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  1. lulzgasm Member

    Dave Mustaine for President!
  2. whosit Member

    ode to the middle east

    The worst is yet the come.
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  4. TragedyTown Member

    @Rockyj and @Mitsu Too, Bravo! <3
    Both of you are so right and I'm moved by just reading your words. You have my respect and my love. We need exactly this kind of terrible rage and anger everywhere all around the world to jostle leaders and common men and civilians into action after everyone has been exposed to the horror of rape.

    Like Rockyj so rightly said, rape is used to oppress women and not simply take away their is a war crime committed anywhere in the world and the survivors of rape who are so truly brave to come forward and tell their story deserve to, at the least, be recognized as a symbol of valour for women's rights everywhere, not just women's rights, ''human rights''.

    And Mitsu Too's poem...I am speechless reading it because it rings a chord within me and I believe every word of it. Whoever has written it, my admiration for them. It couldn't be said better and I really thank you for sharing these true words.
    And what you have written is even more right! : Ms.Eman Al-Obaidi's brave revelation shows that this revolution is so truly one of ''determination'' for everybody involved everywhere.

    And I have to thank both of you for bringing to my attention Ms.Neda Agha Soltan's name...I never knew anything about this beautiful young woman, but I have read about what happened to her, I just don't have any words....

    It is people like Ms.Neda and Ms.Eman who deserve to live, not people like Gaddafi and his horrible dog-eating, rapist militia.
    I'm not pro-violence, but I'm not pro-murderers and rapists who kill with an extremely clear conscience either.

    I can't imagine how many other young, brave voices like Ms.Neda have been quieted everywhere in Libya, Iran and in the rest of the world...they were just young people like us, they deserved every freedom we have.

    And Ms.Neda may not be with us any longer. But her message stays with all of us, young and old alike, everywhere across the world, not just in Iran.
    You both knew her, now I know her. So many will cherish her words and memories forevermore.

    And we refuse to be quieted.

    The criminals who did what they did to Ms.Eman will be condemned to the same hell they put her through. Ameen.

    #R.I.P.NedaAghaSoltan. <3 May her soul watch over us from the heavens above with the angels...Ameen.
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  5. TragedyTown Member

    Just read this on the Guardian: Libyan freedom fighters have taken back oil towns of Ras Lanuf and Brega and Bin Jaw'wad in westward push.

    Also, good news coming in from Tripoli:
    The freedom fighters have been advancing towards the capital.
    Insha Allah, soon.

    News (unconfirmed) from Twitter sources in Libya: Freedom fighters are planning to take on Gaddafi forces in Sirte tomorrow.

    May Allah be with them and grant them sure victory. Ameen. <3
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  6. Anonymous Member

    ^^ Yes kadaffis forces are in full retreat in the east.
    Waiting to see if kadaffis forces have collapsed as a fighting force,our are going to make a stand at sirte.
    But still great news.
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  7. Silly433 Moderator

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  8. Mitsu Too Member

    I know this is not Libya related but this is keeping in line with an Islamic Women standing up for herself and refusing to be defined and judged by one's narrow view and interpration of Islam. I am adding Veena Malik to the list of Middle Eastern women I admire.
  9. Anonymous Member

    There are reports of civilians leaving sirte.
    There is a shortage of fuel in tripoli.
    The gulf state of katar has said they will sell the oil from the newly freed oil producing towns on behalf of the rebels.
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  10. Anonymous Member

    More updates.
    Ms.Eman Al-Obaidi is still in custody,kadaffis media have released a statement saying she is being well treated.
    That she was not drunk or high,and has no mental health issues,but this is the rub she is a know prostitute.
    There was a womens march in bengasi today in support of Ms obaidi.
    kaddafis media have said she will give a press statement in a couple of days.
  11. lulzgasm Member

    After they get the confession they want tortured out of her, of course. :(
  12. Anonymous Member

    She's hot
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  14. none given Member

    In a couple of days they will have her ready to apologize for everything.
  15. Rockyj Member

    Press Release: Release_27.03.11.pdf

    CNN Nic Robertson's facebook page:

    Below Video of Eman's cousin in Arabic:

    English Translation of vid:
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  16. Anonymous Member

    tl;dr version: "This is why"
  17. TragedyTown Member

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  19. TragedyTown Member

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  20. Rockyj Member

    Father of Eman wrapped in Lybia revolution flag shows photo of her as a lawyer. I requested English translation.

