University Prof Patrick McGorry is targeted by Scientology

Discussion in 'Senator Xenophon And Scientology' started by Sponge, Aug 22, 2010.

  1. Sponge Member

    University Prof Patrick McGorry is targeted by Scientology

    [size="1"]Psychiatry professor Patrick McGorry, 2010 Australian of the Year,
    at the Orygen Youth Health building in Melbourne.
    (Picture: Stuart McEvoy Source: The Australian) [/size]

    University Prof Patrick McGorry is targeted by Scientology
    Herald Sun August 22nd 2010
    University Prof Patrick McGorry is targeted by Scientology church | Herald Sun

  2. theLastAnon Member

    Re: University Prof Patrick McGorry is targeted by Scientology

    Hubbard 101 in action. From the OP link:


    Prof McGorry said he was not surprised to be targeted after speaking out against the church's teachings on psychiatric care.

    "This is their standard practice - to pursue someone in this way when they speak out against them," he said.

    "We already have enough trouble destigma-tising mental illness and ensuring people who are distressed have access to help without them actively dissuading people to seek help."
  3. Anonymous Member

    Re: University Prof Patrick McGorry is targeted by Scientology

    what a same
  4. HellRazor Member

    Re: University Prof Patrick McGorry is targeted by Scientology

    Australian of the Year, Psychiatry Professor Dr. Patrick McGorry

    Background: Scientology 'putting lives at risk' - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

  5. Anonymous Member

  6. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Re: University Prof Patrick McGorry is targeted by Scientology

  7. Sponge Member

    Today, another mention about scientology trying to poke their stick in as soon as they get the merest whiff of an opportunity to stir shit up, such as in the process of mental health reform spending......

    The intro, for context:
    The scientology related bit.....
    Of course nobody cares what those moonbats think especially when their own international president of the CCHR scientology front group, Jan Eastgate (aka Janice Meyer), stands charged with perverting the course of justice for coaching an 11 year old girl not to go to the police about the sexual abuse by her scientologist stepfather.
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  8. ^^^^^^ Thank you, Sponge! Very interesting update.

    Question for you; do you believe that WWP will evolve more towards having a Situation Room for the CCHR issue, or further and further away from any need for that kind of Situation Room?
  9. Anonymous Member

    "the focus by some members of Healthy Skepticism, an organisation that monitors inappropriate pharmaceutical marketing and influence, on Hickie and McGorry is misplaced, given the pair’s emphasis on a psycho-social model of health care and focus on social justice rather than narrowly clinical approaches."

    What's the bet those members can be traced back to Scientology since infiltrating an otherwise well-regarded organisation is their modus operandi, especially when they know the repulsion people feel about their own CCHR.
  10. TinyDancer Member

    Oh dear. Don't tell me that CCHR is attacking the wrong psychiatrists!
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  11. Sponge Member

    I've not seen many people begging for a subfoum. It's probably one of those things that should have been done right at the start, for all the main front groups. The subforum for Narconon works because it an easier more tangible "constant" to fight in various locales and because of the various legal actions including work of David Love and associates. With CCHR (includng YFHRI and any other "human rights related sub-front) they come in fits and starts, and often without a tangible local presence. But of course there the two main issues. 1. the anti-psych/pharma related faggotry and 2. the general fake legitimacy-seeking through gullible officials/advocates. Relating to those, there's also local poonworthy hotspot issues which sometimes get lost in other general threads on the board. Of course there's the Jan Eastgate thing too but that's a one-off. The main benefit I would hope for in a CCHR related subforum would be for it to encourage more tracking, exposure and follow-up of the cult's hypocritical exploitation in view of the massive increase in human rights abuses perpetrated by the cult that are increasingly being exposed in the media. However there is also the worry that it becomes a non-sexy low-traffic subforum that gets largely ignored.
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  12. ^^^^ Thank you, again, Sponge.

    Out of sheer curiosity, I asked our AvS Moderators about this.

    The answer I received is consistent with your own reply. It's ultimately about quantity of forum threads, and that a large number of threads specific to CCHR would be what could have the WWP Admins establish such a subforum.

    Obviously, no such quantity of threads exist and, as you point out, CCHR doesn't have the very high profile of Narconon, which is a very large target on WWP.
  13. moarxenu Member

    It would be extremely useful to have a CCHR Situation Room. We have one for Narconon and should have one for CCHR. They are up to all kinds of faggotry like Just Say No to Drugs campaigns for sporting and municipals events all over the world so it would be helpful to have all the threads in one place.
  14. Quentinanon Member

    Looks like Dr. McGorry is on the receiving end of a "noisy investigation". See HCO Executive Letter 5 September 1966 "How to do a noisy investigation"
    And the same unfounded, paranoid Hubbardian themes, "pharmaceutical links" "dissemination of false reports about us".
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  15. xenubarb Member

    I am not JBN but I think yes. As Scn, Inc. exanguinates members, we're seeing YFHR and Narconon offering programs in public schools again. CCHR will probably follow suit with their traveling roadshow. Also, the issue with Jan Janice Wendy Meyers Eastgate Bloofer Lady would have to be lumped in there as well. Such behavior from an international director, huh!

    If we see CCHR related items starting to proliferate, yeah. We'll need to get a room.
  16. jensting Member

    I don't think that the CCHR actually considers that there are any "right" psychiatrists. The anti-dugs stance is just a smoke screen (to hide the hatred).

    Best Regards

  17. Yeah, I bet anyone who has to talk to Thomas Szasz has to be specially hatted to deal with SP minions of Xenu. He might be on their side, but he's still a whole-track prison warden.

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