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  1. Hello.

    We are Anonymous.

    And some of us are currently designing, organizing and starting a new Worldwide Operation.
    The Operation is:



    The Modern Animal Farming and Exploitation Industries and Businesses are now know to be the greatest agents of environmental destruction in the world.

    These Industries and Businesses are responsible for: The biggest contribution to green-house-gas emissions, being therefore the leading cause of global warming;
    The largest contribution to Deforestation, Destruction of Rain Forests and other Natural Habitats; Industrial Over-Fishing and the origin of
    Ocean Dead-Zones; Incalculable Pollution of Rivers, Oceans and Soils by the use of Agro-Chemicals and animal waste; Total Disregard for Animal Welfare,
    abusive and poorly-regulated Treatment, Incarceration, and Slaughter of billions of Animals, Dissemination of propaganda in favor of the consumption of
    animal food products known to be causes of major health disorders like: Cancer, Hearth Attacks, Obesity and Diabetes just to name a few, even in places
    like schools and hospitals; Financing and contributing to the widespread use of Disease-Causing Fertilizers and Pesticides for food crops, and Growth
    Hormones, Antibiotics and other drugs for farm animals; Vicious legal and illegal attacks against Activists/Citizens who expressed their opinions against
    the Industry or recorded footage of their practices.

    We deeply believe that such Destructive Industries and Businesses, SHOULD NOT and WILL NOT remain unpunished after all these violations have been committed.
    Governments and other representatives have, for a long time been compliant and passive before these powerful Industries, while they turned their blind eye
    to the Animal Farming's unethical actions.

    So, WE, the People, WILL MAKE SURE OUR VOICE IS HEARD in this matter. We will raise awareness, and make sure that EVERYONE is well informed about the
    reality of the practices done by the Modern Animal Farming and Exploitation Industries.
    And we will Protest, we will Express ourselves, we will Demonstrate and we Will make a Change.
    We want these entities to take responsibility for their Crimes against Nature and against Humanity.
    The amount of pain, suffering and destruction caused by these Irresponsible Businesses must end.

    So, This is an invitation.

    An invitation for you to Join #OpAnimalCruelty.
  2. The Modern Animal Farming and Exploitation Industry has also been known to actively fight against Freedom of Speech, and Freedoms of the Press,
    whenever it comes to matters where their own profits and their businesses' sustainability are at risk.

    The Industry's vicious legal attacks have been observed and well documented in various events such as:
    -When Oprah tried to raise awareness about the health issues on eating beef and burguers, in the context of Mad Cow disease,
    she was attacked fiercely by the Industries' armies of lawyers, having had to spend thousands of dollars to defend herself in court of law, and
    to defend her right to express her concern freely.
    More info on the Oprah case can be found here: ... sued-oprah , here ... .html?_r=0 and here ... 47137.html
    -The arrest of journalists and citizens and the lobbying for the passing of laws in favor of the proibition of the recording and/or releasing of video footage and photos of
    the inside of the Industry's Farms and Slaughterhouses, in order to prevent the general consumer public from knowing the truth about where do their
    meat and dairy products really come from, and how the animals involved are treated throughout their lives and during their slaughter.
    Articles about laws which restrict the Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Press when it comes in conflict with the Animal Farming and Exploitation
    Industries and Businesses' interests can be found here: ... hterhouse/ and here: ... ny/254674/
    -The Meat, Dairy and Eggs Industry and Businesses' advertisement/propaganda has been many times misleading, hiding critical information about how the Farmed Animals
    are treated and what conditions they were provided or about what are the real health dangers of consuming such products on a regular
    basis. On the contrary, Farming Industries and Businesses representatives and salesmen are now known for spreading false
    information about how bad it is for our health to consume products like milk and beef regularly, and even lobbying and
    pressuring doctors to recommend these now disease-causing food products to their patients or more medication to treat the illnesses they cause.

