Kelly Preston..another disabled son???

Discussion in 'Jett Travolta' started by BigButterJesus, Jan 3, 2009.

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    Re: Kelly Preston..another disabled son???

    Patron Gold Meritorious = $1 million dollars

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    Re: Kelly Preston..another disabled son???

    i say we put her on the "loose-o-meter" to see how many kids she has had
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    Re: Kelly Preston..another disabled son???

    Heh, a long long time ago I worked summers in carnivals to put myself through school. I'm assuming you're referring to the ever popular, "Hey lady sit on my face, I'll guess you're weight! and I'll tell you how many kids you've had!" method?
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    Re: Kelly Preston..another disabled son???

    thats one way..another is to reach down her panties and determine how closely it feels like youre feeding a horse
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    And without citations in a BLP article, that's going to be be gone the first time that someone who gives a fuck sees it.
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    She must not be paying attention to her wiki. Someone on a goss site said the wiki has been changed for a month.
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    I'd have to agree with you. Jett Travolta looked more like the result of Kelly Preston having Fragile X syndrome than being autistic.
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    Shame about his aim
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  12. anon walker Moderator

    Impossible! She's Homo Novis, right? So there is no way she could possibly have defects in her meat body!
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    Please girl, drop the body do us all a favor gets yourself a new one
  14. Good call! I could see it being Fragile X since it is passed down from mother to son with symptoms appearing from mild to severe mental retardation...It is often mistaken for Autism and does fall in the Autism spectrum.

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  15. RightOn Member

    so who and where is her older son?
  16. Anonymous Member

    This is what I gleaned from reading about that issue on the internet, so take it with a grain of salt etc. but this is all out there and I did not make it up for my own edification. ALLEGEDLY: She had a son with her first husband. The child was disabled. The child went to live with her parents, who had to sue her for official custody because she would not allow them to medicate the child (I believe the child may have Down's or similar, which would imply some sort of potential heart conditions). Ex husband had child mentioned in his personal bio, and then when the first news speculated about this in the mid-90s, disappeared off his bio and never appeared on hers at all (always, two kids with JT). Then, shitstorm hits and child reappears on his n hers bios again, just recently. Proficient use of wayback machine asserts confirmation.

    Juice in the comments section on this ling:

    I usually just laugh at celebs but this story describes a a Bad Person. It's one thing to defer raising your child to your own parents, even if the child is disabled. There's a variety of reasons someone could judge her for that, but if it is for the child's best interests, I would decline to do so. But then to refuse to allow them to get medical treatment for the kid, and then scrub the kid from your bio like it is shameful, well, BP moniker delivered to KP in my book. Then, to add a mere mention of the kid on your bio now to offset bad PR. Yick.

    tl;dr: not my business if KP is passing along Fragile X to kids or growing disabled babies. Don't buy the "good mom" PR shit.
  17. Anonymous Member

    Kelly Preston is a disgrace
    clear the planet?
    She can't even look after hew own children properly and she dragged them into a cult.
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  19. Anonymous Member

    So what's the verdict on Kelly Preston's mysterious first son? Did he ever exist? If nobody on WWP managed to find anything, I'd say he never existed and it was a simple typo on IMDB.
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  21. actually there is a genetic factor to autism...among many other factors
  22. Woo Hah Member

    Kelly Preston is PTS to her own inferior GE.
  23. Anonymous Member

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  24. You'd think having a disabled husband and being disabled herself would be enough for the bitch!
  25. pix of eldest daughter Ella Bleu Travolta - June 2013

    question for anyone here, I'm getting nowhere with my research - Who was Kelly Preston's biological father? The Palz guy is not it, nor the stepfather, who was it? Years ago Ted C said she was "ethnic", also, very interesting that Ella's eyes are hazel/brown, not blue like her mother and father, which makes me think that possibly someone else had Ella with John Travolta's sperm?

    Or that Kelly's "ethnic" background is Latino, possibly? Am curious.
  26. I've known Kevin Gage and his wife Perris since 2005. I also built and manage Kevin's website. I know nothing about Kelly Preston, but Kevin has proven himself to be a solid, trustworthy person. The false rumor of a child with Preston appeared on IMDb, so we removed it.

    As for this, you need to do more research and not just make random accusations:
    Kevin's sister had terminal cancer, which got him interested in medicinal marijuana. He and two partners met with the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, who were promoting San Francisco as a city friendly to medicinal marijuana growers. They got permits from the city and set up their operation a few blocks from a police station. They even had their alarm system wired to the police station. The day the plants arrived, the Feds moved in and arrested them. They were not allowed to mention "medicinal" or "medical" uses of marijuana in the trial.

    After being released early from prison, Kevin married his long-time girlfriend. They have a son, Ryder. Kevin is a wonderful, devoted husband and father. As I said, I know nothing about Kelly Preston, but I am disturbed by the unfounded slurs against Kevin Gage.

    Thanks for listening,
  27. p.s. Kevin and Perris have no connection with Scientology, past or present.
  28. Puppetmama Member

    This thread was pretty dead. To resurrect it with such a long, heartfelt and unprovable explanation reeks of Streisand. You manage a website; learn to Internet.
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  29. Regardless of the health problems the child may have, I find it hard to imagine a parent trying to hide the existince of such child. Sad.
  30. is it anybody's ffiing business anyway
  31. Exactly, they can kill as many children as they want as long as they do it for their religious beliefs.
  32. A Coroner’s Race in Idaho Centered Around the Handling of “Faith-Healing” Deaths

    MAY 28, 2018 BY HEMANT MEHTA


    There was a primary election in Idaho last week for a position that, in any typical year, no one outside of Canyon County would’ve cared about. But it was relevant because the issue of faith-healing was front and center.

    The County Coroner Vicki DeGeus-Morris, who had been in office for 28 years, lost the primary to former deputy coroner Jennifer Crawford. Because there are no other names on the ballot, Crawford will almost certainly win the election, and that’s good news for people who are unsatisfied with how the county handles parents who let their children die of curable diseases because they refuse to take them to doctors.

    [IMG]Vicki DeGeus-Morris (left) and Jennifer Crawford

    As it stands, Idaho is one of six states that allows faith-based exemptions when parents are charged with negligent homicide or manslaughter against their children. The parents who kill their children by refusing to get them appropriate medical care are essentially let off the hook, which is why Idaho in particular sees so many of these kinds of deaths. Making things worse is the fact that the state is home to the Followers of Christ sect, members of which have been in the news many times over because their kids died from preventable diseases.

    How does the coroner position play into any of that?

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