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    Bump. I'd like Gaddafi out. Also I demand pics of the nurse
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    anybody know what's the deal with the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group?

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    Anonymous Announces Operation Libya

    For a long time the people of Libya have suffered under the madness of their ruler, Muammar Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi and his government. For too long, the people of Libya have suffered in silence. In the recent Tunisian and Egyptian uprisings, fear has vanished from Arabs all over the region. It is time to be silent no more.

    Despite the efforts of the regime to send in mercenaries, cut off land communications, and ban their populations from getting the truth, the people of Libya have stood up to claim what is their human birthright: Freedom.

    Anonymous is willing to bring its help to the brave people of Libya. Anonymous declares by this statement its engagement with them in the common goal. We, the people, will not remain silent while dictators fire upon their citizens. We, the people, will not remain inactive while the powerful crush peaceful claims with violence.

    The time of dictatorship regimes is over. The time of oppression has come to an end. And we, the people, will walk fearless towards the global goal. Anonymous sends this message to the Libyan people: You are not alone. The world is once again watching. Your brothers and sisters are watching. Anonymous extends its arms to you in solidarity at your time of struggle. Together, we will achieve what you are fighting for and Mankind will be free at last.

    We are Anonymous.
    We do not forgive.
    We do not forget.
    Expect us.
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    They are changing locations but please do what you can to support & inform others what's going on in Libya. They are using tanks against them!

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    STOP blaming religion for the protests in Middle East, when its about PEOPLE risking their lives for FREEDOM & DEMOCRACY!
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    The sad thing is... the man in the video could very well already be dead. I've watched revolutions and would-be revolutions around the world for some years now, but it never gets easier to see the faces of the dead, the suffering, the terrified. Thanks for sharing, will also share elsewhere.
  23. To the Islamist assholes who support Muammar al-Gaddafi, know that you are going against your book and supporting a homosexual. Really? Flamboyant, oddly fashionable clothing, including a beret, and surrounding himself with women like extras in a Clay Aiken video. I'm sorry, you putatively Muslim dictators. Gaddafi is a fagfag. And Muammar, if you or your translators are reading this, please know it's okay. There so much love out here, waiting for you. All you have to do is let go of the anger that has helped fuel the brutal oppression of your people. Take pride in your buggery of your pool boy. Embrace the fact that you are gay! Be an inspiration to homosexual megalomaniacs everywhere, like a rainbow-flagged Dr. Evil.
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    So you hate homosexuals, eh? You & Fred Phelps should date.
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  25. It's not that I hate homosexuals. It's that I just love trolling, and calling a Muslim dictator a raging, SCOHB gay man, considering their societal and religious norms, is lulzy. Besides, without gay people, we wouldn't have John Travolta's role in Face/Off. lol
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    Please its SO hard to realize that if that's the truth. I am really trying not to believe this & I'm doing my best to believe we can really change this reality for the good of ALL people. I believe its happening all over the world but their are so many forces that are working against change & are stuck in the old way of all thinking.
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    When you see people die and revolutions happen and have so much hope for the people... only to see them destroyed, killed, put down & the revolution squashed -- THAT is difficult to see because we're always taught that the "good guy" wins in the end. Prime example: Iran, Summer 2009 Green Revolution. And the Iranian Regime (IR) have techs working for them, too; a "method" Mubarak didn't employ. We can only spread the word & hope people will care enough to pay attention & offer to help wherever we can, but remember what I said about the IR's capabilities.
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    Sorry I haven't checked, was this released to the media? I saw the solidarity announcement for Iran on the AnonNews site, but not this? Thanks.
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    Some stuff on Al Jazeera indicates that Kadafi is using mercenaries to attack the crowd. He trusts them more than he trusts his military. If that's so, I think that's a good sign. The military will most likely not take too kindly to mercenaries indiscriminately killing innocent citizens. I hope that's that case.
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    This truth is very hard to watch but the good news is the young people of the Middle East will no longer accept it! A new reality is enfolding for the better! Its not about oil, Israel or the Saudi's its about freedom & democracy!
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    Yeah, tweets of videos showing protestors, "arresting," a foreign mercenary seem to confirm this. From the looks of the mercenary, he may also be dead now.
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    mercenaries are alleged to be from chad. if you follow tweeters EnoughGaddafi, Tripolitanian, ShababLibya - they have the most on the ground info. last night here in tripoli gunfire was heard after about 10:30 local time. smoke rising from several locations. there is no news. FB and twitter are blocked. screwing around with the phones. lots of rumors flying.....i don't have dox so will now whatever you can to help these people. i fear a bloodbath.
  39. I love you too. :)

    On a more serious note, nothing short of Gaddafi's resignation would surprise me. He's more than amply proven his depravity and evil over the last four decades, so there are no atrocities he could commit that would shock me, as sad as that is to say. My thoughts and hopes are with the Libyan people and all other peoples who yearn to be free. I could be wrong, but this is starting to feel a lot like 1989 when the Iron Curtain started to fall. Here's to hoping there is no equivalent to the Balkan unrest this go around.

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