Xenophon and the Senate - The Next Step

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  1. Xenophon and the Senate - The Next Step

    So, Nick's amendment has gone to a Senate Inquiry. This is good.

    My question is, what now? What, exactly, will they be examing, with regard to the amendment? Will the Inquiry accept submissions from the public? Can we find out who's on the Committee and harpoon them individually?

    Continued protests, and other awareness-raising activism is, of course, a given. But for maximum efficiency, this might require a more tailored approach.
  2. Anonymous Member

    Re: Xenophon and the Senate - The Next Step

    Now we lurk moar around parliament to find the answers to these questions.
  3. Re: Xenophon and the Senate - The Next Step

    The main thread seems to be devolving into a massive declaration of "WIN" and not a lot of discussion, so I'm just gonna cross-post my suggestion here if that's cool:

    That seems to be the only actual discussion coming from the other thread. A good starting place? Not sure; you decide. Good luck.

    Edit: This post makes me sound like a douche. Sorry. I've been out of the game so long I forgot that anon is capable of fapping AND getting shit done. Cocks; I suck'em.
  4. AnonKat Member

    Re: Xenophon and the Senate - The Next Step

    Why not picket the Orgs. That has proven a sound strategy
  5. Re: Xenophon and the Senate - The Next Step

    Game plan? I think we need to really get the exes coming out of their closets more. I think we should encourage whoever we can influence to let exes speak in this enquiry anonymously. Therfore i think we really need to get the message across to fair game tactics. Maybe some research fags can do a press kit for the media in Australia which focuses on these things to help reporters know what they are dealing with. Nick got this through because of public pressure. We need to find out if the Scinos have any politicians in their pockets. Donations? Uncover them if they exist. We need to separate Scientology as a religion in the imagination of the people. Also Australia like many countries is battling higher costs of living and taxes so the extra education on where their tax dollars are going will help.
  6. RightOn Member

    Re: Xenophon and the Senate - The Next Step

    is there any report out on exactly what property the cult owns in AU, what it is valued at and what they COULD be paying if they were not tax exempt.

    I mean can you get something all together all in one spot to poon or to hand out the general public?
    Like :
    The cult owns.....
    It's value is .......
    they COULD be paying..... along with other residents

    ALSO this is the time where the COS lies will come in handy as far as how many members there are and how may are on course. In other words, maybe we can now use their trumped up numbers agains them?
    in other words"
    Scienology claims X amount of members doing X amount of courses which cost $$$$.
    Which means X amount of residents are writing off COS courses and such from their taxes

    It's a great route to go in a failing ecomomy to point out how much money CAN be brought in. This will really piss people off. But you need all the info compiled and tallied so it can be presented in one neat little package ( I mean foot bullet)

    Once you have this infor compiled, think of the best place to hand it out to the general public?

    will post in other thread too
  7. veravendetter Member

    Re: Xenophon and the Senate - The Next Step

    i'm pretty sure all those who posted 'win' and 'i came' in the other thread managed to do it in a pretty short space of time. it's not like they all posted, then cut the plug off their computers. everything the 'don't-fap-yet' crew are sayin in this and the other thread is TOTALLY RIGHT, but don't assume that just because we take a few seconds to express delight that we're retards. try not sounding so self-important and what you want done might get done quicker!
    anyway, i'm off to spend the afternoon shooping cat heads onto dog bodies
  8. Re: Xenophon and the Senate - The Next Step

    Im not sure if land tax is applicable in australia? I am pretty sure course fees aren't like US. Can anyone let us know?, Another area of enquiry worth looking into is the status of sea org members or publics who are on government benifits. Do any exes know if this situation exists?
  9. RightOn Member

    Re: Xenophon and the Senate - The Next Step

    oh good point. cripes
    I guess I was thinking in US terms of taxes.

    Would be damn good to do in the US too, although it would be quite an undertaking.
    Can you imagine what the tally would be on land owned in Clearwater alone? lol!

    If people saw the numbers on land owned and not taxed, It is bound to get people pissed. Never mind the tax right offs.
    People in the US have lost their homes, and yet these crooks prevail.
  10. Anonymous Member

    Re: Xenophon and the Senate - The Next Step

    I hope those who started the work will be continuing it. Those who wish to weigh in and do their thing, what ever that may be, obviously should do.

    Should it be discussed on line, perhaps not.

    That this has gone to inquiry is excellent and I don't think anyone celebrating thinks this is over by a long shot.

