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  1. HOC Member


    I have been asked by a few people, including 2 volunteers who work at Perverted Justice and to create a thread with some suggestions.

    • How to avoid investigations being ruined due to entrapment.
    • Contacting the Administrator/s of Perverted Justice for new ideas on how WWP can help further.
    • Posting the legal guidelines of various WWP users' countries regarding Child Pornography and Pedophilia.
    • Making a note for US users that having child pornography on their hard drives, even if it is intended to be used as evidence to try and have someone arrested, can still result in charges and will result in the hard drive being confiscated by the FBI.
    Thanks. :)
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  2. Anonymous Member

    All excellent.
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  3. HOC Member

    Also a suggestion of my own, if I may:

    This is not AnonOps/Voxanon/Anonnet. Importation of drama to WhyWeProtest is still an offense and I will see to the matter personally if users import drama. This forum is dedicated to making some positive change and not in the most important slap fight of your life. Thanks.
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  4. FloGold Moderator

    We have always worked closely with the Center for Missing and Exploited Children, but the tiptoe around the tulips with us because of the association with Anonymous.
    I will have to go looking through my archives of info but they did give us some good tips for handling the reporting of Child Pornography to the police.
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  5. Ersatz Global Moderator

    And if HOC is not online I will.
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  6. FloGold Moderator

    Oh i know that Hoc, just felt like I needed to mention them to make my point clear, I know that wwp does not associate with them, but like I said before, I will use any means at my disposal to spread the message of child sexual abuse on social medias.
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  7. carrolskeri Member

    FlowGold, I am happy to reach out to them as a "known" liaison and glean any helpful information from them. Just let me know, anything I can do to help.
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  8. HOC Member

    That sounds like an excellent start to me.

    I also have a bit of unexpected free time on my hands, so I'm happy to start work on the suggestions I outlined in my OP straight away. However, it is quite a large project so I will need some help. For those who would like to lend a hand, feel free to contact me wherever you find me. (aka Here or on IRC).
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  9. carrolskeri Member

    Then if I'm going to come out to Center for Missing and Exploited Children, no sense in anyone else coming out too right now, if you'd like, I'll reach out to Perverted Justice too. Looking at their page, they seem to have a predilection with working with "knowns". Also, maybe they'll answer some of the other questions you posed in your earlier post.
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  10. FloGold Moderator

    pm me so i can give you my contact info so we can make this happen ok?
  11. HOC Member

    That'd be great. Thanks very much. Please let me know how things go. :)
  12. carrolskeri Member

    Sure thing...
  13. HOC Member

    Just as a heads up, some of us are working on the above bullet point. Help, as always, is appreciated. :)
  14. FloGold Moderator

    Thank you papa!!!
    You are the best!
  15. PresidentShaw Member

  16. Anonymous Member

    HOC's first suggestion-
    How to avoid investigations being ruined due to entrapment.

    This is a universal problem.
    Here's part of the Wiki article

  17. Anonymous Member

    My personal experience turning information over to NCMEC went both ways. Once they took the information and called me back for more details (Dark and funky/Comfy Cosy,- a string of myspace accounts enticing girls.) the next time they told me that I might be interfering with a ongoing investigation.(viceguy- a teacher who posted child porn and boasted about girlfriends who were teens). In the first case I just collected accounts and lists of friends, in the second case I'd tried tracking him down from his posts -got it down to the town, neighborhood and favorite bookstore.
    So my experience is LE wants a compilation of public information, not an investigation.
    Investigating is more fun *sigh*
  18. Anonymous Member

  19. Anonymous Member
    Re: HOCs topic #4
    This is what NOT to do.

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