Scientology does not deliver what`s promised.

Discussion in 'Freedom of Expression' started by randomx, Feb 24, 2009.

  1. randomx Member

    Scientology does not deliver what`s promised.

    Repost from kiwianon board. Posted by ididntcomeback

    Peppered all through Hubbard`s books and lectures are assurances about
    the longevity of clears and OTs.
    If you read about the capabilities of a trained, in ethics, scientologist,
    you are reading about a master race.
    All the usual health issues that plague the rest of humanity are
    things that the scientologist never need worry about.

    It`s part of what keeps the scientologist on board.

    "Oh well my life has been one of suffering, self sacrifice, poverty,
    humiliation, and deprivation ...but at least I`ll always have my health."

    Before Mike Ferris took over the Office of special affairs in New Zealand, he had a
    predecessor named Bruce Gibson.
    Bruce has been an FSM, and a field auditor, flitting between
    Sydney, Australia and South Africa since leaving OSA in 1983 or thereabouts.
    He has been a dedicated full time scientologist for the last forty years at least.
    He recently turned 65 and decided to get health insurance in South Africa.

    Hubbard instructs scientologists not to get insurance.
    Invest in your (scio) self instead is what Hubbard recommends.
    So what`s up there ? Why would Bruce go against Hubbard`s advice.???

    During the insurance qualifying medical it was discovered that Bruce has
    prostate cancer.

    He has returned to Sydney from South Africa to undergo surgery.

    Why isn`t he getting auditing ?
    What overts did he commit to pull in this worst case scenario ?
    Why do scientologists have to come here to find out about facts like this ?

    Are the top brass afraid that this information will be proof positive that
    Scientology takes everything you have and has nothing to offer when
    you actually need help ?

    Oh but we can give him assists ?
    Bruce is scheduled for surgery. That`s a lifetime scientologists vote of
    who he has confidence in.

    Good luck Bruce.
    Hope you stop phoning people who know me and asking after me
    when you get back on your feet.

    Dumb fuck !!
  2. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Re: Scientology does not deliver what`s promised.

    Interesting example.
  3. vegnej Member

    Re: Scientology does not deliver what`s promised.

    On the contrary i think alot of them especially SO members die before their time, what with rpf, scrimping and saving to buy the next course, it surprised me how many have died in middle age. In fact it would be interesting to compile statistics regarding average age of death, one thing which does go against them, most of them are hooked on cigarettes. !!
  4. basil Member

    Re: Scientology does not deliver what`s promised.

    ... which given their anti-drugs stance, the fact that nicotine is a highly dangerous and addictive substance always makes me wonder how nobody correlates the two.

    I know Hubbard said the best way to avoid cancer was to smoke more ... but still.
  5. webkilla Member

    Re: Scientology does not deliver what`s promised.

    there's your answer dude - i mean, since when has LRH's "advice" ever made sense?
  6. kitfisto Member

    Re: Scientology does not deliver what`s promised.

    Better advertising through rediculous lies . And thats why I flag every single video on the official cos youtube account that way .
  7. Nataku Member

    Re: Scientology does not deliver what`s promised.

  8. tommydavis Member

    Re: Scientology does not deliver what`s promised.

    Yep fact is Scientologies only answer to anything is lies

    I had a local ot5 tell me he had cancer cured on ot5. Then an ot7 complete recently died of cancer.? They are so mind fucked logic is beyond them.
  9. fitch2000 Member

    Re: Scientology does not deliver what`s promised.

  10. I'm looking for Bruce Gibson. I got him involved in Scientology many moons ago; something I deeply regret. It appears he had that operation about four years ago. Can anyone give me an address or phone number, email?
  11. The Wrong Guy Member

  12. Anonymous Member

  13. His Wife Marlene is on FB, Pretty sure she can put you in touch.

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