    It is however one small step in the right direction, one giant leap on to tiny David Miscavige's toes. Remember the scilon email predicting there would be no inquiry...
  11. greebly Member

    Re: Xenophon and the Senate - The Next Step

    The main thing here is the unravelling of COSRECI this is the entity that harbours the majority of assets and revenue for it and it's subsiduraries in the UK then France and so on.

    That is why IF this inquiry is formalised correctly beyond the general nature of "Public Benefit", "Religion" and benefit to a Substantial group of the population, then it will drag out alot of information that should be public.

    Many steps to cover before the 31/8/2010:

    1. Seriously exes get your stories sent, make sure they are concise and to the point and individual. Unsure on the "Parlimentary Privilegdes" but get them ready to send.

    2. Financial records of all kinds relating to step 1, no matter how old highlight them aswell as separate documentation. This is to show the dealings you have witnessed and if any revenue has been misused and not for "Public Benefit".

    3. Structure and control must be shown aswell. Connections to the various organisations and it's "Public Benefit" or "Harm". Again you are looking to highlight misuse of funds or how revenue is fed through various entities.

    4. Assets and the misuse of assets obtained by the various entities. Find any stories or situations where assets taken as ownership or assets purchased with tax-exmept funds are being used or not used. Under what premise were these assets obtained and have they followed the guidlines for the "Public Benefit" test.

    5. Personal views should be kept separate from any documtentation sent but make it clear that if you are a citizen concerned over the use of tax-exempt status and the unfairness towards other entities which provide a much higher level of "Public Benefit".

    Remember this an inquiry so it will be as partial as it can be and focused on general legislation for ALL entities not just the Co$. So when you word any harpoons slant them in that manner.

    If this legislation goes through it is the first big stage in unravelling the web created over 50+ years which has turned many govt bodies away from the resources needed to deal with such a sensative issue.

    A-non-non-anon I guess talking to other folk mentioned in previous PMs is very good timing for this.

    Well done Senator
    Well done anons
    Well done cats
    blah blah blah
  12. Anonymous Member

    Re: Xenophon and the Senate - The Next Step

    Oh, they're not quitting. :D

    I would guess the Anons and exes working on this are checking with the Senator's office to see how we can best assist the next steps.

    I wish we had an Anon phone directory. Would make things so much easier.

    Hence, the celebrating!
  13. Goosh Goosh Member

    Re: Xenophon and the Senate - The Next Step

    okay gentlemen. here's my suggestion, and it has been done before in germany. what does anon do best, besides trolling?

    partying. the ozfags should put their money together to rent a place for a day or two. an open invitation should be given to ex scientologists and to senators, where the exes - yes, even rathbun and rinder - can tell their stories to a live audience, hopefully consisting of journalists and senate members. i find that telling stories in person is more effective than reading them or seeing them on tv. if you fags remember, this was done in germany and in LA, and to great effect. we even caught moxon and tommy davis trying to sneak in.

    yes, it will be expensive, and no, i don't expect you to pay for plane tickets. i wouldn't either. but who knows? we can get some serious publicity.
  14. fisherman Member

    Re: Xenophon and the Senate - The Next Step

    Evidence -- governmental inquiries turn on quantifiable evidence, first hand accounts, and hard facts. What factual evidence can we assemble that might be helpful? Not editorials or opinion papers, but evidence!

    Could we use the "wiki" (in a manner similar to the Fowler incident) to gather and collate key data in specified subject areas? In the wiki it's easy to create sections and subsections. For example:

    1. Narconon

    number of graduates, estimates based on testimony
    success rates -- actual vs claimed
    employee credentials, document lack of training

    2. VM ministers (show "low bang for the buck")

    IAS donations collected
    number of deployments
    maximum number vms deployed
    duties performed

    If we can find a way to "tally up the truth" -- it might help to combat whatever "false data" COS tries to pass off as "good works."

    For example, publish a handy fact sheet on the precise manner in which Narconon calculates "success rates" (surveying graduates but not including individuals who left the program). Create a section with the many video clips of doctors suggesting the "purif" may be dangerous. In other words, assemble the meatiest data in one place, so government agencies, researchers, protestors etc. can access it.

    The Narconon Trois Rivieres documentation that Intelligence has posted might be a good place to start. Just sorting the various documents into categories might be helpful to government authorities, researchers, etc.

    Any info, dox, insider testimony on Applied Scholastic? Or academic scores for Scientology Schools? I'm sure others will have better suggestions.