    This is her Mother, waiting for English translation too!
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  21. Anonymous Member

    There is fighting at Ben Jawad which is on the road to sirte.
    I don't know if the fighting is heavy or not but it has stopped the rebels for the moment.
    There has been airstrikes around sirte.
    There is still heavy fighting in Misrata.
  22. lulzgasm Member

    I would so be her slave.
  23. Rockyj Member

    Sadly, I read many posts (by Libyans) stating she's probably dead or being tortured until she goes crazy! And gov will say, see! we told you so! She may be with sister, but her sister may be in prison with her! That people disappear all the time for a lot less daming accustations against Libyan government. The gov will say they were returned to family but they're never seen again.
  24. TragedyTown Member

    :'( !
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  27. Anonymous Member

    Misrata is in a the worst state i have seen it since the fighting began.
    Tanks have entered the city,and rebel held area's are being shelled.
    Tanks are now parked up on tripoli st trying to avoid airstrikes.
    Red areas are gov controlled.
    The street map is of tripoli st.
    Gov forces have set up base on the corner of tripoli st in an insurance building.
    25 heads of state are meeting to decide the future of libya tomorow.
    The interim government will be there.
    I know they will ask for weapons and training.
    Any oil contracts that kaddafi signed are worthless so you will see some horse trading for new contracts.
    There have been mixed reports that the rebels have reached the suburbs of sirte also that they have been firing missiles into civilian areas,which leaves a massive dilemma for nato whose goal is to protect civilians whether they support kaddaffi or not.
  28. mojo Member

    and now apparently they have charged Eman... i can barely contain my anger over this.
    maltese journalist is repeorting that Foreign Minister Mousa Kousa and his family and their luggage have fled to Tunis. (the Maltese have had long standing good relations with Libya...probably based on proximity so, i suspect he's got pretty good sources) the talk is that he is defecting. oddly enough U of Michigan alum Kousa is the only one of the inner cabal not on the UN sanctions list altho IIRC there is some mention of him. but he is rumored to be a CIA man...who knows.

    also rumored to be seeking a way out is one of the most brutal members of the regime Senussi, but i've read nothing further on that one

    and the other info that Gaddafi says via GaddafiTV or some other local news that he will accept whatever the African Union comes up with makes one wonder what the hay really is going on. the African Union rep was invited to the Confab in London but apparently walked out...perhaps they are unable to deliver much. anyway back and forth in and out of ben jawad but the pro-Democracy fighters seem to have it back in control.
  29. Anonymous Member

    The weakness of an inexperienced, untrained force:
    Now... A weakness of a regular army is that it needs to be kept in supply: ammo, fuel, food, other supplies, payroll. (The last might be good to target with rumors.)
  30. Rockyj Member

  31. Rockyj Member

    Awesome pic! libyalog.jpg
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  32. Anonymous Member

    There are reports that the rebels have retreated back to ras lanuf,i heard they walked into an ambush.
    Sirte is ment to have african mercs and a special forces brigade.
    Also civilians have been armed although it could be soldiers wearing civys.
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  34. Anonymous Member

    But from prison?
  35. Rockyj Member

    Yep no one should help them...NOT!
  36. anonsoldier Member

    That applies to any military force, including these guys. So, take the above issues, that they have no formal logistical supply chain to ensure that ammunition, fuel, food, repair parts, medical supplies, or heavy equipment gets distributed or stockpiled appropriately, and add in that most of the fighters lack even the most basic of combat skills, and you've clearly got an uphill slog for these guys. This is why even halfway competent guys like the pro-Ghaddafi forces are able to kick their butt even without air support.

    Simple stuff like understanding how to maneuver against enemy forces (fix with fire and flank) could save them a lot of casualties and make them a more effective force.
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  38. mojo Member

    now they are apparently being beaten back from ras lanuf. sooo demoralizing. clinton and the rest are considering arming them and so the sturm und drang continues. supply lines in general are being cut off and food and fuel in the country are in short supply. how long and how deep will the suffering have to go before this despicable family gets out of libya? apparently nicaragua is also trying to get into this mess now...
  39. DeathHamster Member

    For sure. Having scouts out on the flanks and way ahead, and in communication, understanding of basic tactics doctrine, would make a vast difference. A proper quartermaster corps would be a godsend (and a most unlikely miracle!). A few shiploads of supplies of rations (halal please) and ammo from anonymous governments would be very good.

    Now... Gadhafi actually managed to Get Hip by texting scary warnings and stuff to the population via cell phones. With much of the infrastructure in the the hands of the rebels/government/people, can this be reversed? ("Notice to all frces: ur pay will be delayed 6 months. sory, oops! - Gadhafi")

    Note to all anti-Gadhafi forces: Happy fire is fun, cool and regional specialty, but save it until the bastard is dead.
  40. Anonymous Member

    Worst job in Libya right now: commanding anti-Gadhafi armored forces.
    • Need supply of fuel, ammo and rations.
    • Hoping not to be blown up by random Western forces.
    • Need supply of fuel, ammo and rations.

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