Senator Xenophon Scientology Speech - Media Coverage Megathread

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    Re: Senator Xenophon Scientology Speech - Media Coverage Megathread

    It's pronounced XENUphon
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    Re: Senator Xenophon Scientology Speech - Media Coverage Megathread

    After Dutch paper Het Parool (which is mostly based in and around Amsterdam, where the Dutch org is) now the paper Trouw, which is being sold all over the Netherlands, has an article.

    Link: Australische senator wil verbod op ’criminele’ scientologykerk - Trouw

    Rough translation:

    Australian Senator wants ban on 'criminal' scientology church

    The Church of Scientology in Australia is under fire. A senator is preparing legislation that threatens the survival of the church, because it is a "criminal organization" hiding under the guise of a church.

    In France the anti-Scientologists failed this fall in getting a court to prohibit the Scientology church. The Australian Senator Nick Xenophon want to enable that on the other side of the world by filing of a law. That would make the existence of the Church illegal.

    Freedom of religion is not prejudiced thereby, says Xenophon. "Scientology is not a religious society, but a criminal organization that hides behind so called religious beliefs."

    The Church of Scientology is supposed to be guilty "of abuse and crime all over the world", said Xenophon in parliament.

    The church accused the Senator of making unsubstantiated allegations and accuses him of abuse of the immunity that a senator enjoys during sessions of parliament.

    Besides criticism of the church, Xenophon has in recent days been given critical acclaim. In the newspaper “The Australian” Prime Minister Rudd supports Xenophon, because "many people in Australia are worried about Scientology, and I share these concerns".

    Rudd is does not yet support the bill of the Senator, at first further research is needed. The latter Xenophon agrees with: he wants a parliamentary investigation into Scientology, which has a Janus face: the 'church' offers support to members, but it also deceives members and acts out of paranoia. According to Xenophon the church intimidates members, squeezes them off, forcing them to seek abortion and "tortures them psychologically". He refers to the conviction of Scientologists in France and current affairs in the U.S. and Belgium.

    In Australia, Scientology was long banned. Until 1983, then the Supreme Council allowed the Scientology church as a religious movement, and Scientology obtained privileges thereto belonging, such as tax exemption.

    The church argues that Xenophon has come to stir by ex-members of Scientology, who now 'spread hatred'. Their criticism would not make sense, because it comes from people who "are notorious for their unreliability”.
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    Re: Tonight: Talking Heads: Nick Xenophon - October 11

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    Re: Senator Xenophon Scientology Speech - Media Coverage Megathread

    i love you, nick.

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    haha! Roland Barth gives him goosebumps!
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    We had him in visio conference last week in parliament in Paris(anonymous was there), i mean not under the parliament,but inside. Good luck to you!hello and brotherhood from Paris. See about OP redmail(so funny!)
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    That Press Release gives me a Malware warning...

    And, Aussies, please tell me it's not right!
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    This appears interesting:

    ACNC Could Investigate Church of Scientology

    Posted: Tuesday, June 30, 2015 - 11:38

    Author: Xavier Smerdon

    The national charity regulator has told an Australian Senator that it has the power to investigate allegations of abuse within the Church of Scientology and review its charity status.

    In a letter to Independent Senator Nick Xenophon, seen by Pro Bono Australia News, Director of Compliance and Reporting at the ACNC, Stewart Donaldson, said concerns raised about the Church of Scientology in Australia had been looked at.

    It follows a request from Xenophon in April this year that the charity status of Scientology be reviewed following fresh allegations of abuse which were aired in the documentary Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief.

    “The ACNC has completed an initial evaluation of these concerns and viewed the Going Clear documentary,” Donaldson said in the letter.

    “We have concluded that the concerns you raised are within the ACNC’s jurisdiction to the extent that they are occurring after the commencement of the ACNC in December 2012 and relate to ACNC governance standards, reporting and record keeping obligations and entitlement to registration under the ACNC Act 2012 and the Charities ACT 2013.”

    Donaldson said the ACNC could take a range of actions against the Church of Scientology, including encouraging it to conduct a self-evaluation, launching its own investigation or review, or reviewing the church’s entitlement to registration as a charity.

    He said the ACNC may also decide to take no action “until further evidence is available”.
    Xenophon told Pro Bono Australia News that he was not convinced the Church of Scientology deserved to be registered as a charity.

    “An organisation that is receiving tax-exempt status ought to be subject to some scrutiny,” he said.
    He said Australia should look to the example of the United Kingdom, which has refused to give charity status to Scientology since 1999 because it has no “public benefit arising out of the practice of Scientology”.

    In an official statement to Pro Bono Australia News a spokesperson from the ACNC said the regulator was limited in what it could say about the investigation.

    “We take all concerns about registered charities seriously. Where there is evidence of serious mismanagement or misappropriation, a serious, persistent or deliberate breach of the ACNC Act, or where vulnerable people or significant charitable assets are at risk, the ACNC will act firmly and quickly,” the spokesperson said.

    “The ACNC works with other government bodies and agencies to ensure an appropriate whole-of-government approach is taken to compliance and enforcement matters. If we have any concerns about the charity or the people involved, we will contact the relevant enforcement agency.

    “Due to the secrecy provisions within the ACNC Act, we are unable to comment on specific cases and what action we may or may not take.”

    President of the Church of Scientology Australia, Vicki Dunstan, told Pro Bono Australia News that she was confident that the church should remain a registered charity.

    “Not only does the Church know it is a charity but others who are qualified to pass judgment also affirm this,” Dunstan said.

    “The Church of Scientology is a charitable organization recognized by a unanimous decision of five Judges of the High Court of Australia in 1983 and we remain so today. Nothing has changed.”

    Dunstan pointed to large amounts of humanitarian undertaken by the church as a justification for its charity status.

    In more damning allegations, the President of a Not for Profit organisation that specialises in protecting people from cults has accused the Church of Scientology and the Exclusive Brethren of being cults that are hiding behind their charity status.

    This week Pro Bono Australia News conducted an investigation into what differentiates a charity from a cult.

    Read the full story here. <----- links to here: ‘Cults’ Hiding as Charities
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    LRH: Butt, Butt .........Just because Scientology is always the main beneficiary of its own 'charitable' work, don't they understand that Hubbard said:

    ''It's for the greatest good on the greatest number of dynamics in Scientology.''

    This justifies any and all crimes of every Scientologist following LRH illegal and abusive policies. Crimes in the Wog world are not crimes in Scientology world per LRH.

    Both worlds only recourse is to the Scientology International Justice Chief.
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    " including encouraging it to conduct a self-evaluation, launching its own investigation or review"

    now THAT is funny
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    Even if their "charity is viewed as social betterment by those who do not know better, it doesn't give the COS the right to abuse people. Charity does not = ok to commit crimes and abuses.
    Get that Vicious Dunderhead?
    Your claims *cough* I mean lies about the COS being charitable DOESN'T MATTER WHEN PEOPLE ARE BEING ABUSED AND TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF!
    Tax exemption? YANK IT!!
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  14. Did someone say Vicious Dunderhead? V.D.?
    Original squirrelbuster OT VIII Jon Allender fits the bill?
    (A tip of the hat to Sponge for this WWP Hall of Fame Shoop.)
    Operating Thetans are all operating under the influence of LRH processing (Scary operation)............

    Oh, sorry, I thought someone said Dildo............My bad......
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    yikes! I almost forgot about that pic. LOL
    Vicious Dunderhead as in Vickie Dunstan
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