    This may be a bigger project than we can handle effectively. I'm offering it simply as a point of discussion.
  15. RightOn Member

    Re: Xenophon and the Senate - The Next Step

    Here is a link to Court quotes about COS, do not know if this is any help

    ""Scientology is evil; its techniques are evil; its practice is a serious threat to the community, medically, morally, and socially; and its adherents are sadly deluded and often mentally ill... (Scientology is) the world's largest organization of unqualified persons engaged in the practice of dangerous techniques which masquerade as mental therapy." (Justice Anderson, Supreme Court of Victoria, Australia)"

    Scientology Court Quotes
  16. JMBrandon Member

    Re: Xenophon and the Senate - The Next Step

    This is well and all, and I hope its a fatal(metaphorically, fuck you, Moxon) blow to the cult.
    I just remain hopeful that the delay allowed by the pussy senators of Australia didn't give CoS time to burn files and get their ducks in a row... or I hope they were too cocky to do so.
  17. AIN Member

    Re: Xenophon and the Senate - The Next Step

    Now is the time to man our harpoons boys!
    We must preempt them! Fire the harpoons on Narconon and how lethal it is! Fire the harpoons.
    Fire the harpoons at the purif rundown done in the states
    I recall a thread about Anon reseachers tearing apart a bad study that made it into a peer reviewed journal.
    Fire the harpoons on the fact the E-Meter is a fraud device according to the FDA
    Harpoons on Op Snow White and Op Freak Out
  18. RightOn Member

    Re: Xenophon and the Senate - The Next Step

    Tax exemption in Pinellas County US:
    posted in 2006
    The church owns 36 properties in Pinellas County, with an assessed value of $63.8 million, and more than half are exempt from property taxes because they are used for religious purposes. The church owns five properties in Hillsborough County, valued at more than $3.3 million. All are tax-free. That doesn't count outreach missions, such as one that recently opened in Seminole Heights, which are often rented and run on donations.
    Like many large companies, the Church of Scientology often negotiates secretly, sometimes creating a shell company with an assumed name to prevent the owner from inflating the price or the sale from causing a stir.

    Operation Clambake - ARS Week In Review

    don't know if this is of any help. It's a good example of property tax exemption.

    "October 27, 1970: The Church of Scientology of Adelaide, Australia was granted exemption from payment of property tax on the basis that the property occupied by the church was used for religious purposes in the advancement of a religion.

    October 27, 1983: The Church of Scientology won a case against the high commissioner for payroll tax in Australia, Granting the church Tax Exempt Status in Australia
  19. AnonOfStout Member

    Re: Xenophon and the Senate - The Next Step

    Yeah, I was one of the 'I came's. I rested for a good ten minutes, then I got my ass back on the job so I could enjoy ANOTHER orgasmic moment in the future.

    Lighten up.
  20. Re: Xenophon and the Senate - The Next Step


    Church Of Scientology Religious Education College, Inc.

    A not-for-profit registered in Western Australia

    This is a motherlode, faggots. They'll fight to defend it, so we need to nuke the site from orbit.

    I was there in Hamburg '08. Of course having the resources of a government department helped with funding... Not a bad idea, though.
  21. Anonymous Member

    Re: Xenophon and the Senate - The Next Step

    The legislation has been passed to the Economics Legislation Committee.
    I think the next step is to do everything we can to get a recommendation to pass when the committee reports back to the Senate.
    The committee members are:
    Senator Hurley (Chair), Senator Eggleston (Deputy Chair) and Senators Bushby, Cameron, Pratt, and Xenophon
    Participating members
    Senators Abetz, Adams, Back, Barnett, Bernardi, Bilyk, Birmingham, Bishop, Boswell, Boyce, Brandis, Bob Brown, Carol Brown, Bushby, Cash, Colbeck, Collins, Coonan, Cormann, Crossin, Farrell, Feeney, Ferguson, Fielding, Fierravanti-Wells, Fifield, Fisher, Forshaw, Furner, Hanson-Young, Heffernan, Humphries, Hurley, Hutchins, Johnston, Joyce, Kroger, Ludlam, Lundy, Ian Macdonald, Marshall, Mason, McEwen, McGauran, McLucas, Milne, Minchin, Moore, Nash, O'Brien, Parry, Payne, Polley, Ronaldson, Ryan, Scullion, Siewert, Sterle, Troeth, Trood, Williams and Wortley

    It looks like the inquiry committee will be accepting submissions on line.
    Well crafted poons should be sent to the committee. Submissions are posted online.
    It doesn't look like the "TAX LAWS AMENDMENT (PUBLIC BENEFIT TEST) BILL 2010" inquiry information is listed on the website yet, but when it is, interested parties can track the bill and it's progress.
    Parliament of Australia: Committees - Inquiries by Committee
  22. Random guy Member

    Re: Xenophon and the Senate - The Next Step

    If I have understood this correctly:

    1. The bill passes to the committee who will look at the feasibility of the proposal. Is it possible to implement? Will it achieve what the Senate wants? What will the legal costs be? Who should be responsible for what etc.
    2. The bill is sent back to the senate sometimes over the summer for a vote.
    3. If it passes the vote, the bill goes then to the House of Representatives, who will vote on it too.
    4. If it passes bout chambers, it is made into law all ant it is popcorn and circle-jerking for a week.

