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Discussion in 'Production Studio' started by WMAnon, Dec 8, 2012.

  1. Anonymous Member

    That's the original site. The new site hasn't gone live yet.
  2. themadhair Member

    Yeah, hence the whole new website being worked on.

    Based on past experience with a host of projects, what will happen is that the workload will come down to 1 or 2 or (if we are really lucky) 3 people. Making the update process as easy and quick as possible is a must – that portion has been solved. The second challenge is chasing down groups and seeing if they still exist, and updating/removing as needed. I’m building tools to help with that (keeping contact names, automatic check for dead links, easier submission process, recording attempts at contacting groups, etc.).
    It can be a pain the arse and, when there is more important shit to be done, is easily ignored. If the process were automated then things would run a lot more smoothly. Blue did the heavy lifting in the past, and the little bit I was doing was a lot more time consuming that you might realise. Lessons have been learned, and tools are being developed as we speak to help with this.
    What I am going with at the moment is a checkbox (Is the group still active y/n) in the back end. When marked inactive the group is removed from the live listings. The group will still show up in searches, but with a message that the group has been marked as inactive (and to contact us if this is in error).
    That’s the old site. The new is being developed. Please give me some time to build the back stuff that will make our lives so much easier in keeping it up-to-date.
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  3. PresidentShaw Member


  4. themadhair Member

    The php coding has been done and the site is ready to be populated. We have listings from Chanology as a base, and will be adding to those as we scope out groups concerned with other projects.

    I am now officially requesting volunteers. You tasks will include:
    - Reaching out to anon groups to get logos, weblinks, descriptions and whatever initiatives such groups are pursuing.
    - Data entry to the website.
    - Taking charge of ‘overseeing’ groups as they are populated into our database.

    The website (which will be officially launched soon) has a plethora of tools to help with these tasks, and to allow collaboration with others in tracking groups. I might need to give a crash course on its features as needed.

    The following areas of expertise and skills are particularly sought:
    - Knowledge on occupy groups
    - Knowledge of the Arab Spring and related revolutionary groups
    - Knowledge of FoI & Net Neutrality groups
    - Knowledge of Trolling sites
    - Knowledge of anonymous sites that specialise in making resources available
    - Ability to spot bullshit, moonbat and conspiracy nonsense

    A bit of know-how on Wordpress would be nice, but I think the set-up is easy enough for this not to be a deal breaker.

    All interested parties either post here or pm me/HOC.
  5. DO NOT betray and muddy the old anon name and site by including fucking occupy groups and other disgusting political bullshit. That is all.
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  6. Odjn Member

    I'm interested.
  7. themadhair Member

    Sorry, but making any kind of determination on that is making an even bigger mockery of any ‘old anon name’. By the same argumentation you could make an even stronger case that Chanology was the worst offender in betrayal and muddying the ‘old anon name’. No other cause managed to, in effect, long September /b/ for example.

    It is intended to be a directory listing of all groups self-identifying or using the methods of anonymous. That’s it. And it would be extremely foolish to ignore groups in the occupy category when some of them actually do get shit done.

    The compromise we’ve reached is to use a ‘moonbat’ warning for any groups that are full of faggotry. That seems like a much fairer (and frankly lulzier) solution.
    I have no idea who you are, which is problematic for a guy with trust issues.
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  8. rickybobby Member

    I can donate a few hours here and there. I am smart but not a computerfag, could prolly help with simple data entry and internet research. Can spot bullshit from space. Would be good at visiting, sorting through and categorizing submitted websites. Please PM me when needed, since I don't check this thread often.
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  9. Odjn Member

    I'm with Motherfuckery and I do some organization work with them.
  10. themadhair Member

  11. Anonymous Member

    so interesting
  12. themadhair Member

    Yes. The thread on the Swissanons forum was posted about an hour after the pm, and I have not had a response to the pm.
  13. themadhair Member

    Helpful note to anon groups worldwide:

    Many of you, on your websites, ask for others to ‘join us’. I can only presume that the reason you have posed ‘join us’ is because you hope to attract new participants to your particular activism and projects.

    If you wish to be successful in your ‘join us’ endeavours, and would in fact like to have new recruits, then it might be helpful if you checked your fucking emails once in a while. It might also be helpful for this endeavour if you also approved new registrations to your websites/forums every now and then.

    This helpful message brought to by a frustrated narky prick.
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  14. themadhair Member

    Some updates and a question to the hive in terms of philosophy.

    First the updates: Switzerland is dead. Belgium is dead. Berlin is full of useless faggots. Some Toronto anons still exist but there is feck all to direct newfags to.

    Needed: Failbookfag.
    What is badly missing at the moment is a Failbookfag to contact the groups based on Failbook. We have a list of such groups already and could really use someone with a sock failbook to hit them up for additional details.

    We’ve been making additional listings to the website. This Russian version of ED is my particular favourite:


    Now to the question of philosophy. When StillAlive started it was intended to be a way for people to find anon groups, thereby facilitating participation in anon-based initiatives. But what about websites that either do not allow participation or otherwise have no forum/mechanism to allow participation? Should such websites be listed? This is a tricky question.

    A good example of a website that doesn’t facilitate participation that I think should be listed is this one: This is a one-stop-shop for Brazilian up-to-date news on anonymous-related topics from Brazil’s perspective, and as such I feel it gives considerable value to deserve a listing.

    By contrast, this website is fucking useless: Far too many sites out there have sparse information and no working mechanism to contact those behind the site (I’m practically collecting inactive email addresses at this stage). The problem with this site isn’t just that it is useless, but that it has no means whatsoever to encourage the sort of participation needed to become less useless. I also have concerns over linking to twitter accounts (eg: ) which, likewise, have no means of encouraging participation nor do they provide a wealth of information that would warrant listing.

    I’m throwing this out there for additional comment and consideration.
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    If a site publishes timely news on anonymous -related topics I'm in favor of including them. Some groups may not have the time or interest to devote to moderating trolls, skids and other assorted faggots in comments or a forum. Anyone who has run a site for any length of time knows it is a guaranteed time sucker. If info is helpful and thought-provoking I'm all for listing the url.
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    It looks like the voxanon network is dead btw, perhaps it can be removed from public listings?
  17. themadhair Member

    ^ Put into the inactive category.
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  19. Anonymous Member

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  20. rickybobby Member

    Still need FB fags?
  21. HOC Member

    We'd love more FB users for the team! :)

    If you wish, we can set you up with a user account on anonstillalive now.
  22. Anonymous Member

    She already has one afaik
  23. rickybobby Member

  24. HOC Member

    Cool, you can start right away then :D
  25. It would good if We all could get many countries back one big Raids in 2023 . Return of Chanology against Scientology and other Dangerous cult Sects like Westboro Baptist church Mega churches . This would take alot of planning and will bring alot new people to Anonymous also we can organise get information out about Scientology and other Dangerous maybe if Event was organised for April like how things happen in 2008 , now 2023 new start New year Raids . It's possible to get this up running but it needs many people involved .

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