Is joking about rape acceptable or unacceptable? Discuss here

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, Apr 18, 2013.

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    If it's funny
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    Seems to me that a reasonable response to "I wasn't claiming X" is to point out where exactly they were claiming X.

    anyway, better that than

  3. Anonymous Member

    It is not reasonable when you have omitted much needed context, as you clearly did in this case. It also has not helped that another anon claiming to be a mod (I don’t know if it was you) did exactly the same sort of quote-mining.

    Let me point out the quote-mining. Marlory’s first comment was as follows, and I have added emphasis to the key portion:
    Remember that whole freedom of speech thing we used to be about? That includes being able to make jokes about anything. I don't like censorship, even when it takes the form of shame-shaming someone's sense of humour.

    The reference to censorship was made within the context of ‘shame-shaming’, and to leave out that context is to misrepresent grossly what Malory was saying and the reasoning for saying it.

    Malory later commented:
    See? This is the problem with you cunts. Dare to voice a different opinion and you start with the moralfag screeching.

    Have I made any rape jokes in this section? No I haven't. Am I questioning a group of smug cunts about restricting freedom of expression? Yes, yes I am so if it doesn't interest you then why don't you kindly piss off somewhere you can dictate who challenges you.”

    This was Malory posting in Malory’s usual tasteless manner, and it can be clearly seen that this commentary was a continuation of the previous reasoning posted – namely that ‘moralfag screeching’ and ‘shame-shaming’ are what is being objected to, and the proponents of such were being called out.

    This was all fine and dandy until Paroxetine Samurai, posting in the usual Paroxetine Samurai style where (s)he answers concerns/questions that were never asked and posts so much word salad that they end up supporting all positions, posted the following which left out the context referred to above:
    Therefore, any fear you have of at least myself being a Nazi Mod who deletes each and every rape joke is unfounded.”

    Had Malory referred to mods this would be fine, but no reference was made. A simple re-reading of Malory’s comments would show that the inference of mod-fear was inaccurate and, as the discussion ‘proceeded’, actually unhelpful as it led to folks like yourself to mischaracterise Malory’s comments with quote-mining.

    I think Malory was quite correct when responding thusly: “Again, you're so busy trying to lay out your credentials that you're not taking the time to read what the fuck I'm saying.” Malory reiterated the earlier point which again requires the previous context to be taken into account: “But if someone's going to wave their hands in the air and start advocating censorship then I'm going to speak out. When you support freedom of speech you don't get to cherry pick the bits you like and to hell with the rest.

    This can same theme continued when Malory, in response to an anon poster linking to the ‘you gonna get raped’ meme, wrote the following: “Oh you've done it now. The Sob Sisters will be dashing in to call you a troll.

    To recap the discussion thus far. Malory objects to the use of ‘shame-shaming’, ‘calling troll’ and ‘moralfag screeching’ as means of attempting to force censorship on others. That was the context underlying Malory’s comments. Unfortunately, along came an anon poster claiming to be a mod who totally ignored that context and misrepresented those comments with the following quote-mining:
    Malory, quite reasonably confused at the above post, wrote:
    One response garnered was this pathetic piece of quote-mining:

    That same quote-mining persisted, and was pretty much used as a basis to dogpile on Malory. Malory pointed out: “Yeah dumbass because pointing out that some knobs are advocating censorship on WWP is exactly the same as claiming censorship is happening.

    So there you have it, laid out painfully and meticulously, how Malory’s comments were quote-mined and how important context was completely dispensed with in order to knock down strawmen. So no, it is not reasonable to ignore relevant context through this type of quote-mining when said context is the cornerstone of the opposing argument. It is rather pathetic imo.
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  7. So, now thats all settled.
    Where and whence can I go to become a victim to this culture of raep?
    My preference is group raep.... Kinky group raep... Like with that awesome bondage rope tieing and being strung up arms above my head. And then maybe later tied back against a table to be used by all and carassed from every angle.
    In a bar would be fun... But am also an outdoors type. That would be good too. ^_^

    This isn't a joke post... I accept my place as the inferior subservient gender and await a serious opportunity to be used as desired.
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  9. Oh you.jpg.
  10. White Tara Global Moderator

    Now I know you maintain this isn't a joke but I thought it was hilarious so moved it across to this thread. :)
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    I agree! My daughter is 7 and was molested when she was 2 she contracted std and I have been battling the "justice system" for 5 years and idk if justice could ever be served on this man who says he did nothing but is the only one who has the std my daughter got and she said he did it...ugh THE CRAP IS NOT FAIR! THE DAMAGE IS FOREVER BURIED AND BURNED IN THE MIND
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    I am open to suggestions it's a closed hearing in circuit court with yet another hearing on the 24th of this from all who agree to support this not only my daughter but the other 2 little girls the monster has damaged and the 2 boys that have dealt with abuse is child deserves this!
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    Ignore button works

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    Good luck.
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    Depends on the joke,and how much you know about the person and how much you trust them. Though I don't really see why reaching points of joking about rape is necessary,because there is so much better things to joke about.

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