Sydney 14 May 2011 Operation West Side Story

Discussion in 'Asia Pacific' started by OneOneWasARacecar, May 14, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Is this joking "professional" boxer self-employed or is he working for one of these promoters (or whatever they're called)? Because not too many promoters like it when their boxers are are involved in street fights or similar shenanigans. At least they don't where I live. Anyway, just a thought.
  2. DeathHamster Member

  3. xenubarb Member

    I don't know bout no boxing, but it's not true that you have to "register your hands" as a martial artist. That was something Hollywood made up. However, I think you are correct in that a trained martial artist isn't the same thing as an angry bum on the sidewalk.

    It's like the diff between a pit bull attack and a dalmation. Both dogs bite, only one breed has been bred such that the jaw muscles are a friggin weapon.
  4. DeathHamster Member

    In Canada, it seems to be a factor to be considered. As in, if you hit someone and break their jaw, with martial training you can't use the "Oops, I didn't mean to do that" defense. It would be assumed that you knew what you were doing and it was your intent to break their jaw. (No, I don't know why someone with martial training would hit someone in the jaw, that was just an example I saw.)
  5. xenubarb Member

    Yeah, the old "I didn't know it was loaded" won't fly here.
  6. Anonymous Member

    He is long retired.
  7. DeathHamster Member

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  8. Anonymous Member

    LOL, Kingi you fat cunt... we got you now!
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  9. anonsparrow Member

    Wow.. way to keep cool everyone. Disaster averted and volcano recorded.
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  14. Ogsonofgroo Member

    By his (shitty) record alone, Joe Kingi is what is known as a 'pug', a semi-skilled punching bag thrown into fights to make other fighters look good and move up the ranks. He's a perfect fall-guy for the cult because he seems to be too stoopid to know when he's in a bad situation. Be assured the cult will use him then lose him. I assume he has taken lots of hits to the head and may not be stable, brain damage etc. (perfect scilon shill imho), so please be aware of this fuck and always watch yer wimmens/peeps backs and keep the cameras rollin'. This putz will fuck up badly, it is only a matter of time given the company he hangs out with.
    My opinion.

    Play safe, play smart, eat tonnes of caek and keep the bbq's hot!

    <3 you All!

    Edit addition> In Canada, if you are trained to use your hands in a lethal manner then you are in possetion of a weapon. Using these weapons for anything other than training or self -defence can land you in all sorts of shit, do not ask me how I know ;)
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  15. thefatman Member


    Dude, Tom Selleck called, he's suing you, in England, over your mustache.


    And your car is illegally parked, dickwad.
  16. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Cool protest (bro).

    Why did Kook assault Cyrus, though?

  17. thefatman Member

    Legally speaking, Kook was well within her rights to push Cyrus away, he repeatedly not only got in her face but did so while using his height advantage to not only lean into her face but to lean over her as he tried to harass her. Kook was merely extending her arm in an attempt to remove him from her personal space, no harm either intended or caused.
  18. JohnnyRUClear Member



    ...I was also wondering how the idea emerged that Cyrus was "using his gender" somehow. He only has one gender to work with, so it's not as though he clicked on "male" before engaging; was there a sexyouall aspect to any of his behavior? I didn't notice that but I really need to get some sleep. (It took me three passes before I spotted the high five.)
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  19. Anonymous Member

    Jo Kingi telling his story on a youtube promoting the Success Summit 2011 a WISE program promoting LRH Management technology.

  20. Anonymous Member

    That is unconfirmed. It will remain unconfirmed.
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  21. thefatman Member

    I had the video of Kingi ready to upload, uploaded it and it cut out well before I'd wanted it to :( I'll have to fix this asap.
  22. thefatman Member


    New video showing the Kingi assault:

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  23. That is horrible. You have 50 second of Kingi's ass. Oh the Humanity.
  24. thefatman Member

    I'm worried you chose to count :p
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  25. Barbie Member

    It really was much scarier than it looks! I don't even know what possessed me to stand my ground. I am sure I would not have if I had known who he was. After the cops making me take off my mask and then being confronted by ToJo I think I was just over it. All I wanted was a bit of common courtesy. I am glad he said please in the end. Third time is the charm ;-)
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  26. ^^ He seems like a nasty piece of work. Have a look at his story, though. He is uneducated, raised in a racist environment and Scientology were the first people who reached out to him. He was bullied quite a lot, and he had a boxing career which was little more than a punching bag. Personally, I feel sorry for him. He is still dangerous, but I feel sorry for him.
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  27. They offered him a belief that allowed him to feel that he was smarter than those terrible white people he was brought up to hate and that wouldn't teach him. They got to him the day after he arrived in Australia. He will go down with the ship. I suspect he will be even more dangerous as it is sinking. We should have cameras whenever he is around.
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  28. thefatman Member

    Oh but we will.
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  29. Asexi Member

    Oh feel the burn Sydney scieno cult freaks, Jan Eastgate going on trial for perverting the course of justice and covering for pedophiles!!!, damn wonder if Sydney Anonymous will be crass enough to put that on their next raid placard?!?
  30. thefatman Member

    Oh there shall be relevant signs.
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  31. LeOrangeAnon Member

    Oh snap guys, seems like you're riling them up something fierce! That woman is mental all right. I reckon having a police presence from now on certainly wouldn't hurt, especially considered the standover tactics they were using in the video.
  32. I watched very carefully and cannot see any assault. You people are soft. Best slink off to the corner and have a cry then hey.
  33. conchosunwi Member

    Xã Đội Bình dog ệ 2 & / f .
  34. conchosunwi Member

    Xã Nàng Đôn dog f g _ ừ i ể

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