    The people in charge of the Meat, Dairy and Fishing Industries are obviously trying to prevent people from learning about the dangers of consuming/buying animal products to and from learning about different, healthier, and more responsible dietary and lifestyle choices by economically MANIPULATING lawmakers and the media.
  3. The Operation's Objectives are the following:

    -Attack the Modern Animal Farming and Exploitation Industries and Businesses by making the efforts necessary to mine their supports and reduce their profits to the minimum,
    and in this way, force them to put their inhumane, unethical activities to a stop.
    -Expose the everyday practices of animal cruelty carried out by Modern Animal Farming and Exploitation Industries and Businesses, to the maximum number of people, through
    direct actions: Raids/Protests/Demonstration/Performances/Letters to representatives and Online through sharing of Video Footage/Documentaries/Articles/Studies/Webpages/
    /Signature Collections/Fund Raising/E-mailing and Writing Complaints and Reports, to official entities and representatives.
    -Educate all generations on the consequences of supporting financially the Modern Animal Farming and Exploitation Industries and inform everyone about:
    - The dangers of meat, dairy and other animal products consumption for Public and Individual Health. Now known to be related to most of the more common health disorders
    of today: Diabetes, Hearth attacks, High Cholesterol, Digestive problems like Chron's Disease, Colon and Prostate cancer, Overweight issues, and other life-threatening disorders).
    More info on health issues causes by animal products can be found here: ... ancer-risk ;
    here ... mortality/ ;
    here ... ses-cancer and here
    - The consequences of Industrial Worldwide Animal Farming and Exploitation over our Environment (Including: Destruction of natural habitats and ancient forests,
    endangerment of wild species, desertification, global warming and releasing of methane emissions, incalculable pollution of waters and soils,
    and millions of people starving because of the Industry's ineficiency and the poor distribution and waste of huge amounts of cereals, land, water and other resources.
    Information on the consequences of sustaining a Animal Farming Industry can be found here: ... ption.html ,
    here ... -than-cars ,
    here ... vironment/ and here ... the-world/ .
    -Open discussions about the Ethics and Moral Grounds of Animal Experimentation by the Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical Industries.
    -Open discussions about the Ethics and Moral grounds of Eating,Enslaving and Slaughtering Animals in exchange of meat, dairy, eggs, and fish meat and other by-products.
    -Increase Awareness within the world's consumer population about the ethical, environmental and health issues causes by the Modern Animal Farming Industry and Businesses
    and incentivize people to stop buying unethically sourced products, and to stop contributing financially to irresponsible Industries and Businesses.
    -Increase Political Pressure for lawmakers, representatives and producers worldwide to change their passive postures about this matter and take direct action towards the protection of
    the Abused Animals, the Environment, and the Public Health.
    -Incentivize Justice Systems to hold the people responsible for these animal's rights and environmental violations accountable for their actions.
    -Promote the message and/or Protest/Demonstrate always in a non-violent way, respecting the dignity of every living being involved,
    and also the laws and regulations of the country/state in which the activities are being undertaken.
  4. It is possible to find More Information about the Modern Animal Farming and Exploitation's practices and the stories of the Activism against it,

    Which has been researched, documented and presented in:
    -Documentaries, like:
    About the Meat/Dairy Industry:
    - (Lecture) The Best Speech you will Ever Hear, by Gary Yourofsky (find it here )
    -Cowspiracy (available on Netflix and here ... ocker.html and here ... ty-secret/)
    -Earthlings (available here
    -Forks over Knives (available on Netflix and ... -film.html)
    -Lucent (available here and
    -Speciesism: The Movie (available here ... ocker.html)
    -Food, Inc (available here

    About Health, Responsible Choices and Plant-Based Diets:
    -Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead (available on Netflix and here )
    -Simply Raw (available here ... s-30-days/)
    -Vegucated (available here ... ocker.html)

    About (Cyber)Activism:
    -The Internet's Own Boy: The story of Aaron Swartz (available on Netflix and here ... ocker.html)
    -We are Legion (available on Netflix and here ... ocker.html)
    -How to Change the World (available here ... ocker.html)

