How To Setup A Proxy For Iranian Citizens On Windows

Discussion in 'Help Iran Online' started by Lynx, Jun 15, 2009.

  1. Lynx Member

    If you’re using Windows, it’s pretty straight forward to setup a proxy and help give access to those in Iran who are being censored. If you’re running Redhat/CentOS, please use the linux instructions.

    • Download Squid for Windows
    • Extract that zip archive, and move the “squid” folder to the root of your drive (probably C:\).
    • After moving the squid folder, open “C:\squid\etc\squid.conf” in your favorite text editor (not Word).
    • Configure the DNS name servers on the line that says “dns_nameservers” to point at your ISPs DNS servers.
    • Now the fun part, locking access down the just the Iranian IP blocks.

    Inside the text editor search (Control-W) for the line “http_access deny all” and change it to “http_access allow all”. This will make your proxy open and accessible to the world. If you would like to limit your proxy to Iranian IP blocks, you want to change “http_access deny all” to read “http_access allow TRUSTED” add a line (BEFORE the http_access line to setup an access control list [ACL]). This ACL line that defines TRUSTED should read:

    • Setup “visible_hostname” (normally just the public IP address).
    • Turn off logging by adding these two lines:

    • Setup the Squid cache by issuing the following command: “c:\squid\sbin\squid -D –z” (No quotes).
    • Setup Squid to run as a service by issuing the following command: “c:\squid\sbin\squid –i”

    Please don’t run this on a machine that you’re worried about or is used for production sites; and take basic security precautions, ie: moving ftp off the default port, using a firewall package, etc.

    Once your server is up and running please DM @austinheap and let me know! I will no longer posting proxies on the public list. If you set one up, please e-mail to contribute to the private one or e-mail me if your an Iranian that needs access!

    Messaging an admin or mod on this forum works too !
  2. echo-IRAN Member

    A simple proxy server

    I tried a simple, open source one - psiphon. It's SSL, you need to add a user and password, and email them to some Iranian who will distribute it privately without being blocked fast. This guy ask for some proxies at - blog. You can always post it too.

    There may not be much control over IP, but you can use your router to allow only domains such as facebook, twitter, youtube, etc. There's also log.

    Edit: I think the ISP's just block the default SSL port 4x3, so you cannot do banking etc. In Psiphon you pick the port and send it to somebody you trust. And since nobody ask for anything I'll stick with being a public TOR relay.
  3. Common sense Precautions?

    I wouldn't mind helping this way, but I don't know enough about comps to take the "common sense precautions" that austin recommends.

    Does anyone know of a very concise resource on what constitutes a "common sense precaution?"
  4. Ssl

    If i'm not mistaken Iran blocks all SSL
  5. I Ran Hubbard Member

    Can someone here comment on router configs.

    What ports need opened TCP/UDP in/out for this?
  6. echo-IRAN Member

    See setting up a TOR relay at >Resources for some related information.
  7. Bump

    Today has the potential to be a total shit storm -- the demonstrators going to need all the help they can get in spreading their pics and vidz around the world.
  8. gutch Member

    I would really like to help but not sure what it is I could do or where the help is needed.
  9. AnythingICan Member

    I am trying with little success to set up a proxy server. I have a mac and very little cpu experience, if anyone could message me or reply it would be greatly, greatly appreciated! Thank you!
  10. tk89 Member

    I have my proxy up and running....whom do I contact about getting the IP address/port out to people who need it?


  11. Ezhdeha Member

    I keep getting "OpenSCmanager failed" when I try and give the command "C:\squid\sbin\squid -i" anyone know whats the problem might be?

    EDIT: I fixed the problem. I am using vista and you need to be logged on as administrator.
  12. Can anyone provide a link of where to get squid?
  13. ech0 Member

  14. RadioFreeGab Member

    No error messages when the command is typed in. Is that a sign of success?
  15. JoeRodge Member

    I could use help finding out if I did this right.
  16. CosmicChuck Member

    Thanks. Better late than never regaring details of setting up a proxy server. I've already posted that one needs to be used, in addition to time zone change on FB. Going to post the whole chimichanga now.
  17. more iran IP blocks

    some duplicates with previous list but don't really have time to remove them. copy and paste into a text file in /squid/sbin directory. if saved as iraqips.txt add the following two lines in the acl and http_access sections of /squid/etc/squid.conf:

    acl iran2 src "iranips.txt"
    http_access allow iran2


    source: IP Range - Ip Address Range Lookup - Ip Range Finder
  18. gigabyte72 Member

    squid proxy

    I have successfully set up a squid proxy. who do i contact now? :confused:
  19. Lynx Member


    if you didn't read that, are you sure you have set it up properly, malfunctioning proxies isn't what is needed.
  20. Re: Running squid on Windows

