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    Grand jury to look further into Steubenville rape case

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    Evaluation of evidence delays grand-jury testimony in Steubenville rape case

    DeWine, without offering further details, said the delay relates to his office’s continuing evaluation of evidence.

    “We have to do this right,” DeWine said on Thursday. “We are still evaluating and going through some evidence, and we do not want to start this process until we have done that.”
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    The prosecutor tells us the local police collected all the evidence right away. Bloggers and activists aren't responsible for re-opening the case. Instead the video of the girl was seen by millions instead of the 50 people that would have seen it if we had all just ignored the rape and cover
    How can LE believe a violent act can be kept secret and justice still served?
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    Steubenville Rape: Grand Jury Will Decide Whether More Laws Were Broken In Ohio Football Rape Case

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    Updated: 5:16 p.m. Thursday, April 25, 2013 | Posted: 2:39 p.m. Thursday, April 25, 2013
    Search warrants executed in Steubenville teen rape investigation at high school, stadium, board of education offices

    Search warrants were executed Thursday in the Ohio Attorney General's ongoing investigation in connection with the Steubenville teen rape case.

    Search warrants were executed at the following locations:

    • Steubenville Board of Education offices and other facilities
    • Steubenville High School
    • Vestige Ltd. in Medina County

    Also: Yipeeayaeeeee!
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    A snip from a related huffpo article:

    Search warrants were also executed at Vestige Ltd., a digital evidence company in northeastern Ohio, in addition to Steubenville High School and the offices of the Steubenville school board in eastern Ohio, DeWine said. The search warrants are part of an attempt to learn whether other laws were broken in connection with the rape.
    "What I hope people will believe when we're done is that we did everything we could to find the truth and that justice was done," DeWine said in an interview.
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    Your image ling is borked. Will be happy to fix if you can tell me what it was suppose to be.
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    Coach describes one of the boys as humble. What a crock, there is nothing in the crimes that would indicate any level of humility. Just obscene levels of arrogance and entitlement.
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    The Steubenville, Ohio Rape Case Is Far From Over

    Alexander Abad-Santos, The Atlantic Wire
    /SNIP/ My bold below/

    As to who might be in trouble next, attention may be shifting to adults, both educators at Steubenville High and the parents involved in the parties. Could electronic records at the school and elsewhere provide evidence for charges?
    The search on Thursday, after all, wasn't limited to the school: The AP reports that the offices of the city school board were also searched, along with "Vestige Ltd., a digital evidence company in northeastern Ohio."
    According to its website, Vestige aspires to be "the leading provider of Computer Forensic services for the use in civil litigation, law enforcement, criminal proceedings and corporate policy administration."
    In short, they help their clients and attorneys with digital data. That could point to possible Internet correspondence or smartphone usage, which became a signature of a rape trial full of tweets, text messages, and lurid videos.
    Specifics will be hard to come by in the week ahead, and while DeWine has dismissed rumors of a police cover-up, his grand jury investigation may now turn to focus on police finding new details about other adults — perhaps the most famous one in all of Steubenville.
    The Powerful Coach Speaks: A Centerpiece of the New Investigation?

    Steubenville head football coach Reno Saccoccia, fresh off a two-year renewal of his contract in a secondary role as Steubenville High's director of administrative services, granted a rare (if brief) interview this week to the Cleveland Plain Dealer's Christopher Evans.
    Saccoccia did not confirm or deny the suggestion — raised in court and playing out across social media and many online protests calling for him to be investigated or fired by the school — that he knew about the attack and tried to protect his players:
    "Do you think I knew about it?" Saccoccia asks me.
    "Evidence suggests you did," I tell him.
    "I have no comment," Saccoccia says.
    That isn't very revealing. But, considering Saccoccia's past run-ins with reporters, like when he got "nearly nose to nose" with The New York Times last fall — "You're going to get yours," he said, "and if you don't get yours, somebody close to you will" — the new interview is actually pretty civil.
    But it leaves open the question about how much Saccoccia knew, when he knew it, and whether he reported anything to the school or the authorities. During the trial last month, evidence pointed to Mays, the Steubenville quarterback convicted on multiple counts, having sent this text message to a friend:
    I got Reno. He took care of it and shit ain't gonna happen, even if they did take it to court. Like he was joking about it so I’m not worried.
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    It appears it was :


    Copy the real link would have worked better, above :D
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    Grand jury begins work in Steubenville rape investigation

    COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) - An eastern Ohio grand jury has begun investigating whether other laws were broken in the case of a 16-year-old girl raped by two high school football players.

    The grand jury held its first session Tuesday in Steubenville.

    Possible crimes being investigated include situations where adults like coaches or school administrators knew of the rape allegation but failed to report it as required by Ohio law.

    Continued at
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