    -(E)Books, such as:
    -The Animals Activist's Handbook, by Matt Ball and Bruce Friedrich ( ... egrepla-20)
    -Animal Impact: Secrets Proven to Achieve Results and Move the World, by Carin Ginsberg ( ... egrepla-20)
    -How Not to Die, by Michael Greger ( ... not-to-die)
    -Animals like Us, by Mark Rowlands ( ... ls_Like_Us)
    -Main Street Vegan ( ... reet-vegan)

    -Other Activist Groups' Blogs/Webpages, like:
    -Anonymous for the Voiceless - Facebook Page here:
    -Mercy for Animals -
    -Compassion in World Farming -
    -PETA - People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals -
    -Animal Rights UK -
    -The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation -
    -More Activist Groups can be found here: ... hts_groups

    And finally:
    Below, you are able to find a list of The Major Meat Processors in the World,
    The Corporations which hold the BIGGEST ACCOUNTABILITY for these DESTRUCTIVE practices:

    -JBS S.A. -
    -Tyson Foods -
    -Cargill, Inc. -
    -Smithfield Foods -
    More info on the World's top Meat Producers here:
    - (2012)
    - (2011)
  5. Taking all these facts and information in consideration,
    And we are doing our best to put an end to all of these actions.

    So, at that moment in our history, we had 2 choices:
    -To remain passive, and support what is happening,
    -Or to Take Action, and Change it.

    And we have decided that we want Change.
    We want to take Action, today.
    We want to be on the right side of history.

    And we invite you to do it as well.

    We believe that,
    after being fully informed about the degree and number of ethical, environmental, economical and public health violations being done by
    the Modern Animal Farming and Exploitation Industries and Businesses,
    Many Anonymous Activists might be interested in giving a helping hand in this matter.
    That is why we are here.

    We have compiled a list of Suggestions directed to everyone that is interested in joining forces to execute #OPAnimalCruelty:

    -Join the #OPAnimalCruelty Discussion Group thread at AnonBoards -> Operations or at WhyWeProtest -> Events -> Planning

    -Remain Anonymous as best as you can, as the Animal Farming and Exploitation Industries and Businesses has been known to target and harass, in some cases murder, activists that express themselves against their practices. Get informed on how to protest anonymously, both online and offline. Read, think, ask questions before you act.
    -Check out the work of Activist Group 'Anonymous for the Voiceless', an exemplar and efficient Anti-Speciecism Activist Group, as they are currently distributing a Manual for new activist groups to start their own Demonstrations on the streets, city centers and other public places, with the objectives of: exposing the daily practices of animal cruelty to the public done by the Businesses they support; incentivize citizens to start taking direct action; and sharing information on ways to do so. 'Anonymous for the Voiceless's Facebook page can be found here: And Videos of their demonstrations can be found here:
    . If you are interested in the Manual for new activist groups to join efforts with them, contact them and show your interest in participating. Please do not make use of the name 'Anonymous for the Voiceless' without their authorization and without accepting their terms and conditions.
    -Organize your own groups to take direct action. Create, advertise and start your own raids/interventions/protests/exhibitions on the streets, in front of markets and supermarkets,restaurants, government buildings or other locations that you and your group find suitable.
    -Share information and documentaries (after having checked credibility and proper sourcing) on Social Media, and in Real Life with friends, family,coworkers, etc. Raise awareness about the problem, open discussions, question yours and your close one's beliefs.
    -Contact your local/state/national representatives, share information, express your concern, and request and propose better alternatives, more or less regulations, present new ideas and creative projects.
    -Abstain yourself from buying/Boycott ALL Animal-Based Products (such as meat, milk, eggs, yogurts, milk chocolates, egg and milk based cakes, etc).
    This is actually, one of the best thing you can do for this cause and for yourself, as it sends a direct message to the producers, the retailers, and to your local circles, saying that the consumer population DOES NOT WANT products generated through animal cruelty, and this financially
    incentivizes the production, the advertisement, and the sales of more healthy, responsibly sourced products. Buy non-processed, locally-produced food products, and contribute only to companies and businesses you trust and believe in.
    -Participate in other ongoing Petitions/Signature Collections/Campaigns/Rallys that you trust and believe to be beneficial for this cause.

