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Discussion in 'Site News and Announcements' started by da5id, Mar 2, 2011.

  1. da5id Administrator

    Hello internet friends,

    We are once again looking to expand our development team! If you (or someone you know) is a well versed OOP PHP developer that is interested in working with our team, please let us know. Here is a quick description of what we work with and what the ideal candidates would hopefully bring to the team.

    • Strong Object Oriented Programming background, preferably in a PHP environment - though if you are a strong MVC guy in general and willing to learn, that's ok too
    • Strong PHP experience
    • Basic Database knowledge
    • Knowledge of Zend framework a big plus
    • Familiarity with ssh and linux (debian) in general

    The majority of our development needs atm revolve around features we want to add to the XenForo forum software that is built on the Zend framework. It is still very new so the documentation is a bit sketchy, but the forums are pretty good at providing community help and the code is laid out very well in general and easy to extend.

    The *ideal* candidate (note: i know not everyone has the time, so i'm flexible) would idle in our development irc channel with us, checking in a few times a day just to see if anything has been discussed that they should be a part of. Being available to do a little each day would be great, but only being able to do 1-2 tasks a week is also totally fine. We are interested in quality over quantity in terms of releases.

    We would provide you with a login to a ticket management system we have in place (jira) for handling feature and bug requests, as well as a development environment should you need one. If you are familiar with IDE's, XenForo works very nicely in a local setup using Eclipse or Zend Studio.

    If you think you would like to give this a try, please contact me privately here on the forums, or send an email to Please include your general experience, availability, code examples if you have some, and anything else you think is helpful.

  2. Anonymous Member

    I just got fired, my employer obviously doesn't like proactive people with big ideas. Whatever. Their lost. Anyways, consequently, I have a lot of time on my hands, so I could help. I'm real big with computer stuff, leading edge of security stuff etc, you can trust me with passwords and ips, and lots of edgy experience with social media stuff and that sort of things, so working on forum gears that sounds real easy.

    AB, or just call me Sevrynsten
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  3. Anonymous Member

    I lol'd
  4. Anonymous Member

    I tried, but my friend says they don't feel comfortable enough with php
  5. Anonymous Member

    I am so jammed on time right now, I have to respectfully decline - at least for the moment. I hope a few others do have time, and can jump in on this.
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  6. Anonymous Member

    I can donate since I have no idea what you all are on about.
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  7. Anonymous Member

    PCP is dangerous and it makes people pull bits of their skin off and stuff.

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  8. Anonymous Member

    Word. I have no fucking clue what any of that meant.
  9. Anonymous Member

    Unfortunately, that's a language I don't know. I'm not a web coder, just a web designer. I hope you find the right person for the job.

    Sevrynsten looks eager enough though. Bet he has a wife and family to support. Probably has hobbies too. Give him a shot!
  10. Anonymous Member

    Do you guys got any papers i could print out and paste up around town?
    Send me a link please?
  11. Anonymous Member

    I am experienced in PHP and MySQL web development, and have a basic-intermediate knowledge of C++ and Java (currently taking a Java class)
  12. T0X1CAT3D Member

    I would love to join but I am not that skilled with PHP & still trying to learn C#. Heck, with that, I'm still having trouble learning anything.
  13. sooleater Member

    you killed the dome and be dumb americunts

    rip wwp
  14. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Lordy me too!
    Da5id, check the What Skills Me Got threads and maybe quietly contact some of the ones we know there?

    Just r thought.
  15. Julian Assange might be looking for a gig? Just saying.
  16. I'm studying programming in college and I'm currently taking a PHP class. I'm typing this from Ubuntu 10.10, so Debian should fit me like a glove. I've had a college level Linux course and I use it almost exclusively at home. I would be willing to help people who are more used to Windows in exchange for PHP knowledge/practice.
  17. sarel riyahn Member

    Wish I could help. Just know the basics of web design. Not complex things like security. I'd like to donate my knowledge though.
  18. Thierry L Member

    My broken english is very bad
  19. Kruge Moderator

    Okay, while I know what all the required things mean I also know that I don't know enough of most of them ;) My focal point up to now is html/css and adapting that into cms templates and some minor php (I consider myself an advanced noob) - from what I read there's definitely some ppl who are more qualified than me who have replied here. ;)
  20. subgenius Member

    Is this where I'm supposed to post that I don't have the qualifications, or that I do but I can't help right now, instead of contacting you privately here or emailing you at the address you gave, or what?
    I'm confused.
    This is the part I don't understand:
    Any clarification of this ambiguous gobbledygook would be appreciated.
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  21. wom Member

    I have experience whit Linux in general, Ubuntu, debian etc. so I don know anything of programation
    Tengo bastante experiencia con Linux en general, ubuntu, debia y muchas otras distribuciones, pero no se nada de programación. (Spanish)
  22. Annotate Member

    I'm not too clever on the computing side, but in a previous life I was able to name my own hourly rate for administration. Anything to help the cause......
  23. 2000lbBaBy Member

    I can help out with some smaller type stuff im not as skilled as most but i do know alittle php , and alittle bit about security measures.
  24. Shadowflare Member

    Kind of involved with a family crisis right now, but I've got a CompSci degree with a strong PHP background and a good working knowledge of SQL. Let me know if I'm needed and by April I should be able to help.
  25. rx_enforcer Member

    bien, tengo amplios conocimientos en unix, c++, visual, netbeans, webpages, assembler, entre otras cosas, dejen saber que necesitan y yo os apoyo entre mis cosas.
  26. rx_enforcer Member

    if i can fuck my isp i can fuck everything
  27. Anonymous Member

    Does anyone know who is in charge of the page at I noticed the list of active cells is in desperate need of updating. From the looks of it, Anonymous is not actually alive. I am also working on a page for the Alabama group that needs to be added. If anyone has any info, I would be glad to go through and update list or take over the site completely and keep it maintained.
  28. Anonymous Member

    Bawwston faggots.

    On a serious note, there were plans to convert the whole shebang into a Wordpress (you can mimic the style of the site in Wordpress and tweak it so it doesn’t look like a Wordpress) and hand editor accounts. At present there is only really one person doing stuff on it, and the theory was that more hands would make the whole thing easier to keep updated. I’ll poke them and see what the story is.
  29. airun0621 Member

    I am very interested in php
  30. I have implemented in php pages, using JavaScript as well as any assistance they need it can count on me, will have my code in less than a week ready to compile.


  31. dvybeyond Member

  32. caliche Member

    dont know anything but willing to learn i have a lot of extra time =)
  33. Anonymer-Seif Member

    well sir i would love to but ,,,, i wanna learn those things and etc so i can be pro so i can take the job thats what i wunt
  34. Anonymous Member

    Im PHP and SQL experienced... I actually could help you on anything you need me. Here I am boys!! XD
  35. S.e. Member

    can ask me for dev if u need.
  36. telomere Member
    so, i went away for awhile to update muh skillz so i could come back and halp but
    still applies.

    sry :(
  37. Joypoky Member

    Hi. I can make some programs in C, C++. I learn Java and I know how to use php and html/CSS
  38. Hello guys,

    pls let me in, i am willing to join the team, i am a php developer


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