MMM Vendetta 2023 November

Discussion in 'Planning' started by Anon Ghost Ireland, Jul 5, 2023.

  1. This year been year Anniversary of Many Million Masks March small was held under other name in 2011 ,2012 .
    Certain people out of Occupy movement and Anonymous Anonymiss help start something knew that was part guy forks day. In 2013 first official MMM was held all over the World on November 5. Now on the Month of November in some countries there are few protests part of Anonymous in one country in November.
    Only few Cities are did MMM Global in 2022 a list can be found anywhere for that . All that organising the MMM in 2023 hoping will be more cities around World this year and that can be few smaller protests as well from October 30
    to December 5 to do with different issues like (# Palestine , Scientology , Myanmar , Iran , Corruption,Stand with Ukraine, against Surveillance on Social media, Climate change, against Far right ,Free Julian Assange campaign,
    Poverty #ops as well ) These are Just of ideas that have talked about in background in some countries you can't wear guy forks mask find something different to wear mask is mask or sun glasses hats .
    This year is ten years since first Million Masks March in 2013 let's make extra special this year .
    Also it year official we given name off 4Chan image boards we are all everything back then like we are now .
    Anonymous was there before 2003 just did not have name different Hackivests teams Networks of Activests groups around World that would all come together under name of Anonymous Anonymiss Collective . We just did not appear in 2008 think Seattle WTO protests and Anti war movement in 2003 and so many other Related Hackivests and Activests Apartheid movement in different parts of World fighting for Human rights Women's rights .
    2003 to 2023 official we all exist 20 years we all had impact on history we all go an having senificant
    on history . We are Anonymous Anonymiss Yo Can't Kill idea it is bullet proof
    We do not forget we do not forgive Expect US. lets make it year to Remember ✌️

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