Customize Acessible through Tor Hidden Services

Discussion in 'Keeping Your Anonymity In Iran' started by Lynx, Jun 16, 2009.

  1. Lynx Member

    If you got tor setup like explained here

    you will be able to visit the Forums using the following address


    This should allow you to bypass most if not all the restrictions and filters iran has currently set in place.

    Note : Please Non Iranian people use the site just as it is, leave the available bandwidth for those who really need it.
  2. Maybe someone could be so kind as to translate this, and forward the info on twitter or other sources for the iranians to get info.
  3. Artaban Member

    I will do, thank yo, just after I did it myself and testin if how it works, :)

    I had no success to make it to work;
    it was a green line at top of software UI for ever! who tries to connect;
    I think it's a problem by net here;
    I'll test again tomorrow :(
  4. also use encryption.tor does hide your ip

    use encryption. the revolutionary guard is looking ,looking,looking
  5. Most Internet connections are plain text. Use ssh tunnels or such. Skype is well encrypted and untraceable (AFAIK)
  6. hidden services dont show well, traced but no luck

    remember that all previous intel doxs are usefull for this

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