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Do you use tapatalk?

Poll closed Mar 20, 2013.
No 9 vote(s) 34.6%
Yes 2 vote(s) 7.7%
I never would, keep your chenanigans off my phone. 1 vote(s) 3.8%
What is tapatalk? Can I eat it? 14 vote(s) 53.8%
  1. sue Administrator

    Do you use it?
  2. rof Member

  3. Anonymous Member

    I don't use it personally, but think it'd be great for all our mobile users. It is a free plug in correct?
  4. no
  5. Anonymous Member

  6. fishypants Moderator

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  7. Pinkman Moderator

    I don't use it, since w2p mobile version is perfect for me. But I'm willing to try the moderation features if we have it.
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  8. Anonymous Member

    Tap-a-talk. By the sound of its name, I'm guessing it's a mobile app for wiretapping wwp users' mobile phone conversations, text messages, etc. I'm still not convinced sue is OSA, though. :p
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  9. anon walker Moderator

    Tapas are tasty...I eats them.
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  10. Anonymous Member

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  11. Anonymous Member

    No molestation.

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  12. rof Member

  13. rickybobby Member

    Not currently using but would try it if available since I am on mobile almost all the time
  14. I will donate more to tapatalk.
  15. Anonymous Member

    shouldn't that be chanonigans
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  16. sue Administrator

    App should be available soon, waiting for apple ios developer license to be approved. Android app just got published to Google Play. Will enable mobile access once the android version is available.
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  17. Anonymous Member

    Is it me or the app is already available on the app store? The last update is from february 7th.
  18. Anonymous Member

    I downloaded this morning. It's pretty good. Took me a couple mins to figure out navigation. Pretty straightforward. For my android, I think it'll be a little better than the regular site, but it remains to be seen until I've used it a little more.
  19. sue Administrator

    Hi, the android app is available yes. For ios I need to conjure an apple device somewhere (yuck) and jump through a billion hoops to get it onto the app store.
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  20. Anonymous Member


    Y u no liek apples?
  21. sue Administrator

    Comped 99 $ for dev license and now need a few days worth of work done to get the app in the app store. Certificates uids and what not. Whereas android market was a 25 $ fee and simple upload of binary app.

    But hey its worth the work so you guys get the apps for free instead of having to pay. Also uploads will be self hosted instead of on someone elses service.

    In other words: got android? Try the app.
    Got ios? Please hold off till I got our own app in the store.
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  22. sue Administrator

    I'll also will look into attachments not uploading on android.
  23. Pinkman Moderator

  24. Anonymous Member

    Can only donate in French right now.?
  25. Anonymous Member

    Je ne comprends pas le français
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  26. Pinkman Moderator

    That's ok bb, I'm here.
  27. sue Administrator


    The account is tied to a french bank and ive fought with the paypal api many times to force merchant pages into english. It works on and off..

    I hope this explains the language mixup.

    Donating still works. I'll look into getting an account for wwp in an English speaking country some time soon.
  28. Chipshotz Member

    I appreciate the work put into this but find it easier to navigate with Boat browser on my tablet.
  29. Pinkman Moderator

    Correct me If I'm wrong, but Boat Browser is only for Android.
  30. Anonymous Member

    OK. J'ai fait don en dépit de Talk grenouille.
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  31. Anonymous Member

    As a french: I'm offended.
    As a wwp user: merci.
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  32. Chipshotz Member

    That looks to be the case. I have an Asus tablet and have tried every browser. Boat browser does it for me.
  33. Anonymous Member

    Got a new cell phone and downloaded the app. :)
    Since I can't seem to see videos anymore this new app helped out very nicely.
    Thanks sue
  34. rickybobby Member

    Getting popup notices that WWP has iPad app, button will take me to App Store, but no cheese. Is app in App Store yet or is it just a tease?
  35. sue Administrator

    No, the IOS ap is not in the store yet. It's a lot of work and currently AWOL. If you have android the app is available for that.
  36. rickybobby Member

    No prob, just thought it was another App Store FAIL. Have had several of those lately.
  37. Horseradish Member

    The Android app works fine.
  38. Disambiguation Global Moderator

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  39. Pinkman Moderator

    Is someone using this app currently?
    It's been a while since it's available in France, but I'd like some feedbacks before I use it.
  40. Anonymous Member

    Here it is.

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