 (which should now say -1). Now go back to the Effect tab and click Echo. Change the values to .1 and .6, respectively. Go to Effect one more time and near the bottom is one called "GVerb". Apply it, don't change any values. Go ahead a play that back, see what it sounds like so far.

    Now select the third wave (the unedited one) and go to Effect, change pitch and change this one to -5. Now go to Effect one last time and apply a bass boost without changing and values (unless you know what you're doing). Last step. In this wave, since it will have the lowest pitch and also and loudest bass, we want it to stand out a little more. Go to the grey rectangle left of the wave, and look down. There should be two buttons called "Mute" and "Solo", you can guess what they do. Just below that are two scrolling "things", for lack of a better term. Use the upper most one and change it to +3 or +6, use your discretion.

    You're ready. Play the file back and listen to how your voice has changed. The only thing about this is you need to script everything you say, record it and then apply the changes; you can't just speak into the microphone and have it shit out a changed voice.

    If you simply hate text and would prefer a video, I didn't make one. I did, however, go to the trouble of spending all of 10 seconds on YouTube for basically the same tutorial (the person featured is not me).

    For the lulz, Anon.

    Side Note: Feel free to fiddle with whatever pitches you want, I just can't be bothered to mess around with it any longer.
  2. anonsparrow Member

    Re: How to make your own Voice Filter

    Cool story bro.
  3. pwnon Member

    Re: How to make your own Voice Filter

    I'll end you, Sparrow.
  4. Anonymous Member

    Re: How to make your own Voice Filter

  5. Anonymous Member

    Re: How to make your own Voice Filter

    You'll need more effects than that to make a bad voice actor sound menacing.

    The reason why text to speech stuff works so well is because it removes any human quality from the speech, making it alien, which is creepier than someone trying to sound creepy.

    Yours, no offense, sounds silly.
  6. AnonOne Member

    Re: How to make your own Voice Filter

    I see..Well I'll work on a new one, then.
  7. fimoman Member

    Re: How to make your own Voice Filter

    If you went with the right way, say, with alot of different tracks of the same audio, say, 6 of them. But if you did each one with an ever so slight change in pitch, it would give the impression of lots of people talking.

    As long as you do speak with not very much emotion, it will keep the creepiness of voice synthesis
  8. I troll people, because I am a troll.
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