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  1. arPnonymous Member

    This topic is going to grow i am in stage of information gathering motives and names unclear so far, but you know FB is shit to document in.

    to be cont. both BB and KM are under inv. cross referenced a LOT of talk... loadsa names... the dude lives close to friends of mine stalking lurking young kids involved real nasty backstory... was supposed to be a newspaperaticle mentioning but not found.
    At the same time its this Yvonne that mentioned who has a dubios past... acount of karina been deleted just after convo.. and posts the same allagations in the "stalking" group convos...

    there seems to be a church and foster care involved alongeside childprotection services failing.
    We have the adres of the dude and the supposed earlier victim has send a name and adres of a police off... apperently involved at a earlier stage...

    Name checking/advise?

    other pics;
    convo me and my friend (ap/blum) (groupconvo ap not in)

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  2. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    The word document is a download file. We don't like to download files from unknown sources. The rest is conversations from Facebook of twitter of a social media site. The comments can't be translated because its a jpg.
    Can you translate the comments and post the document in the forum instead of making it a down load? Then Google translate will work and we can understand what you are posting.
  3. arPnonymous Member

    I understand I didnt get time to explain had to copy and save somewhere quick outside nl.

    The doc contains the scripts (in dutch) for myself; I couldnt post them (too long) I fully understand nobody want to download and only dutchys would be able to read.

    In short friend of my get stalked and droppen into a group convo
    I went on questioning; 2 storys: with some naming 12 or so names she accuses of childtrafficing and he acusses her of conspiracing with known dutch convicted childtraffic hunter:

    again dutch but google translate that sucker and it should get you far... Im one of the old guys here from chanology thats the raw material I posted ;)

    His story and the names he posed didnt check out to well; hers I dno yet... 1 at least exists but didnt respond to my msg (another alleged victim)
    Im sorry for the misunderstanding I wish nothing but good.

    I will see if I can convert it meaningfully in english but I have 9-5 job and public transportation, exhausted as it is...

    Thanks for the tips.
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  4. arPnonymous Member

    Ill start with the group convo I want in there but it happened first (ill translate Im pretty sure litteral dutch -> english will make it quite strange we use different sayings; I tried with a part but its faster just translating)
    Group 1: {Game; Who am I?}
  5. arPnonymous Member

    Group 2: {Game: who am I?}
  6. arPnonymous Member

    Group 3: {Game who am I?}
  7. arPnonymous Member

  8. Disambiguation Global Moderator

  9. arPnonymous Member

    patience please, processing dox; Ill describe context l8, above is short discription possible tango (likely) and possible second tango...
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  10. I have been reading the comments in here regarding Bert Brands.
    And i understand by reading the comments you guy's don't even know the halve
    of what has been going on with that low life Bert brands...
    If you want the inside scoop then here it is.

    4 years ago there was Hyves. a Dutch based social media page just along the
    lines of facebook. At the time i was running a hyves page specialized in advising desperate
    parents who had to deal with the Dutch child protective service. The Dutch Cps isn't that great
    and a lot of parents sought comfort in joining groups of support via Hyves.
    Bert also joined several of those support groups also mine and as long as you agreed with everything
    Bert said and didn't voice your own opinion over his then all was wel and good.,
    Wybe, the guy bert later asaulted was one of the members of my group and he was not the kind of
    person who would tempre his own opinion just to keep the peace. And ofcourse everybody could speak their mind freely, as long as we treathed eachother with respect.

    But as soon as Bert noticed that Wybe wasn't going to back down and told Bert off. Always in a respectfull way Wybe became fair game to Bert.. They went in hard but after a while Wybe grew tired of Bert's ranting and raving so he started to ignore Bert..
    Bert, being the narcasistic idiot that he is, isn't used to being ignored and he declared war on Wybe and everybody who was is contact with him..
    At first i tried to talk things trough with bert but all Bert heard in his mind that i was collabarating with his
    enemy and then he started pointing in my direction..
    I defriended him and blocked him from my page, but he still managed to find me..

    3 years ago in may on a satherday morning around 11 am i get a post in my mailbox that Wybe was assaulted and that he was taken to the hospital...
    I tried to call Wybe but ofcourse he wasn't picking up.. Later i heard his story.. It was a warm day and Wybe decided to catch the early spring sun so he took a nap in a deck chair in his garden.. Wybe and Bert don't live to far appart from eachother. Bert is even the mailman in Wybe's neighborhood..
    An hour before Wybe decided to catch some sun he had an altracation with Bert online and after Wybe had enough of Berts verbal abuse over the internet he took is cup of coffee and moved his butt in to a dechchair to catch some sun...

    Half an our later some nuttjob (Bert) storms into Wybes backyard, yanks him out of his deckchair and starts to beat the living crap out of Wybe.. Who didn't even realized what was happening. the only thing Wybe could do was protect himself against the blows, kicks and even a kick to the head from Bert who was litteraly foaming at the mouth... Or so i gathered fro eye witnesses who were present at the time of the assault.. Wybe was taken to the hospital where he was checked out by a ER doctor. pictures where taken by a forensic nurse and a statement was made by Wybe to the police..
    Bert got convicted for his assault on Wybe and lost his job as mailman in the procces.. So you can imagine the hate Bert has for Wybe..

    He blames him for everything that has happend in his life. And all who didn't choose his site at the time is equaly guilty and has to be punished. Even the friends of your friends on facebook arn't save from this asshole... Even till this day..
    He found me again and i too get message after message trough my facebook messenger and i cant seem to get sidd of them...

    Bert is a narcasistic sociopath who trives on making other people's life a living hell. And he doesn't care who he's gonna hurt or piss off... that just how his mind works.. the guy is a lost cause...
  11. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    There was an accusation of child abuse? Because I can't see anything else here except narcissistic outrage. Thanks for the explanation

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