Post Rating Abuse.

Discussion in 'Site News and Announcements' started by sue, Apr 17, 2013.

  1. xxoo
  2. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    As far as I can tell, you are already a member, not a guest account. It says so beneath your name in your posts. I don't know of any "upgrades" past being a member.

    As far as voting thumbs up/down: IIRC that is something given to you over time based on factors like number of posts and number of thumbs ups you have. Then again, I am not sure with any degree of certainty how that works. I certainly can't give you that ability (I'm not a global mod). So maybe Sue or a global mod could give you a better answer than me.
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  3. Anonylemmi Member

    I now have the privilege of rating posts. I abuse it daily.
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  4. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    down thumb
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  5. Anonylemmi Member

    Thumb up.
    Edit: I appreciate the jerb you are doing. Keep us honest. But do not try to keep us sober.
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  6. You have now been given a very powerful weapon. It can be used for good and it can be used for evil. Sue and the mods have spent a great deal of time and effort to assure that it's use is regulated for good. Use your new power wisely or they will take it away from you!
  7. White Tara Global Moderator

    The power to taketh away? Were but it true :)
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  8. Sue has the power to taketh away for you.
  9. Disambiguation Global Moderator

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  10. Anonylemmi Member

    If you remove your downvote, the charity of your choice will receive from me $3.00 and one of Alecto's shirt buttons.
  11. Perfecto Member

  12. Perfecto Member

    WTF is going on here?
  13. Perfecto Member

    I'm going to report myself for spamming. :confused:
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  14. Anonylemmi Member

    As well you should. :D
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  15. Perfecto Member

    I was going to post you a pic of my shirt buttons and I messed up. And in all honesty I did report myself.:p Before you got the chance.:D
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  16. Ersatz Global Moderator

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  17. Perfecto Member

    Fanks Ersatz!
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  18. Only people that agree with mods get voting privs. Just like the Cult.
    This message by no<34mods has been hidden due to negative ratings. (Show message)
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  19. Anonylemmi Member

    I agree with you.
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  20. Perfecto Member

    I'm agreeing wif de mods.
  21. Anonylemmi Member

    Should I have put a little moar sarcasm into it?
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  22. White Tara Global Moderator

    Spoken like a true guest :)
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  23. Perfecto Member

    Nah you got it right first time.;)
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  24. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    I removed my down thumb simp,ly because you asked nicely. See? See how easy life can be?
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  25. Anonylemmi Member

    I see what you did there. ;)
  26. fishypants Moderator

    ^ This is incorrect information. Mere agreement is an insufficient bribe, sexual favours are required.
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  27. Fix the anon button and I am sure the # of guests will decrease.
    This message by TrueGuest has been hidden due to negative ratings. (Show message)
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  28. Perfecto Member

    No no no sexual favours don't work and I have proof of that. If you want dox go to the Anonymous reply button, it's all there in black and white.
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  29. As ifness Member

    I always considered it more of a duty than a favour.
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  30. Woo Hah Member

    I'm trying to abuse post ratings like the thread title requests, but I'm having difficulty. Can a mod kindly explain how I abuse post ratings, cause I is confused : (
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  31. Anonylemmi Member

    I am not a mod, but I am sure you will figure it out.
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  32. Woo Hah Member

    Gottit. Thanks.

    I undid the rating...)
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  33. Woo Hah Member

    So, abuse would be like logging in with 10 different socks and each sock downvoting a particular post.

    That doesn't sound so hard.

    So what's the complaint?
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  34. Anonylemmi Member

    Goddomot. I edited too slow.
    Ty for the rating.
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  35. Anonylemmi Member

    Socks is cheating! I guess I should get me some.
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  36. White Tara Global Moderator

    Fuck socks, nothing like nekid feet!
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  37. fishypants Moderator

    Only one can no longer do that because each new sock wouldn't have voting rights until it's made a positive contribution to the community (as computer-judged by Sue's secret algorithm).

    Newly created accounts don't have voting rights any more.

    There isn't one, is that? I suppose OSA might have one.

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  38. Woo Hah Member

    nekid feet can't troll like socks can.
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  39. Anonylemmi Member

    From now on, I have decided to use my Post Rating Supah Powahs only for good.
    Unless I get drunk again or something.
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  40. Jesus Loves You!

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