"L'autre visage de Tom Cruise" (Documentaire, 2006)

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    Secrets d'actualité - Tom Cruise l'autre visage : la vitrine de la dangereuse secte Scientologie

    Documentaire diffusé le 8 janvier 2006 sur M6
    Émission: Secrets d'actualité
    Présentateur : Laurent Delahousse

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    Summary: "I'm not a simple believer. I use the Scientologists technologies every day in my work with my children. Everyone should do the same. I am living proof that it works. It is with this statement in 2003 that the star of "Top Gun" has for the first time openly displayed his membership in Scientology. Since then, the actor continues to put its reputation at the service of a widely controversial movement, considered a sect in many parts of the world. At each appearance, Tom Cruise never forgets drag a word on the benefits of Scientology. The teams 'Current Secrets' return on the origins of this commitment and the recruitment of the actor in the 1980s. Former Scientologists bear witness to the treatment of the actor within the movement.


    The Prophet actor

    The magazine exposes the reasons that made the actor the Scientology spokesperson.

    Behind his mouth of the movie star, Tom Cruise cache the patter of "prophet of modern times" at the head of a huge communications company for redeeming the-the Church of Scientology. "I'm not a simple believer. I use the Scientologists technologies every day in my work with my children. Everyone should do the same. I am living proof that it works. "This is the pep talk in which he engaged, in April 2003, before a gathering of Scientologists. For the first time, the Hollywood star openly showed his belonging to the sect.

    In the Secrets of news paper, authors Frédéric Martin and Christophe sewing date back to the childhood of the star to try to understand the reasons for his spiritual "creep". Through a mass of records, the other face of Tom Cruise reveals the plot of the leaders of the Church of Scientology around the actor. Moment navigates to the Hollywood elite, he is caught in the Web woven by the sect and led throughout its route.

    The documentary also shows the interest of makers Scientologists for men to be able to. Knowing that in Europe and in France, where the Church of Scientology is listed as a sect, the Scientologist aura cannot prevail, mainly the 'icon' spokesman struggles to enter the halls of power. In September 2004 in Paris, Tom Cruise spent more than an hour in head to head with Nicolas Sarkozy, then Minister of finance. What, according to Jean-Pierre Brard, Member of Parliament for the Seine-Saint-Denis and author of a report on cults, made a lot of noise. Photographed every angle with Tom Cruise, Nicolas Sarkozy, has since fled this advertising. He spent this time with the Hollywood star or the "prophet" Scientologist? A question which, in the documentary, has no response.

    Fernand Nouvet


    In French, the word "secte" means "cult."
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