    For now, we are in phase 1. This phase is not about scientology, it is about the bill itself. Remember this bill is not an anti-scientology bill, it is about what religious activity should enjoy a taxbrak and what should not.

    The CoS is going to fight this nail and claw all the way. They will not fight clean. They will not be honest (as if they ever are...). They will not try to defend scientology, because they know their little cult has the media appeal of a blowfly these days, instead they will attack and attack and attack as per Hubbard policy.

    They will possibly try to influence the committee into thinking that implementing the law will be unnecessary, impractical, costly, legally difficult, unfair, bring Australia on collision course with the UN, Charter of Human Rights and other international agreements, hurt religious life in Australia in general etc.

    For the bill to survive the committee, the committee members need to know the how the bill can be implemented easily and cost effectively, how it will benefit the nation and how it will not hinder legitimate religions. They allso need to know that such a bill is necessary. This will (again) not be about scientology, but rather about the Catholic Church, Salvation Army, Raven–Taylor–Hales Brethren, Wiccans, Yoga-cults etc. I guess very few doubt the CoS are complete scoundrels, but the law is about all, so this may turn into the straw-man battle of the century.

    After that, it is back for voting in the Senate and House of Representatives, where all the Xes stories and dox on abuse may belong. However, if I have understood this right, those things can wait until it is time to actually evaluate the CoS, which can be well into next year.
  23. Re: Xenophon and the Senate - The Next Step

    This is what I'd hoped for.

    Thank you, fellow Anon.
  24. Sponge Member

  25. PodPeople Member

  26. Anonymous Member

    Re: Xenophon and the Senate - The Next Step

    I think you may be right. In doing so, they will succeed in obtaining furthur and ever more scrutiny.
  27. AnonyVix Member

    Re: Xenophon and the Senate - The Next Step

    It should also be pointed out that aside from a public benefit check that there should also be tough scrutiny of charities.

    Charities need public over sight to ensure that the benefit they claim to provide is being provided. This should smack down any fund transfers although Co$ are past masters at licensing "the tech" and charging various sundry costs as a means to transfer funds from one charity entity to another perhaps less charitable somewhere else; one of the asides to this is it should plug a leak of money from Co$ UK to Co$ Australia.
  28. Goosh Goosh Member

    Re: Xenophon and the Senate - The Next Step


    anonymous cannot give the cult a head-start on this, we need to act now and strike while the iron is hot

    hop to it, faggots. prepare a raid packet.
  29. Re: Xenophon and the Senate - The Next Step

    Just got word a professional film crew is available for anons disposal in Sydney should they want for interviews.
  30. Sponge Member

    Re: Xenophon and the Senate - The Next Step

    Please do, and good luck with that. Get a decent tax accountant-lawyer on it because everything I've read so far on that particular subject just isn't cutting it somehow. Lots of great history/dox and moral gasps but no proffessional analysis as to whether anything was illegal at the time or illegal now.
    It's always like, "here's a load of stuff about COSRECI, plus some stuff I found under my tinfoil helmet, it's probably fraud or something, poon the Her Majesty's Revenue & Customs, poon the ATO. /thread/ ..... /tumbleweeds/"
    This COSRECI thing always seemd to wind up being an unfinished pet project for several people.

    Remember, this is an inquiry into a bill which, although sparked by the cult of scientology, is not specifically about scientology in name, and is not neccessarily about every minute detail of every single head of its hydra, I mean the ones where you haven't even been able to come to any useful and seriously poonable conclusions about in the past.
    There is so much simple solid win in areas of the cult that we do know a lot about which will answer, several times over, all the concerns that the proposed tax bill amendments will cover. If the inquiry gives the thumbs and you get the vote then once you have the public-benefit test installed, then you can get the investigations rolling into all the dodgy entities which currently enjoy charitable status.
  31. Anonymous Member

    Re: Xenophon and the Senate - The Next Step

    Oh, COSRECI is legal... Technically. It's a loophole being exploited, and the CULT knows this.

    Rest assured, work is being done.
  32. Obi-Wan-anon Member

    Re: Xenophon and the Senate - The Next Step

    Seems to me that the Cult will have to walk a tightrope if they're going to list all the front groups they support (to list the GOOD they do).