    -Spread the word about #OpAnimalCruelty.
    Anonymous' strength is in our numbers, so EVERYONE that is motivated to join the Operation is invited to do so.
    Feel free to copy and distribute this message.
  6. In Conclusion,

    We are looking for more Activists, all around the world, to join us in executing #OpAnimalCruelty.
    To invent and put in place creative solutions in defeating the Modern Animal Farming and Exploitation Industries and Businesses.

    To create a wave so strong, that will break the chains that these Animal Farming Industries use to enslave the living beings and lands of our planet.
    To present ideas to the circle, to create and operate new projects, and motivate others to join.
    To step towards our common goals, together or independently.
    To take direct actions. Now.
    To join hands, arms and information, against the injustice that is happening right now, before us.

    Join the #OPAnimalCruelty Discussion Group thread at -> Operations ,
    Share your ideas/projects/accomplishments with the work-group.

    We believe it would be useful to gather skills such as:
    -Electronic Communications expertise - for creating anonymous group forum/chat room/base for the new group, and for spreading the word about events/raids/protests,
    making videos/posts go viral.
    -Political Know-How/Political Influence - to assist in the pressuring of representatives, lawmakers, corporations and judges to take beneficial actions.
    -Video/Multimedia and Programming expertise - in order to create videos, webpages, adverts, memes, posts, games, etc.
    -Anonymity expertise - in order to protect the members from exposing their personal identities, becoming more easy targets for big, powerful corporations.
    -Activism experience, Leadership and Group Organization skills - for focalizing members, recruiting new members, provide knowledge and experience to the group,
    share activism tactics and techniques, to organize and advertise online and offline protests/raids/demonstrations.
    -Artists and Designers - to create Webpages, Slogans, Images, Videos, Leaflets, Posters, T-shirts,...
    -Media and Social-Media Expertise/Influence - with the objective of spreading information to the maximum number of people, when needed, making information go viral.

    We invite All those motivated, to join this Operation.

    Do share your proposals, ideas, projects, and comments at AnonBoards or WhyWeProtest #OpAnimalCruelty discussion thread.



    --- #OPAnimalCruelty has Started ---

    We are Legion.

    We do not forgive.
    We do not forget.

    We are Anonymous.

    Expect us.
  7. Somebody is behind the times with this "op". Been there done that.
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  12. UPDATE 23 SEP:
    For those interested in joining,
    #OperationAnimalCruelty is now active on:

    -AnonOps IRC Servers under #OpAnimalCruelty Channel - for Live Chat Discussion (

    -TorBox Anonymous Email address at opanimalcruelty@torbox3uiot6wchz.onion (TorBox Email Onion Page at http://torbox3uiot6wchz.onion/)

    and if you're interested you can also contact the Operation Group by:
    -Posting a Reply or PM #OpAnimalCruelty account at or Boards (at and
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    42. It's the answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe and Everything.
  14. We would like to thank everyone

    For expression their individual opinions, beliefs and information
    We appreciate ALL opinions, ideas and commentaries!

    The Operation's objective is to Increase the Discussion about this topic.

    And Anonymous believes that both Truth and Justice,
    Will always come to the surface.

    We do not forgive.
    We do not forget.

    Expect us.
  15. Cuntsparkle Member

  16. UPDATE:
    25 September

    Operation now working on:

    -Anonymous Video
    -Twitter Account
    -Facebook Account

    All help is welcome.
    PM here
    or join AnonOps IRC - #OpAnimalCruelty Channel

    We are Legion.
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  21. fwiw, peta anti-meat protests are pretty fucking awesome
    if y'all faggots can do better, [[pics or it didnt happen]]


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    PETA is awesome
  23. wat.

    I thought PETA was 100% against animal slavery (aka domestic pets) to the extent they consider euthanasia a preferable alternative to "owning" a dogge or a kitteh. Have they changed their policy position recently?
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    Fuck PETA.

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