Scientology in the Netherlands

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  1. TrevAnon Member

    Scientology in the Netherlands

    Found a report in Dutch on the net, to be found (among others) at:

    Rapport subcommissie sekten Tweede Kamer Commissie volksgezondheid

    and I am now starting a translation into English. It is a report on cults (only the part about Scientology) from Dutch Parliament. I know it's from 1984, but I think it is interesting for other anons. It gives an overview of Scientology, and describes the Scientology activities in the Netherlands.

    In about a week from now I hope to publish a rough translation.
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  2. theclut Member

  3. theclut Member

    Re: Scientology in the Netherlands

    Just read the report.

    Die verandering is niet geweest sinds het artikel uit 1984.
  4. TrevAnon Member

    Re: Scientology in the Netherlands

    Although the subcommission (which doesn't exist anymore) was rather negative about Scientology the Dutch government 1984 decided there were no reasons to act against the cult.

    There was some follow up on the report. In 1996 Bert Bakker, then Member of Parliament for D'66, one of the parties in the government, asked the government if it remembered this report. The government answered it did, and amended that there still were no reasons to act against the cult. (Dutchfags: look for KVR2794 on De Tweede Kamer: Parlando (!), choose "Uitgebreid zoeken".)

    As far as I know it has been quiet ever since, so I wouldn't count on the Dutch government to prepare any actions now.
  5. theclut Member

    Re: Scientology in the Netherlands

    I know, the media doesn't give a poep either but that might change after the next peaceful protest.
  6. TrevAnon Member

    Re: Scientology in the Netherlands

    Well, here it is, a raw translation of the document mentioned above. It consists of 36 pages, so it was quite a job.

    In one ZIP I have enclosed a DOC and PDF version, in the other ZIP there is the TXT version. :text:

    If there is any trouble in downloading, I'd like to hear about it.

    Hope you like it.

    TL;DR :

    This report, from 1984, describes the rise, the organisation structure, and the belief system of Scientology. Then it focuses on Scientology in the Netherlands.

    What Dutch government decided after the report was published, and what was the follow up on this, is mentioned above.
  7. newfaq2000 Member

    Re: Scientology in the Netherlands

    Great work, downloading it now!
  8. TrevAnon Member

    Thread necromancy because of

    Dutch government is currently doing a re-assessment of cults in the Netherlands. [dutch]

    Anyone who would like to contribute can do so at [also dutch]
  9. Anonymous Member

    Hey Trev, I assure you that the WODC has received all pertinent information from at least one Anon source. In fact, the current version of is based on information which I have sent to the WODC in the past few months. So far, they have not deemed it necessary to invite said Anon for a meeting but alas, I guess that without personal experiences there is little else that can be added by me.

    But thanks for the sekten-info link. I was not aware of it, and I will most certainly fill in the questionnaire...
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  10. TrevAnon Member

    The new study has been published together with comment from the Dutch government: [dutch]

    The report also is in Dutch but it has an English summary from which I copy the concluding remarks below.

    Our My favourite cult Scientology is only mentioned a few times in the report.

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  11. Anonymous Member

    How does this title translate best to English?:
    Aanbiedingsbrief onderzoeksrapport over sektenproblematiek aan Tweede Kamer

    "Submission letter: Investigative Report on Cult Issues to The House"?
  12. TrevAnon Member

    ^^ Good enough for me. :)
  13. dilna Member

    me tooooo:D:D
  14. CarlosAPV Member

    Finished is not read , but can say in conclusion: sientology is a good thing or just the opposite ? (as you can see my English is not very good, I hope you can understand)

    And... Thanks is advance
  15. TrevAnon Member


    Good grief :eek:

    Lurk moar. Srsly.

    If you don't want to, then you probably deserve forced abortion, disconnection, etcetera, etcetera.

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