    That's correct, it will run and you'll have no command prompt. You can get more information if you start squid with the command line "-d 1 i".
  21. gigabyte72 Member

    I configured everything correctly and got it to start with no errors. But the proxyheap tester says Fatal error: couldn't connect to host. I have followed the instructions and also forwarded port 3128 for UDP and TCP. Any clue why this is happening?
  22. Updated Installation Instructions for Windows (6/22)

    A new proxy configuration file has been posted which offers better safety for people along with making Squid easier to set up. Since there are so many updates going around, here is a complete list of instructions as of 6/22:

    1. Install squid on your system.
    For simplicity, extract it to C:\ (thus creating C:\Squid).

    2. In the folder "C:\squid\etc" you will see several ".conf.default" files. Remove the ".default" portion so they all end in ".conf". Or, better yet, make a copy of them with the new names so you have backups to revert to if you need to.

    3. Extract the ZIP attached to this message to "C:\Squid\etc\Squid.conf", overwriting the existing file. This file was created on 6/22/09 for the Windows version of Squid and includes updates which improve the safety of proxy operators. It is a slightly modified version of the original found here: It was modified to use Windows-style paths and a unique port.

    4. Create the folder "C:\squid\var\cache"

    5. Open a Command Prompt (Start, Run, then "cmd" and Enter)

    6. Set up Squid with this line: (only needs to be done once)

    c:\squid\sbin\squid -D -z

    7. Next, start Squid in debug mode to make sure things are working:

    c:\squid\sbin\squid -d 1 i

    ... you'll see several debug messages. If it worked, you will see no command prompt. (i.e. squid is still running)

    8. If you like, you can stop Squid by hitting Ctrl+C, then run squid without debug mode:

    c:\squid\sbin\squid i

    9. Next, the port specified in this file needs to be opened on your router. The port defaults to 19570 but you can change it on the "http_port" line(s).

    Once your proxy appears to be working, test it on this page: proxyheap (proxy checker) a project for iran. If the test succeeds, you can then submit it to Austin Heap. This is preferable to announcing your proxy publicly as it will help to avoid your IP from being blocked.

    I need to sleep but will try to help folks troubleshoot problems.

    Attached Files:

  23. Basji, Revolutionary Guards......murder people or freedom. YOUR CHOICE. Lay down your arms.

    Basji, Revolutionary Guards, if Ahmadjad wins, you continue murdering your people. If Mosavi wins, what happens to you? Lay down your arms. Choose freedom.

    Khamenei, your country could make lots of $$$ with tourism. We love your people. Stop this.
  24. for linux users, tinyproxy works much quicker and easier than squid. very lightweight. it can be up and running in a matter of minutes.
  25. I have Windows on I:\ and the cmd-box only says: FATAL: Unable to open configuration file: c:/squid/etc/squid.conf: <13> [...] .. and later: "abnormal program termination".

    I followed the instructions by Fidel Dangelow and changed all C:\ to I:\.

    I really would like to help, but it doesnt work with Windows in I:\ (yeah, this is my own mess, I screwed up the partitions while installing Win XP).

  26. MHans Member

    MHans again ...

    On Step 6., by Fidel Dangelow, it says: "<13> Permission denied" ... "abnormal program termination". Is this only about Windows being set on I:\, or could I pass this problem somehow?

    *EDIT*: A real detailed tutorial on how to set up a Proxy would be helpful. If it works with Win XP on different Partitions, I could create a visual tutorial and host it on my Webspace.
  27. A very detailed set of instructions for setting up Squid on Windows is now available at this page: Cross sections of a wandering mind: Proxies for Iran: A walkthrough. It's way better than my post.

    The only error I ran into was "OpenSCManager failed". I was able to fix this by using "Run as Administrator" on the Command Prompt for admin access. At any rate, the above link should be just the ticket.
  28. ments freshman

    I just bought an iMac and just downloaded Squid to help. What do I do next? I'm old and this shit doesn't come easy to me.
  29. parisa.afshin Member

    thank you for sharing

    تشکر از شما برای به اشتراک گذاری این
    برای من کار کرد

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