    In many other countries, they've gone out of their way to separate the "secular" from the "religious" - those statements are the types of info the Senate needs to see.

    How can they list a front group as something GOOD, after they've said they weren't connected to it?

    Something else - since this is in OZ, and most of the work done by the VM's were staged out of the US, maybe someone can ask how a plane load of supplies sent to Haiti helped out the public in OZ. Or ask how many Vulture Ministers there are in OZ.

    Either way, the cult is going to have to come up with a lot of VERIFIED data to give the Senate.
  33. Anonymous Member

    Re: Xenophon and the Senate - The Next Step

    Hey, if the cult taxation is changed in UK because of the ties to Australia, then that means another country in the EU will have gone against the cult. France, Germany, and then the UK?

    Slowly clearing the continent, one country at a time.
  34. Re: Xenophon and the Senate - The Next Step

    Best bet in exposing what CO$ really does at disaster sites. Touch assists for trauma patients- just what the world needs... Unprofessional attitudes and also the way the get in the way of bonafide groups who are actually helping such as stealing water from hospitals in disaster areas.
  35. Re: Xenophon and the Senate - The Next Step

    I like the way you think.
  36. manly man Member

    Re: Xenophon and the Senate - The Next Step

  37. greebly Member

    Re: Xenophon and the Senate - The Next Step

    Most past projects are based on old information and probably fall under statute of limitations. But they are still valid points to highlight.

    Most items I've found seem legal from an accounting perspective but then showing an item on your accounts is not illegal unless it is reported incorrectly.
    Polypeck, Enron, worldcom, logitech and 100s more over the decades.

    I agree I see alot of bits and pieces everywhere but no solid analysis, reasons?

    1. Lack of access to information.
    2. Amount of resources and time needed.
    3. Multiple jurisdictions to cover.

    I would love to dig deeper but I can't do it alone or without some help or resources. Only 1 person so far has offered to help the rest ignore. Any current details posted here would namefag myself and others.

    The nearest anyone has got to creating a manageable system is xenu-directory.

    Again nothing new here but we don't want people sending in poons saying "They are evil".
    Again I agree but you must not devalue the work that has to be done in this area and the Governments or someone with a team of 12 and £40k+ over 3-6month can do. I.E. Highlight elements relevant to the governmental body.

    The issue here is to highlight the need for a public benefit test and how some entities not just the CoS as mentioned in the previous post could or have misused thier priviledged nature.

    Loads of stuff about financial loans to various entities, money stored offshore a web of 130+ parent companies and entities all reporting boring tax dox and year end accounts correctly.

    Taxman can't be arsed to audit in detail as it is a "charity/non-prof/religion" can't see anthing wrong.

    No exes yet have been willing to whistleblow or provide detailed accounts over the years due to it's command/mgt. structure so they know only their small cog in the big machine.
  38. TinyDancer Member

    Re: Xenophon and the Senate - The Next Step

    Many of these points make sense, except that Nick is absolutely au fait with the fair game strategies of the CoS and the wider parliament is becoming aware thanks to Nick's education of them and the visits they've received from exes. Nick is absolutely switched on to protecting those who need protecting.

    I know we're all champing at the bit to get going and DO something to harness all the energy. I am too.

    We will research the process and seek guidance from Senate staff as to the process and what we can do.

    In the meantime, I think the key evidence will be to show how the CoS masks its wrongs and amplifies what it thinks it does right, to help the Committee see through the subterfuge and to determine an ongoing mechanism so that whoever determines charitable status uses an effective mechanism.

    We could begin to draft a submission as to what an effective process might entail.

    I have lots of questions:

    • Should the process allow for a public submissions or public hearing as to whether an individual entity should be granted charitable status?
    • Should an entity seeking charitable status be required to advertise in newspapers and the government gazette so that potential victims can be alerted and make submissions?
    • Should reasons for decision in respect of every entity be made available to the public?
    • Should there be a mechanism for review of status once granted?
    • Should the process be administered by the Australian Taxation Office which, for public policy reasons, has a culture of secrecy or by an external body?
    Maybe we could research decisions of the UK Charity Commission to see how their process has evolved.
  39. Anonymous Member

    Re: Xenophon and the Senate - The Next Step

    Tax exemption in Pinellas County US, posted in 2007

    CofS owns 200 million dollars worth of property in Pinellas

  40. Raspberrycake Member

    Re: Xenophon and the Senate - The Next Step

    In the light of the recent events it is kindly asked that Anonymous adopts and executes:

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